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A Merchant With Zero Combat Power Who Was A Baggage Handler In A Hero Party (Me), Was Finally Banished And Wants To Be A Steady Merchant.
A Merchant With Zero Combat Power Who Was A Baggage Handler In A Hero Party (Me), Was Finally Banished And Wants To Be A Steady Merchant.Japanese
Web Novel

With the mundane ordinary skill “Warehouse”, I spent 15 years as a baggage handler in a party that happened to pick me up. That party grew into the strongest party, led by Ryan, a Hero with the strongest skills. Ryan and his team finally succeed in defeating the Demon King. “Sorry. You’re fired.” They said I don’t deserve to be in their party, and I’m sentenced to be fired. But there’s a part of me that thinks it’s the right thing to do. And that’s because… I’m weak. I’m so weak. I could just barely win a single combat with a goblin if it was unarmed and I had a weapon. To be honest, I wasn’t able to contribute at all to the fight against the monsters of the Demon King’s army. At the age of 30, I was expelled from my old hero’s party. I have no choice but to start looking for something new. For now, I aim to become a great merchant, while working steadily in business, I will try to find a wife. In addition, in this world, polygamy seems to be allowed.

Ascendance of a Bookworm
Ascendance of a BookwormJapanese
Web Novel

A bookworm who had finally found a job as a librarian at a university was sadly killed shortly after graduating from college. She was reborn as Myne, the daughter of a soldier in a world where the literacy rate is low and books were scarce. No matter how much she wanted to read, there were no books around. What is a bookworm to do without any books? Make them, of course. Her goal is to become a librarian! So that she may once again live surrounded by books, she must start by making them herself.

Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai 《Tensei Jinsei o Tanoshimou!》
Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai 《Tensei Jinsei o Tanoshimou!》Japanese
Web Novel

While out walking the MC stumbles upon a crime scene. He immediately tries to escape but gets stabbed. When he came to, he found that the people around him were speaking a language he didn’t understand. Even among the 6 languages he knew it was something foreign. Although seemingly having been transported into another world, he discovers that his original body did not follow with him. Instead he is now in the body of Christopher, a sickly boy of 11 years old. What will he do with his new life in a different body?

Common Sense of a Duke’s Daughter
Common Sense of a Duke’s DaughterJapanese
Web Novel

When a young woman is killed in a traffic accident on her way home from work at a tax bureau, she suddenly finds herself transported to the world of the otome game she was playing the night before – but instead of the heroine, she’s been reincarnated as the villainess! Using her knowledge of the game, “Iris” manages to avert personal disaster and decides to rebuild her life with her modern-day economic know-how. This is one mean girl who isn’t going to let her perceived reputation stop her from being a heroine!

Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku (WN)
Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku (WN)Japanese
Web Novel

Suzuki, an adult programmer, suddenly notices that he’s been thrown into a different world while wearing a casual clothes at level 1. He gained high levels and treasures after using the 3 times use-disposable-magic, Meteor Shower, at once. After that he intends to do different world “sightseeing tours”? He meets 3 beast girls, beautiful purple and black haired sisters, and an eccentric blonde haired elf girl along with various people during his trip. Although there are occasional fighting with demons and demon lords, this is a heartwarming fantasy story at heart.

Different World Business Symbol
Different World Business SymbolJapanese
Web Novel

A young boy, Asuma Haruto, is transferred to another world. Without having any means to return home, he has no choice but to live in this parallel universe. Armed with only his knowledge of making soap, will Haruto be able to safely make a living here? This is a story about how our protagonist creates his own business out of his hobby of making soap and then gradually manages his business and gets rich.

Helping with Adventurer Party Management
Helping with Adventurer Party ManagementJapanese
Web Novel

“I guess, it’s all right to quit being an adventurer, right?” Right after retiring, a tale of the supporter of newbie adventurers. No cheats, just plain-old normal developments. At first, it’s just individual counseling, then onwards to make supporting a business venture.

I Become a Cat in Another World
I Become a Cat in Another WorldJapanese
Web Novel

When I died of pancreatic cancer and moved to another world, I was transmigrated as a fat cat due to the goddess’ mistake. I stay in the surrounding forest, sometimes I visit the inns in the town and lived a comfortable life.

I Found a Hole in my Yard. It Might Be a Dungeon, but That’s Now my Garbage Dump
I Found a Hole in my Yard. It Might Be a Dungeon, but That’s Now my Garbage DumpJapanese
Web Novel

One day, I found a hole in the yard of my house. It was just the right for a garbage hole, so I threw my garbage in it. I threw household waste in it. I threw business waste in it. I threw construction waste in it. However, the hole is still not filled……

I Reincarnated Into a Vending Machine
I Reincarnated Into a Vending MachineJapanese
Web Novel

He, A self-proclaim vending machine maniac, died protecting a vending machine in a traffic-related accident. He, who had expected to end his life at that moment woke up to a beautiful lake surrounded by gorgeous nature. He had no idea what had happened to him. Only, that he had transformed into a vending machine. Alone in the dungeons of another world… his story begins… when he encounters a young girl…