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System vs Rebirth – Chapter 4: Checking the System Bahasa Indonesia

“Hmm…” Noel furrowed his eyebrows, staring at the blue screen in front of him. Since he’d got his private room, he could check whatever the sword actually gave him.

Name: Noel Ardagan

Job: –

Weapon: Ardagan Sword

Main Medal: –

There were so many mysterious things he experienced in the past few minutes. This time, he was looking at his status.

Aside of his name and weapon, he clearly didn’t understand the meaning of Job and Main Medal. He thought, ‘There is no instruction on how to use this. Even my father doesn’t tell me anything about this sword. Ugh, the only thing I know is how to activate the sword.’

Although he was a bit disappointed because he needed to investigate how to use this power by himself, he knew this was the only thing that could help him to reach his goal.

‘There are only four main features it seems. Training, Medal, Career, Status and Shop. This status is of no use for me since I don’t understand the usage. As for Training, I think it’s telling me to train my body.’ Noel frowned and opened the training panel again.

Training: Push Up 100 times

Reward: Constitution +0.1%

Training: Running 10 km

Reward: Stamina +0.1%

Training: Swinging a Sword up and down 100 times

Reward: Sword Mastery +0.1%

‘What’s this number means? I know that it’s trying to strengthen my body, but there’s nothing written in here. And the reward doesn’t seem to be that useful since I will probably not feel any change.’ Noel scratched the back of his head and skipped this panel.

Meanwhile, he already saw a glimpse of what the Medal was for before even coming to the fort. In one word, he couldn’t understand what the use of the medal. As for the Honor Points, he could use it on the shop where there were various weapons and items.

‘Then, the last thing is this…’ Noel’s expression turned grim as this might be the most important decision he needed to make.


Swordsman – A man who fights with a sword.

Commander – A person in authority, especially over a body of troops or a military operation.

Noble – A person belonging to a hereditary class with high social or political status.

There were only three options that he could see, and all of them were related to him.

He was a former noble or a fallen noble. It was normal for him to become a noble again after clearing his family name.

And if his parents were not executed, he would have succeeded the house.

But… as much as he wanted to become a noble again, he couldn’t bear to move his hand forward as if someone was stopping his arm.

The memory of how his parents died in the hand of the royal family was still fresh in his mind. No one wanted to serve the family who killed your parents.

On the contrary, a commander felt like a dream to him. After all, his ancestor was a Marshall, and his reputation resounded across the kingdom.

It was an honor to follow his ancestor’s footsteps since this might be a good option for him to raise his reputation.

Unfortunately, the current situation didn’t allow him to become a commander. There was no way the royal family would let him grow up.

Even if he put on a mask to hide his identity, no one would grant an authority to an unknown person.

Hence, he left with one option, a swordsman.

‘A swordsman, huh…’ Noel scratched the back of his head, reluctant to choose it.

However, the scene where his father begged the royal family to spare him stuck on his mind. If not for that, he would have died long ago.

Thus, the words of his father felt as if it was ringing in his ears.

‘Father mentioned the third prince. Although I can become a commander as long as I flee from this kingdom and join another one, I should believe in my father a bit more. If not for him, I would have died anyway…

‘If I can’t choose, I will simply use that option to turn around the situation. I won’t give up even if I’m forced to be in this situation! I will be a man who can turn everything into my opportunity.’ Noel clenched his teeth and chose the swordsman.

The screen soon changed as Noel became a swordsman.

[Career: Swordsman]

Skill: Swift Strike (0/5)

Requirement: 1 SP

Skill: Ardagan Swordsmanship (0/15)

Requirement: 1 SP

Skill: Mega Slash (0/5)

Requirement: 1 SP

‘What is this skill all about? Is it something similar to a spell?’ Noel tilted his head in confusion. In fact, there were simply too many questions in his head.

Because no one gave him the instruction about the sword, he had no idea what they could be used for unless he tried it himself.

‘I often heard the story about my ancestor. It was said a single wave of his hand was enough to increase the soldiers morale. A single shout could make the enemies tremble in fear… Is this the reason?’ Noel looked down while placing his hand on his chin, falling into deep thought.

It seemed these skills were related to the path he chose. Because he became a swordsman, it was clear that their names felt related to a sword.

‘I see. In my situation, choosing Commander or Noble is simply a death wish. However, my ancestor could rise to the peak as a commander… This means the power granted by this sword has that potential. No matter which path I choose, it can carry me to the peak.

‘In that case, I was a noble… I understand how to govern the citizens. I wanted to be a Commander because it was the best option. But it turned out I was wrong… Without enough strength, I can’t even fight back if the royal family want to execute me. Without enough strength, I can’t gain the respect of the soldiers. In that case, I’ll use this path to become stronger so that in the future, no one can do anything to me.’

A smile appeared on Noel’s face as he thought he chose the best path in his situation. He clutched his fist with his eyes full of determination. ‘Just you wait, you royal family…’

As if answering to his determination, the red sword on his laps glowed dimly, sending something to him. It was then another blue screen appeared.

[Special Medal]

[Mission: Eliminate the weakened Ancient Demon Tree within 30 days.]

[Description: There’s an Ancient Demon Tree sleeping underneath the Dark Demon Forest.]

[Reward: Demon Hunter Medal and 7 SP]

[Penalty: Lose your qualification to wield Ardagan.]


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