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System vs Rebirth – Chapter 397: Realization Bahasa Indonesia

One month later.

Under the waterfall sat down a young man with black hair. He had been meditating under the beating of water for a while. Despite the height of the waterfall, the young man maintained his inner peace as if he had gotten used to the pain.

A middle-aged man came near the water while calling him. “Young Master. It’s been a month. It’s time for you to go back.”

Noel gradually opened his eyes while raising his right hand. The Spiritual Energy around his arm began to form a shield that blocked the water.

He had undergone a lot of training during the past month. It was hard but fulfilling. Although he could only use a bit of Soft Approach, the shield was proof that it was only a matter of time before he mastered it.

He jumped from under the waterfall to the ground in a single leap.

“I see. It’s been a month.” Noel muttered while walking to the side, getting his clothes back.

“Yes, Young Master.” Dimitri nodded with a serious expression. He had nothing but praise for Noel.

Noel’s ability might have soared to Spirit Wielder, but because of his rapid progress, he didn’t have too much time to consolidate his strength.

So, the only thing they did was fix Noel’s mistakes in his movement, correct his Spiritual Energy control, and give him some knowledge about everything, especially survival and battle.

During that time, Noel absorbed all the knowledge like a sponge. Even though no one taught him the basics, he had a solid foundation in his swordsmanship.

Although Noel had learned it through the system, Dimitri still managed to catch a few mistakes in it. That was probably the reason why his swordsmanship was still level 8 instead of 15.

At the same time, Dimitri praised his ability in the Everchanging Emotion Sword Style. Even he didn’t expect Noel was able to come up with this unique swordsmanship by himself.

But he was assured because the swordsmanship had a good foundation and limitless potential.

In fact, he enjoyed teaching Noel. Unlike the past, where Noel was lazy, the current young master was hardworking.

He thought it was impossible for Noel to change so easily. So, he believed Noel never changed.

He was diligent but in a different area. Even though he had been lazing around, his father was still impressed by how smoothly Noel talked to him.

At first, he thought Noel was just smart. But he soon realized that when Noel was lying on the maid’s lap, just enjoying the weather, he was actually thinking.

That was right. Noel might look lazy, but he was working hard by thinking about all kinds of things. He came up with a lot of answers in his thoughts. Thus, the reason why Noel looked knowledgeable in noble’s knowledge and tactics.

Luke gave him a little bit of knowledge and Noel simply developed all that idea, creating numerous possibilities. This was the reason why Noel was able to come up with a lot of plans and even outsmarted other people. He had gotten used to thinking about it for a long time.

When Dimitri realized it, he couldn’t help but feel apologetic for thinking Noel was just a lazy young master.

He even doubted whether Noel could become a good lord or not. In the past, Luke always told him that Noel was the only person who could succeed the Ardagan Family. No matter if he had many children, Noel was the only one who could develop the Ardagan Family. And now, he could see it was true.

“What is it?” Noel asked while putting on his shirt. “You have been daydreaming a lot recently.”

“That’s…” Dimitri thought for a moment. On the one hand, he wouldn’t be able to easily meet Noel since he didn’t want Noel to rely on him a lot. On the other hand, he acknowledged Noel’s status as Luke’s successor.

Hence, Dimitri said, “Young Master. If you wish to call me, please raise your left hand like this.”

Dimitri raised his left hand. He pulled down his ring and middle finger so that only his forefinger and pinky were pointing upward.

“I’ll appear and solve your problem when you do it. However, please remember this one thing… The more you use my help, the less I’ll respect you.” Dimitri took a deep breath. “Master always said I can respect him if what he’s doing is worthy of being respected.

“And currently, you have the ability to succeed the Ardagan Family, albeit you still haven’t reached that level yet. That’s why I’ll protect you and help you in secret, but this is also a test for me.

“I’d like to see the young master’s determination as the lord of the Ardagan Family. If you have become my master, then I won’t hesitate to help you in all kinds of situations, but right now…”

When Noel heard it, he waved his hand as if treating it as no big deal. “You don’t have to worry about it, Dimitri. I’m not planning to rely on you to solve my problem. I know that I have been ignorant and need you to help me, but from now on, I’ll solve my problem by myself.

“I’ll show you that I’m worthy of being your lord. And when I reach that point…” Noel paused while glancing at Dimitri as if asking him to finish his sentence.

Dimitri smiled and fell to one knee. “When that happens, I shall recognize you as my lord. If you wish to assassinate the king, I will gladly throw away my life to accomplish that objective. No matter who you want to kill, I’ll go through fire and water to fulfill your wish.”

Noel smiled and stated, “What are you talking about? You are not an assassin anymore, Dimitri.”

“!!!” Dimitri widened his eyes in surprise and raised his head.

“You’re the butler of the Ardagan Family, Dimitri, not the Demon Assassination Squad’s Captain, Shadow. I don’t need your help to assassinate someone. Instead, I need you to help with the household’s affairs, take care of my future children, and witness how far I can go. Isn’t that right, Butler Dimitri?”

Dimitri was dumbfounded. He couldn’t help but recall the time he pledged his loyalty to Luke.

At that time, Luke only said, “I’m not worthy of your loyalty. But since you offer it to me, I’ll gladly take it. However, remember this, Dimitri. In the future, there will be a person who is worthy of being your master… But before that time arrives, please take care of my child.”

Luke looked down, stroking baby Noel’s head as if implying he was the one Luke was talking about.

Although it was only an image, Dimitri couldn’t help but feel excited because… that image might come true one day.


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