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System vs Rebirth – Chapter 99: Overwhelming Strength Bahasa Indonesia

“Huh?” The guard was stunned by Noel’s appearance. He forgot Noel was there because of the demons. Still, never in his wildest dream would he think Noel was strong enough to kill the demon in a single slash.

Noel ignored his reaction and looked at the demons that surrounded them.

‘There are eight demons, one is down. That leaves seven more… I’ll kill them all within two minutes.’ Noel calculated in his mind while circulating the Spiritual Energy, strengthening his muscle and wrapping his body.

He then moved toward the second demon and swung his sword.

The demon had an easier time against the guard, so it managed to break free and stop Noel’s sword with its fang.

Unfortunately for the demon, Noel spun his body and swung it again this time. The demon thought it could stop him with its fangs again, but this time, Noel’s sword was covered by Spiritual Energy.

Mega Slash.


As expected from the demon, its fangs were too hard to break in a single slash. Even with Mega Slash, he only managed to crack it.

Still, Noel’s aim was the powerful impact contained in that strike. The force knocked the head to the side, giving a huge opening to be used.

Swift Strike.

Without hesitation, Noel sliced the demon’s neck with a swift and precise strike.

“That’s two.” Noel muttered in a low voice.

His action was witnessed by the guards as well as the siblings inside the carriage. They gasped when Noel easily killed two demons in succession.

But what shocked them more was the blue light coming out of his sword.

“Brother… That is…”

“Yes, that’s Spiritual Energy. Someone who can utilize Spiritual Energy is hard to come by. It’s especially true with a small merchant group like us. Who is this man?”

Noel wasn’t aware of their conversation. There were only bandits and demons in his mind. So, as soon as he killed the second demon, he jumped to the third one and the other demons, killing them in a rapid succession.

In this clash, Noel only used Swift Strike and Mega Slash since it was enough to handle Low Level Demon.

The guards were cheering for Noel because his action saved all of them. But they soon remembered that their captain was still getting suppressed by the bandits.

“Attack the bandits.”

“Help the captain!”


The soldiers immediately ran toward the bandits, stunning everyone who thought that the guards couldn’t deal with the demons.

However, Noel stood out the most as he was at the very front.

“What?! The outsider?!” The bandits were stunned because they never expected that the outsider was actually the one leading the guards. At the same time, he was the one that killed the demons. They never took into account that this outsider, who should be their bonus target, became the hunter.

To kill the bandits, Noel used his Sword Aura.

The Spiritual Energy gathered in his sword, creating a layer of Spiritual Energy that sharpened his blade.

‘This is the first time I use it on battle.’ Noel smirked. Still, before he attacked them, he abruptly stopped midway.

“Huh?” The guards were perplexed by his action, but they stopped, thinking Noel must have noticed something. Even the bandits were confused.

To everyone’s surprise, Noel shouted, “Who taught you how to capture demons, bandits?”

“Just because you can kill the demons, you think you can kill me? Spiritual Energy? I can use it too!” The bandit leader shouted as it finally unsheathed his sword for the first time, circulating the Spiritual Energy. The blue light appeared again, allowing them to know that Noel and the bandit leader might be equal.

“I see. So, you’re the guy who I should interrogate.” Noel smirked. The only reason for his question was to see who had the most knowledge among the group. Now that he had determined his target, Noel approached the bandit group from the side, planning to kill the bandits one by one.

“!!!” The bandit leader’s body shook as he didn’t expect that Noel would attack them from the side first. He immediately rushed to Noel since he was the only one who could stop him.

Meanwhile, the guards also charged at the remaining bandits, trying to help their captain. With their superior number, the bandits wouldn’t be able to handle them.

“As long as I kill you, I can kill the rest of them!” The bandit leader smirked and swung his sword.

Noel was supposed to engage in a combat against the leader for some time, giving them time to eliminate the bandits.

But what everyone didn’t expect that when the bandit leader was about to hit him, Noel used his Four Points Circulation to cause a small burst of Spiritual Energy beneath his feet.

The shock wave caused a steep increase in his speed, allowing him to slip past the bandit leader.

“Wha—!” The bandit leader widened his eyes, glancing at Noel. It turned out Noel’s real target was the remaining bandits.

The guards as well as the bandits were shocked by his appearance, but he was simply far faster compared to a normal person. The moment he reached their position, he ended them with a single swing on their neck. There was no way Noel planned to let go the opportunity to get Honor Points.

“…” The bandit leader stopped for a moment, thinking he should escape when Noel was occupied by his subordinates. Although he had some confidence in killing Noel, it would be a different case if those guards helped Noel.

He hurriedly turned around and tried to run away. But suddenly, a male’s voice resounded across the battlefield. “Don’t let the leader escape!”

“!!!” The guards turned their heads to the bandit leader and saw him running away. They exchanged looks at each other, thinking if Noel was eliminating the rest of the bandits, they should buy enough time so that Noel could finish his job and deal with this bandit leader.

After a few seconds, they nodded at each other as they started chasing after him. “Stop him!”


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