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System vs Rebirth – Chapter 380: Truth Bahasa Indonesia

“…” Clara was dumbfounded. She never expected to find a living legend here. Although the Blood Berserker was quite exhausted, Dimitri was simply on a whole different level.

When Dimitri was still working as the captain of the Demon Assassination Squad, she had seen him defeating one captain after another. His strength was already extraordinary back then and it seemed even after retiring from the army, he still improved himself.

“Captain!” Zion and the others jumped down, trying to figure out what had happened.

“Who is that shadow, Captain?”

“It seems that you know that person.”

Clara took a deep breath to calm her mind. “What are you talking about? Are you sure you can’t recognize him? There is only one person whose shadow ability has surpassed the level of a Devil Bishop…”


“Is he…”

Clara nodded. “I don’t know why he is here, but it doesn’t change the fact he has helped us. With this, we can clean up the Supreme Devil Organization before helping the people at the other gate. Zion, Jonathan… I’ll leave the people of the organization to you. Stella will go with me to reinforce the other gate.”

“U—Understood!” They were also shocked by the sight of a living legend. But they still had a job to complete.

Unbeknownst to them, they would only receive devastating information from Rose when they reached the north gate.

In the meantime, Dimitri had returned to Noel and asked, “Are you sure you want to learn things from me, Young Master?”

Noel nodded with a serious expression.

“My training might be hard for you to endure…”

“Haven’t I gone through an even bigger hurdle?” Noel asked back, showing his determination.

“…” Dimitri closed his eyes for a moment. “In that case, please stand up. We’ll leave here.”

“!!!” Noel widened his eyes before making a weird smile. “You’re not going to carry me? You’re faster than me, right?”

“Not at all. Since Young Master wants to learn from me, then I’ll be starting now. I want you to endure all that pain and follow me to another place. I’ll be here to close your wounds if it opens again, but I hope that Young Master can adjust your movement and speed so that your wounds won’t open again.

“If Young Master wants to know the reasons… It’s simple. Do you expect there will be a healer or a comrade next to you every time? There will be a time when you’re alone and have no one to rely on while fending off demons and your enemies.

“At that time, you have to do all this to survive. That’s why I’d like Young Master to master all kinds of survival abilities. Also, this will be the training for your Spiritual Energy as well. Are you up to the task, Young Master?”

Noel answered Dimitri with his action. He took a deep breath before standing back up. The constant pain numbed his body and mind, but Noel gritted his teeth and just endured it. They still had to walk far away, so it was going to be an arduous trip.

“I’m ready.”

Dimitri smiled and started walking. “Please follow me then.”




Noel was struggling to walk, especially because he had to maintain small steps to avoid opening his wound.

“Since there are a lot of things you want to talk about, please ask me questions. I’ll see if I can answer it or not.” Dimitri smiled.

‘Are you serious?’ Noel bit his lips. It took his all just to keep this pace. He couldn’t even think of anything in this state.

“Does Young Master not wish to know more? I don’t really mind either way. By the way, there might be a time when you’re in this state, running away from your enemy. At that time, you have to rack your brain to get away from them.”

“Tsk.” Noel clicked his tongue. After two more minutes, Noel finally opened his mouth. “Why…”

“Why what?” Dimitri asked again with a teasing smile.

Noel took a few deep breaths before finishing his question. “Why did you quit the Demon Banner Army? Aren’t you supposed to be undefeated? I heard the rumors that you went on one thousand missions and completed all of them.”

“Hahaha. They’re exaggerating my achievement. In fact, I only took 653 missions and completed 652 of them.”

“Huh? You failed one mission?”

“Yes. The failed mission was also my last one. And that mission was… to kill an innocent baby. I have assassinated so many people, even children. However, in my last mission, I couldn’t do it for two reasons. First, I was tricked by the house owner. Second, the one who gave that mission had betrayed humanity.”

“Huh? Tricked by the house owner… A baby… You’re not talking about me, right?”

“It is you, Young Master. My last mission was to assassinate you. And now, as the punishment for the assassination attempt, I’m working as a butler, raising you.” Dimitri looked at Noel with a gentle smile.

“…” Noel didn’t expect there was such a history in his family. Although the first reason piqued his interest, he had to know more about the second reason. “Who actually gave that mission?”

“That’s… probably the reason for everything you experience right now. The reason why Master and Madam are hiding and why you’re here alone.

“He was once the captain of the Demon Adjudicator Squad, or you could say Demon Beholder Squad.

“He gave me a fake mission to kill a baby that was born two days prior, poisoned the previous commander and resulted in his death, and betrayed the entire kingdom to join the Supreme Devil Organization as one of the Devil Saints.”

“Devil Saint?” Noel widened his eyes.

“Yes. There were three candidates for the next commander in the past. The Demon Assassination Squad, the Demon Adjudicator Squad, and the Vice Captain of the Demon Adjudicator Squad.”

“Huh? Who are they?”

“Their Vice Captain is the current commander, Oscar. But the captain of that squad was once known as Laufey Ardagan.”

“Laufey… Ardagan…” Noel widened his eyes in shock.

“Yes. Your Father’s younger brother… Your Uncle.”


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