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That Unique Monster Who Just Got the ‘Consciousness’ Passive Skill – Chapter 12: Want me dead? Bahasa Indonesia

“Got any wounds? Oh, ow. On the throat? So what was that water elemental thing? Was it really one though? Your daughter says she doubts it. ‘It was hardly any registered monster.’ Told me as much. A formless monster… huh? Could be some rare, off-the-charts kinda slime… Did it just appear here anyway? I mean, inside?”

“Aaah… You seem to be fine though. Sorry.” I could stand up by myself all right, now. “I troubled you. Who’re you?”


“Oh, and you seem to be just fine. How’d you do it? I, uh, was nearly falling, or even dying, heh, right there. Oh but right, thanks.”

“Bro…ther? My brother?” To my words, the man suddenly stepped forward, grabbed my shoulders back, and slapped me on the face. Those were light slaps you playfully gave someone in order to make them wake the hell up. “My brother, hm. You’re really not all right, are you? Hey! Wake up. Also, I didn’t say anything but… what’s with all the dead bodies behind your back here, eh? Can’t be you, can it? Come on. Won’t stop slapping if you don’t—”

“W-Wait a second!” I cried, getting myself off his grip. My eyes narrowed. I also leaned forward in order to take a good look at the individual. “D-Did you actually… called me ‘brother’?”

“Yup…? It’s me, haha!” he sarcastically joked. “Seriously, what’s with you?”

“Also… ‘Inera’? That girl ran away, it’s true.”


We exchanged looks. No more words were necessary. My eyes saw through his, and his through mine. It went as a revelation to us both. We understood. ‘The man standing in front of me is my enemy.’

I didn’t leave him enough time. My hand instantly moved up, with a speed that surpassed even that of my Receptacle, grabbed the dagger attacked there in a back grip, and simply drew a line with it vertically. His head was skewered effectively. Now, the roles were reversed. I was the one propping him up. As I let go of the dagger, the man gave birth to a Thud, and I dryly smiled.

❮ The new Title ‘Fratricide’ has been obtained. ❯

Further across the road, she, the Inera girl, was here too. What a nightmare that must have been for her. She stood in front of me, far away. A nightmare, truly. She must have seen it all. Had you looked at her, you would have seen how utterly she was filled with sorrow and fear. I started to walk to her, with slow, heavy steps.

My sword dangled by my leg. My head was tilted to the side, and my eyes were lost on the girl. In spite of all I did, she didn’t say anything. I mean, she could at least complain and say something like “Why’d you kill everyone I love?! I hate you!” but no, she didn’t utter a word. Or maybe she did. With her hands. She hid her face with them, now, as if to beg me to stop.

I stopped, pointed my sword at her, and also said, “It was you though who started it. Wanting me dead. …Okay, maybe I started it, all right. But I want to live, too… ‘daughter’.”

She was fidgeting and shaking. My heavy, slow steps started walking to her again. Still covering her face, sad-and-shaken human noises filled the air around us. The ten meters that separated her from me were gone. Right next to that docile human beast, I took a stop.

She was crouched down in a ball, praying the monster wouldn’t get her. Placing a knee on the ground, I asserted she wasn’t attacking me. She was well motionless and inoffensive. I also understood she intended to stay that way for as long as I was around.

Taken by pity, I shook my head. “So? Want to kill me again? No, right? I will be selfish and say that it was you people who started it. I don’t resent you, but… that’s just how it is. We’re enemies, Human Inera.” Her whining and sniffling grew louder. “For what it’s worth, I… might be sorry. …But, c’mon, won’t you at least permit your father to live, my daughter…? Heh.” I took an interest in such a person. I thought of her as I thought of myself when her father killed me. Rightfully, as he was stronger.

I was the one stronger now, however. “Do you understand what’s happening? I won. Know your place now. You’re a good girl.” I patted her head. “I’m mightier. Be subdued in my presence, human—the monster shall have mercy on you.” Then I stood up and went away. I trust it was clear she wouldn’t want to kill me anymore… maybe. Who knew though, in the future probably? But whatever.

Despite all that just happened on that day, I was not a savage. Just an enemy to some. The one who didn’t want to take my life I wouldn’t kill either. I’m not making any promises, though. I’ll try, but I dunno.

Heaving a long sigh, I turned back to the poor thing. She didn’t move. I nodded to myself, and the world was ahead.


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