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That Unique Monster Who Just Got the ‘Consciousness’ Passive Skill – Chapter 10: Black dot Bahasa Indonesia

In the sky, there was this huge thing. A huge fireball of some sort. That’s what we called the Sun. In the sky, then again, there were also these big masses of white wool extending everywhere around. These were called the clouds.

Clouds were the ones floating and mingling themselves into one another. The wool seemed to be motionless, but upon closer observation, it was actually moving. The clouds were up there too, as they were floating in the sky. All of this amusing scenery took place under the sun, in the wide, blue sky.

I liked it all—except the sun. It was a bad guy, it wouldn’t let me take a peek at it. Try as I might, I never really could see a good, clear picture of it with my eyes. No matter how much I asked him not to—just… do these sun-rays attacks to my eyes, it wouldn’t listen. Really, I insisted. But no can do, the sun was persistent, it kept attacking me.

The result was that now, everywhere I tried to look, I saw a black dot hindering my sight. Weird, right? Should I be calling a doctor? “Sun, sun, sun… you motherless… bastard!” I wasn’t really angry, but it was fun to play like this, voicing the swordsman’s words I was told moments ago.

“What’d you do to my eyes?! Grr!” Yes, I burned my retina. That blind spot the sun gave me was annoying for real, though. So maybe I was slightly angry, now that I think about it. “All right, you… sun of a sun! Now you’ve gone too far,” I said, unsheathing my blade and pointing it to the sky. “Haah! Take this!” My sword drew lines in the sky, but seeing I didn’t do so much as a scratch on that fireball, I laughed, defeated. “I’m not defeated!” I yelled at the sun. “It’s just a tie!” I didn’t scratch him, and he didn’t scratch me. For that only reason, I was willing to back down from my battle against the huge star.

What about the black dot, you ask? Wasn’t that more than a scratch? Well, I always have Mana Perception, so I could see just fine. No scratch, no scratch. 0-0. Goodbye, sun.

Here I was, in an alley. The same alley that permitted entrance in the restaurant. Behind me were the grand doors I’d just exited by. Here I was, under the sun. My path stood in front of me. “Let’s go on ahead,” I cheered myself on, taking my very first steps out in the wild.

Bricks were laid out on the ground. They stretched far away in the distance, forming paths and roads for the people to take. I was the man stomping on them as I followed the road. The road came to a turn and I turned left. “Oh,” I observed. “So the noises were coming from there, huh.”

Voices and people were mixed up together. This spectacle was taking place in front of me. Breathing in a full cup of fresh air, I tightened the grip I had on my sword. Only then was I ready to proceed onward.

All these humans were forming a group. This group was occupying the better part of the path. More around the middle of it stood a wild mass, agitating itself and all the people in it. On the sidewalk, there were only three people or so.

“What? Are they fighting?”

These three people seemed to be managing the crowd. Well, maybe they weren’t fighting. I couldn’t see too well anyway. From where I was strolling along the road, I couldn’t really make out what they were doing. Continuing with the road, I naturally approached them more and more.

“People! People! Please, do settle down!” one of the sidewalk folks announced. “While we absolutely understand the reason for your disappointment, we, as unfortunately as it may be, cannot do otherwise.” As a response, not before the man also explained he would deliver them an explanation, the people of the road settled down. The ruckus had stopped.

“Now, kind people, hear me out once more,” added the announcer. “Each one of you fine people will be given a seal. While we do not pretend this will suffice to quell your very much justified and natural dissatisfaction, you will, our customers, be offered compensation.” The man continued, and the customers were happy to hear they’d at least be offered free meals at Fresh Pasta & Associate. The folks of the sidewalk bowed as one body, and aside from some hungry individuals, people complained no further.

I marched a great deal. I didn’t deem I should be stopping for whatever spectacle it was that they offered my eyes. And so, on the mediator’s side, now, the guys in charge were looking over to me. So I stared at them as they looked in my direction. With my hand resting on my hilt, I had to come to a stop in front of them. “Hey, beasts. What, do I have something on my face?”

“S-Sir!” A woman stepped up. “Y-You’re… Have you been hurt in the process…?” She gripped her hands into balls. She asked me a question… but I replied with nothing. Remember how it went the first time I engaged in a discussion with a human beast? Quite poorly from what I recall. So I just waited for them to give me more thinking material. I actually just stopped in front of them because of their intent stares. Now I stayed.

Thankfully, they did speak further. Exchanging awkward glances among themselves to my listless expression, the group spoke again. “Sir, you’re hurt.” The female was gripping at her white apron anxiously. “D-Does that mean… you have taken care of the monster…? And… are you hurt anywhere else…? Shall we call in the Healing Services at once, sir?”

“Thanks for what you did. Helping us, I mean. You had no obligation. We’re indebted to you. Thank you.” People now bowed their heads at me, huh. As I didn’t know how to respond to that, I awkwardly bowed my head, too. “Please, do not be so humble. You’ve saved us. Truly.” As they made some more remarks about my wound, I shredded some pieces of my clothes and wrapped them around my neck. They offered their help, but I dismissed them.

“Then, sir, you haven’t told us. We could cover the expenses of the service if you so wished.” Some girl asked again if they should call the Healing Services, whatever that was.

I ignored her and spoke. Now I was ready. “Beasts,” I smiled at them, confident. I knew better than to make the same mistake as before and call people ‘humans’, heh. ‘Beast’ must have been the correct way to address someone. Watch me go, team. I got it. “So everything falls into place now…” I said, somewhat pensively.

For some reason, the atmosphere grew awkward. I cleared my throat and went on. It was hard to communicate with these creatures, but I didn’t give up yet. “I’ll just ask you beasts one question.” They grimaced at each ‘beasts’ I uttered. “You beautiful beasts, if you prefer,” I smiled again. They still winced, however. Man, did I get it wrong again? Should I just call people ‘people’? How bland. “The question being: Do you want the monster dead? Are you an enemy of it?”

They thought to themselves, then let me know they weren’t sure what I meant. “Do you want it dead?”

“Hahaha… Uh, oh, ahem, Sir. I, uh… You have me confused. Oh! Why, you must be feeling dizzy. Where is my commonsense? With all this blood you have lost.”


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