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100 Things I Don’t Know About My Senior
100 Things I Don’t Know About My SeniorJapanese
Web Novel

「Senpai, you dropped this.」 That sudden call marked the beginning of a relationship of an aloof senpai and his cute overenthusiastic kouhai-chan. Despite not having any contact previously except for using the same train station to get to school, senpai unwillingly agreed to a promise: from that day on, they would have to answer one question every day no matter what it was without telling any lie. The disinterested senpai who doesn’t want to give up on his peaceful commuting time, and the passionate kouhai-chan who doesn’t want to give up on the only student taking the same train as her. This is the story of how their relationship will progress with just one question a day.

A Court Blacksmith, whom was Condemned for being an ‘Iron-Smelling Woman’, was Picked up by a Friendly Guild and Attained Happiness
A Court Blacksmith, whom was Condemned for being an ‘Iron-Smelling Woman’, was Picked up by a Friendly Guild and Attained HappinessJapanese
Web Novel

Born as a low-ranking aristocrat’s daughter, Liliana’s life changed dramatically after she lost her parents to an illness. After a difficult life as a noble lady, Liliana finally decided to unleash her innate talent and became a blacksmith. Her goal was to fulfil her parents’ last wish—“I want you to live strong.” A few years later, Liliana became a hard-working court blacksmith. Although she had given up her happiness as a woman, sincerely giving her best for a kind hero she loved was her own way of finding happiness. One day, she overheard a conversation between the hero and the princess; “If you keep treating her that nicely, won’t she get the wrong idea?” “That was never my intention… as if I would want such a disgusting, soot-covered, woman anywhere near me.” Liliana was shocked to learn that his gentle and sweet words were but lies to take advantage of her. Afterwards, the princess condemned Liliana, which resulted in the king exiling her. At a loss, Liliana had a fateful encounter in the city of adventurers, Raceton. After her pure feelings had been toyed with, the exiled female blacksmith found a new place. It is a story of her attaining true happiness with the help of dependable friends.

A Girl Who Dreams of The Sky Flies in The Game World
A Girl Who Dreams of The Sky Flies in The Game WorldJapanese
Web Novel

For as long as She can remember, She has been fascinated by the vast blue world that has the same name as her. But she has no wings to fly to that place. A far-off dream world that no matter how much she reaches out to seek it, no matter how strongly she wishes for it, she will never reach it. So, that’s why She’s going to……. Fly in the game world! Aoki Sora, a girl with parents who are an aircraft pilot and a flight attendant. She was born with a passion for the sky in her genes, and thanks to the gifted education of her parents, she has grown up to be an excellent sky junkie. Having always said that she loves the sky more than three meals a day, it didn’t take long before she was no longer satisfied with a life of just putting her feet on the ground day after day. However, as a human being, much less a high school student, she cannot fly by herself. Aoki Sora which dreams of a distant world that you can neither reach nor grasp, even though it is there when you look up, and even though you can reach it if you reach out your hand. It was then that his younger brother showed her a commercial for a VR game. There, players wearing powered suits called exo-armor, winged mechanical armor, flew freely through the sky. Aoki Sora runs out of the house as soon as the commercial ends. Yes, that’s right! You may not be able to in the real world, but in the game world you can fly …………! This is the story of a girl who never stops loving the vast sky and flying as much as she wants in the game….. or so it should.

A Girl Who Was Told “You Have No Talent” Turned Out To Be A Talented Monster
A Girl Who Was Told “You Have No Talent” Turned Out To Be A Talented MonsterJapanese
Web Novel

A certain girl aspiring to be an adventurer was invited to join the Hero’s Party by chance and became their apprentice. However, she was not actually treated as a real apprentice, and was subjected to physical violence and verbal abuse every day. In the end, she was told that she had no talent and was about to be expelled from the party. However, the hero promised the girl that if she could stay in the Demon Forest for a week, her expulsion would be revoked. Unaware of the fact that she had been tricked, the girl was abandoned in the forest without even a weapon to defend herself. But the Hero’s Party had no idea that the girl had been observing every battle they had faced. Nobody knew of the girl’s talent. A talent, for which even the word “genius” would be too modest to describe, would allow her to reach the realm of excellence. The girl who was able to escape the forest soon registered herself as an adventurer, and in no time, she overtook the fierce fighters one after another. This was a tale of the rapid growth of a girl with the strongest physical prowess. A talented monster doesn’t need to be taught – someone once stated.

A Leisurely Trip to Another World of the Reincarnated Great Saint
A Leisurely Trip to Another World of the Reincarnated Great SaintJapanese
Web Novel

Hirune Hanamaki, who works for a black company with almost zero sleep, reincarnated in a different world with the blessing of a goddess because of her pure heart. Thanks to the blessing, her amount of magic power is strangely large, and her holy magic is extremely versatile. Eh, no one uses it like this? “You have the talent of a saint.” Hirune, who just wants to sleep on a fluffy futon, tries to skip work by making full use of holy magic, but the evaluation of the people around her continues to rise. This means I’ll be working as hard as I did in my previous life. This is bad. Very bad. I’m also sleepy. Apparently, it is rumored that if you become a great saint, you’ll get your own church and you can live freely. “Become a great saint and hang out on a futon all day long.” She works hard for a leisurely life and becomes a great saint … Isn’t this pretty busy? I feel like I’m being worshiped a lot … It shouldn’t be like this … This is the story of a dozing great saint who became a legend as she enjoyed a slow life at her own pace.

A Maiden’s Unwanted Heroic Epic
A Maiden’s Unwanted Heroic EpicJapanese
Web Novel

“….Krische-sama, are you not afraid of killing people?” “……? No. After all, it doesn’t hurt Krische.” Although gifted with the talent to do anything with ease, the girl lacked empathy. In her world, there is only loss and profit. No goodwill, no love. Inhumanly recognizing cold, mathematical logic as everything, she looks at everything in the world through calculating lens. Return given profit with profit, loss with loss. The girl was undoubtedly pure, yet undeniably abnormal— Her favorite things are cooking, food, and being pampered. Her specialty is murder. —- This is the story of a slightly unhinged girl being surrounded by kind and loving people, and her journey to find happiness.

A Rose Dedicated to You
A Rose Dedicated to YouJapanese
Web Novel

“You can look down on me, and reject me. I’m not asking you to understand me. ――― This is my love.” Countess Rosenstein is hated for being a selfish and domineering woman. But that was all an act she put on so that her husband could freely love the person he loved and spend time with his lover.

A Thousand Years of Separation~Today, I Shall be the Villainess~
A Thousand Years of Separation~Today, I Shall be the Villainess~Japanese
Web Novel

The famous but also humble Earl’s daughter, Amelia Southwell is engaged to the Marquis’ eldest son, William Cecil. —the truth is, Amelia is possessed by the spirit of a girl deceased since one thousand years ago. Thus, Amelia carries with her a millennium worth of recollections. Even if she reincarnate, the memories will still be intact. And Amelia knows—whoever she loves will befallen with ill fortunes. That her lover will die if she doesn’t keep her distance. She has to keep William away. Can Amelia escapes this fate riddled with Karma? Does the future where these two people could be happy exist? This is a story about a girl who stays earnest and hardworking despite being toyed by fate.

A Wild Last Boss Appeared
A Wild Last Boss AppearedJapanese
Web Novel

It was in the year 2800 of the Midgard calendar. Back then, there was a Overlord who once reigned supreme and had reached the very brink of subduing the world. Her name was Ruphas Mafahl, a great woman dreaded as the Black-Winged Overlord. She was too strong, too fast, and too beautiful… However, she was defeated by Heroes who opposed her ferocity, and her ambition was brought to an end. ――or so went the story of our protagonist’s in-game character, whose body he now possesses for some reason in a world 200 years after Ruphas’ downfall. Follow our protagonist as he becomes unnecessarily feared by his surroundings and unnecessarily worshiped by his former subordinates as he―or now she―cheerfully travels around this fantasy world.

A Young Girl in a Village Without Protection
A Young Girl in a Village Without ProtectionJapanese
Web Novel

She is actually the person with the strongest form of protection (boon), the one to change her destiny… Reborn in her favorite game! Reincarnated as the villain in a world where everyone has blessings, Selisena herself has none. Though the prince, her fiance , vouches to protect her, Selisena knows he is bound to break their wedding promise and marry the game’s heroine. And if the prince and the Heroine don’t get to the happy ending of the game, she herself will be executed. (Otherwise, she’ll just be exiled.) So she leaves the prince in the heroine’s care and goes on to look for her own happiness in this new life. And in order to do so, she borrows land from her father and becomes a landlord.