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That Unique Monster Who Just Got the ‘Consciousness’ Passive Skill – Chapter 35: Ho ho ho Bahasa Indonesia

I needed some time to think. And some thinking material, too.

“Absolutely. You may spend the night here, ho ho!”

“Hehe. Not that long of a time, but sure, thanks. You tell me about your story now anyway.”

“M-My story!?” the old man blushed. “I-Is it really okay… young man!?” God, sometimes he was really weird. Before I was totally grossed out, he yelled about how he could die with no regrets, now. He always dreamed about telling his grandson stories. Now was the occasion. Shaking my head at him, I chuckled desperately. Oh, but now he was troubled, however. I wouldn’t be able to think if he kept on blabbering, he said. Waving off his worries, I told him I was eager to know about him. He was an interesting character, that old man. And man, he really seemed happy about that one dream coming true. So I let him.

“Come on, I tell you. Tell me about you before I change my mind—”

“Y-You don’t have to tell me twice!”

Grumbling some words about his story being uninteresting and lacking romance, he had a hard time getting himself started. Before long, he began telling me about himself. Unlike me, the old man said, he was far in the old ages. It was a long time ago, then. He lived in a castle, he told me, without much detail. Someday he lost his father due to a tragic accident. And as was always the case in affairs of family inheritance, after a long war between uncles and aunts, he and his brother had to get out of the castle.

Not having any mom either, and after a series of other unfortunate events that befell him and his brother, he became homeless. War, in fact, only begets trouble, he explained. It never achieves peace. And who would care for little boys, who were orphans no less, especially during times of war? They went through misery and much poverty. It was hard, but they’d managed to get by, resorting to the use of wicked questionable means. Again, he didn’t give many details. He and his brother just wanted a home to survive in. Just like me, at present. Before he probably could finish his story, I interrupted him.

“Where did you find it, then, your home?” My fingers drew circles on the flat table, I didn’t bother to look up at him. After he let out a “Hmm?” I continued. “Where’d you find it, then, your home. …So I can find my own. Where did you find it so I can find the monster’s home…”

He took a long sip before honestly answering my question. “I don’t know. Or rather, I know, but I cannot know. Son, I understand you inquire not about my home, you rather ask about yours. And to your question, I, unfortunately, do not have an answer. However, I know. I know what’s on your mind. I know how heavy that is. And I…” For once, as he said, he didn’t have any words. What he carried his silence with, though, left me utterly shocked. “In fact, I am a monster too.”

“Huh!?” My mouth dropped open and I raised my voice more than necessary. “I-Is that true, old man?! Why didn’t you tell me?!” He’d surprised me. That was only natural, wasn’t it? I was looking for fellow monsters. Not the mindless ones that went after the people, causing them harm… some unique ones. Some similar to myself. And, out of the blue, just like that, he confesses that? He hurriedly replied to me, so as not to make me confused. In fact, he was not a monster. But he would explain what he meant.

“Feelings,” his lips moved graciously. “Feelings, feelings, feelings,” he then repeated. “I know you have feelings. You showed me as much. You also told me your story according to what you felt rather than… what you ‘saw’, let’s say. Humans feel and see. They do both. Mindless animals—that includes monsters, young man—only see and hardly feel. Animals do have feelings, don’t get me wrong, but they are different from us. They feel a different ‘feel’. And yes, son, I say ‘us’. They are different from us. Why, for they mostly live in the present, always. They worry not about tomorrow. They only worry about today, about the present moment, and that is what qualifies them as animals. Thus it may be known to you, son, that the most beautiful quality a person will ever have should always be discovered in the act of… ‘working’… but I digress. As I said, monsters are no different from animals, fundamentally. Or psychologically, let’s say. They are different.

“So when you ask me, young man, about the monster’s home… What this old man wishes to tell you is that the monster’s home is not your home. Far from it. Going by the popular meaning of the term, you are no monster. The one who tells you this has brought wrong doings upon himself, and wrongdoers never succeed. You are no monster. That is because you feel the future. You feel the worries that have yet to come. You feel, you think, and due to your condition, due to your rarity and specialness, you ache, son.”

Looking up at that eerie old man, I blinked twice. “Will you now cease going after it? Will you cease longing for a home that isn’t yours? Young man. Hmm, this might come off as weird coming from someone you only met hours ago, that is so, a long discussion ago, but your home could be here, know it.” At his words, the growing grin on my face couldn’t be helped. It wasn’t like he told me I should just go and unpack my things here to live with a grumpy gramps like him, but still, what he said had much strength. And if I so wanted, he would gladly accept me by his side. I was glad I chose to stay with that old man. But despite that—

“I-I refuse!” I stuttered.


“Sharing my home with a creepy geezer like you?! You dream on!” I said, hiding my embarrassment.

“Y-Young man!? No! My grandchild!” After his long, wise touching speech, I managed to shake him. Serves him right for being so cocky with all his pretty words, heh! “My grandchild!” My old man grabbed me by my shoulders and shook me back and forth. “C-Can you address such horrible words to me, now!? After I was brave and uttered that last statement at the end, hmm!?” It’s true he was brave. So he had a third mode now? He could be a wise, reliable old man when he wanted… but he instantly went back to being grumpy and childish after my refusal.

“Of course I can, you creepy old man!” I yelled back, brushing his arms off my shoulders. And thus we argued and fought back and forth, without any bad feelings between us, just playfully and happily, up until we laughed a lot for a long time. He had his Ho ho ho and I had my Ha ha ha. I truly liked this old man. The System picked the right guy. After a while, we managed to calm down. Both he and I were having a good time, and that’s why I thanked him. “Still though, old man… Thanks.”

“Humph!” he harrumphed, his arms crossed on his chest. “Not like I’m pleased by it!” he embarrassingly blushed, fidgeting his hands, a stifled smile on his face. Now he really did give me the creeps!

“Heh, you crazy old man. Thanks. You’re a charitable guy. I like it. It’s something I lack, charity.”


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