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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 108: The Seth Hunt(1) Bahasa Indonesia

“Dean, vice Dean, teachers and my dear friends, welcome to this years Seth hunt!!”

The one was screamed was a young man of 20 sprouting a light brown hair and eyes, he had a handsome look as he spoke through the voice enhancing magic tool, his commentary drew in the interests of all the students

“This years Seth hunt would begin in the next half an hour!, who would emerge as the winner this year, there are a lot of powerful students attending it this year!, hope you all have set in your bet, cause I have”

The commenter continued to speak as he continued to hype the atmosphere, making a bustling situation, the students roared as they sat in the circular stadium, the boy Max stood in the centre of the stadium, while a girl stood next to him with another magic tool

The girl had blonde hair and bright black eyes, her body too was well proportioned, wearing the Babylon Academies badge, her ears was pointed signifying her Elven lineage, she held the magic tool near her mouth as she spoke

“Guys!, you ready?, the hunt today will be commented by me Ria and my co-host Max!, this years hunt would be extra difficult!, so who would emerge victorious in this hunt?, lets find out!”

Ria’s voice was soft and pleasing to the ear, earning the attention of the students, at the same time the huge screen floating on the image had a countdown that was counting backwards from 30, each students could have their own mini screen to see their interested participant but you had to pay for that service

As for the women’s in the room, they had their own screen floating in front of them providing them any image they desired to see, the screen would display what would be taking place during the hunt, you could focus on your desired participant

At the same time lots of different student were teleported into a huge forest, each one of them were teleported to different part of the forest, but even though they arrived in the forest they were unable to move their body for the time being, the scene was shown on the screen, earning the focus of all the students

At the same time the women’s in the special room, started focusing on their special students, at that moment as if thinking about something Olivia’s eyebrows scrunched up as she looked to the woman behind her as she spoke with a high pitch voice that came to her without her notice

“Come to think of it, would he be participating in the hunt?”

Hearing the unnatural raise in her voice the women’s in the room focused on her as they looked at the girl behind Olivia she had blonde hair and green eyes with a beautiful face, she wore light tight armor that held to her well trained body, she wore a skirt that displayed her long legs covered with black stockings, any man that looked at her would want to have a touch of her legs

There was a sword strapped to her waist, she stood straight with her head held high, there was a cold look at her face, looking like a commander, men would desire to conquer this prideful woman, hearing Olivia’s question a change in expression came to her face as the image of her beloved brother flashed through her mind, unknowingly a smile came up her face

Seeing a smile coming up on this normally stoic girl, all the girls in the room raised their eyes in intrigue, Nora’s eyes twinkled as she spoke back to Olivia

“I don’t know about that, the last time I contacted him, he said that he would be arriving today with my mother, as for if he would participate I honestly have no idea”

Hearing Nora’s answer Olivia turned back to the screen as a certain glint passed through her eyes, the others didn’t say anything as they focused back on the screen, where the countdown had ended with all the participants moving through the forest, each one of them zoomed through the forest scouting their path

There was a total 500 students moving through the forest, once the number reaches 250 the next round would begin, this was a hunt were only the strong would survive, within a certain part of the forest a black haired red eyed boy could be seen scouting the forest, he had a righteous look and a decent face, he held his hand tightly as he spoke

“C’mon Leonardo, this is your chance to shine, we can do it Durendal!”

The boy Leonardo spoke to himself as his eyes twinkled with light, with that he started moving through the forest searching for his prey, at the same time in another part of the forest stood a boy with brown hair and black eyes with an average face, his eyes was calm as he stood tall with a smile on his face, he looked at the forest with a hungered gaze as he spoke

“This forest looks much better than the game, I am really itching to meet you Leonardo”

With that he disappeared from where he stood, at the same time several fights had broken out in the forest, in this hunt not only are the students the hunters but also the beasts that lives within the forest, you must always be on the look out for danger

A boy of 18 held his spear as he carefully stood behind a bush hiding, a certain girl was walking through the forest with vigilant eyes, a protective barrier around her as her hands flowed with mana, waiting for any dangerous movement, the boy behind the bush held his spear as his mana flowed into it, his spear lit up as he activated his families skill, ‘sonic throw’, before the girl could react to the gathered mana the boy threw his spear which broke through the girls barrier and her heart killing her

Well not exactly killing her, as the girl broke into different particles, losing the hunt, people won’t die in the hunt, as they would just be kicked out but here comes the question why should we all hunt?

That’s were it matters, the more kills the more points you have, the points though wont win you the hunt, you would at least be given a head start, the ones with the highest points would get an extra lead in the next round, not only that the points you gain could be used to buy stuff from the school, things to improve your power

Hence those who think that they could not win, would hunt for points either killing the students or hunting different monsters, the boy smiled as he saw his kill, for a moment he let his gaurd down and at the same time the huge snake that was hiding watching him, swallowed the boy in one gulp killing him

“Ohh poor Randel, he had just ranked in points to be killed by the Mollowan snake!”

Max held the magic tool close to his mouth as he commented on the scene that had just happened, meanwhile the screen above displayed the ongoing chaos

“Oh!, look at that Gina had just reached her 10th kill, she’s es going in hot!, will she rack the most points?”

Ria spoke as the atmsphere in the stadium hipped


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