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System vs Rebirth – Chapter 80: Report Bahasa Indonesia

After resting for an hour, Anna finally got the permission to leave.

Instead of her room, Anna walked to the commander’s room while remembering what Evan said earlier.

“He is probably waiting near the commander’s room since you’re going to receive the rewards together. Rather than going back to your room to rest and fix your appearance, you should visit the commander as soon as possible.”

She received a spare uniform from Evan and changed into it before going to meet Noel. As Evan said earlier, she saw Noel in the corridor leading to the commander’s room.

His eyes were closed as though he was sleeping. However, Anna noticed the Spiritual Energy around him, signifying the connection between Noel and his spirit.

Instead of calling him, she simply sat next to him and waited until Noel finished. His connection lasted for ten minutes and Noel immediately picked up the presence next to him.

“So, you’ve come.” Noel glanced at her as if checking her condition.

“Yes. Actually, I want to talk to you about something…” Anna lowered her head because she felt a bit guilty.

Her actions reminded him of the words she said during her sleep. Ultimately, Noel turned around and refused to hear it. “Let’s go then.”

“Ignored again…” Anna made a wry smile. Though, she could understand why Noel didn’t want to hear her apology. ‘Still, there’s something changing in Noel. I don’t know what it is.’

When Noel was about to knock on the door, the commander’s voice echoed from inside. “Come in.”

“…” Considering the commander’s strength, he should have picked up their presence long ago. So, Noel slowly opened the door, finding the commander reading the paper in his hand. “I apologize for making you wait, Commander.”

“It’s fine.” Oscar looked at Anna and Noel who stood next to each other. The third prince was a losing faction in the throne war. As his supporter, Oscar obviously knew that Anna’s family was the supporter of the current royal family.

However, he had no intention in harming an innocent person. Even in his report to the third prince, he had stated that he wouldn’t treat Anna badly as long as she followed the rules.

This middle-aged man then put his paper down and said, “The demon has been confirmed. It’s called Ancient Demon Tree, its strength is among the strongest. According to the record, this demon was sealed by your ancestor, Noel Ardagan.”

Noel widened his eyes, acting as if he was shocked. He didn’t want to give too much information to the commander or Anna, so he needed to pretend here. “My ancestor?”

“Yes. Your ancestor, the first and strongest marshal, Arvart Ardagan.”


“It seems that it was your destiny to kill what your ancestor couldn’t. According to the report, the seal would suck the Ancient Demon Tree’s Spiritual Energy, so when it awakened, the demon didn’t have much Spiritual Energy. Even the current me would have no problem in defeating the demon.

“However, even I couldn’t claim that I was near what your ancestor could do in the past. So, I believe he had predicted everything and allowed you to kill it.”

“I see.” Noel closed his eyes like he had a hard time accepting this fact.

‘What an act… He obviously knew about runes, so it’s not fate or something,’ thought Anna while taking a peek at Noel’s expression.

The commander paused for a moment and said, “Anyway, I have promised you to give you a reward. Although it won’t be befitting your achievement, it’s the best thing I can give you at your current state.”

“Thank you, Commander.” Noel slightly bowed his head. Anna also followed suit to express her gratitude.

The commander then rose from his seat and said, “Follow me to the treasury. Both of you can take out two items each.”

After that, Oscar went through the fort a bit as if he was walking around aimlessly. However, Anna could see that the commander was emitting a faint Spiritual Energy. Although she didn’t know what he was doing, it was clear that he had another intention.

The trip took fifteen minutes before they reached a room guarded by four soldiers.

“Open the gate,” Oscar commanded.

Two soldiers moved and channeled their Spiritual Energy to their whole body before using all their strength to push the door.

With a single glance at the thickness of the door, Noel and Anna knew that the door itself weighed tonnes. Not only did it show the strength of the guard, but also the protection of the treasury.

“You have thirty minutes inside. Pick anything you like, I’ll stay here,” said Oscar with a serious expression as if warning them not to make a mess inside.

Noel and Anna nodded solemnly and walked inside.

The gates were closed once again, giving them the privacy they all needed. If Oscar entered together with them, they would have refrained themselves a bit after all.

“Woah! Look at these…” Anna sucked a cold breath, impressed by the entire collections.

The treasury seemed to be divided into three parts. On the left, they could see a few shelves and racks filled with equipment, from armor to various types of weapon.

On the right side, they could see many accessories like a necklace or bracelet. In the inner part, they could see many raw materials too.

However, their focus lied on the opposite side of the room.

There were books and many bottles that seemed to have been filled with extremely powerful liquid.

Anna couldn’t contain her curiosity as she took a closer look at them. “Seriously? There is a National Treasure in this place? And this armor… isn’t this an armor created from a lost technology? Take a look at this necklace, it has the Sea Lord Jewel. It’s said to be able to boost your Water Spirit’s power. Wait a minute… Is that the Demon Dragon’s scale?”

Anna was truly impressed by the entire treasury to the point she thought this was the royal treasury.

“Ah, now that I think about it, the Demon Banner Army was created by your ancestor, Arvart Ardagan. It had so many outstanding achievements over the centuries. Even the country sometimes gave them National Treasures to reward them for their achievement. I guess all those items have been stored here.” Anna made a little grin and looked at Noel. “Don’t you think we’re very lucky to be here?”


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