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System vs Rebirth – Chapter 379: On a Whole Different Level Bahasa Indonesia

Noel was completely stunned at the level Dimitri showed. He never expected Dimitri to be this strong.

However, Noel wasn’t the only one shocked. Stella, Zion, and Jonathan dropped their jaws to the ground.

They knew what kind of existence a Devil Bishop was. Even their captain was struggling against him.

Yet, a mysterious force entered the battlefield and cut down his hand so easily. Their strength was simply on a whole different level.

“What is this?” The Blood Berserker gritted his teeth, staring at his hand. He easily endured the pain, but the situation started looking bad for him.

At first, he believed another Superior Demon was all it needed for them to take down the Demon Relief Squad, the Water Lord, and the two Captains.

But it seemed he was wrong. There was actually someone even stronger among them.

And looking at the people’s expressions, it seemed they weren’t aware of this existence this whole time.

“To fool your enemy, you have to fool your ally first.” He muttered while gulping down. He had used a lot of his energy to fight Clara, so there was no way he could escape from this existence.

On the other hand, Clara widened her eyes when she saw the shadow moving.

‘Shadow? This kind of ability and control… I don’t think there is more than one person who can utilize the shadow this skillfully…’ Clara gulped down, glancing at the hill. ‘The one who utilized this shadow must be…’

While Clara had recognized this person, Noel couldn’t help but ask, “Who are you really? A Devil Bishop is similar to a captain, yet, you’re bullying him from a distance. You’re even sparing some of your attention to teach me… No, I think I know who you are… I have heard about it somewhere. There was once a man who was about to become a commander…”

Dimitri smiled at him and shook his head. “It’s not something I’m proud of. But I guess I have to introduce myself formally to you, Young Master. I am the former captain of the Demon Assassination Squad, known as Shadow, Dimitri.”

Noel sucked a cold breath. Even though he had figured it out, it was still surprising to hear it from Dimitri himself.

“A man who almost became a commander, his strength couldn’t be compared to a normal captain.”

However, Dimitri added, “I’m not fit to be a commander because I lack leadership, politics, and even care. The Demon Banner Army would decline if I took the mantle.”

“I do want to hear your story though. Because I can’t imagine how my father actually got you to be our family’s butler…”

“That can wait for the time being. There is a pest that I have to take care of.”


“In that case, I’m going.” Dimitri released his shadow, turning them into a fire. Then, this black flame began to cover his entire body, turning into armor that completely hid all his skin.

Before Noel said anything, Dimitri disappeared.

“!!!” Both Clara and the Blood Berserker felt his presence.

Clara stopped in that instant while the Blood Berserker gritted his teeth and jumped away, trying to escape from him.

But in that instant, a black string was attached to the Blood Berserker as the shadow warrior pulled it, preventing him from escaping.

“!!!” The Blood Berserker gritted his teeth, trying to destroy the thread attached to his body but to no avail. He then raised his head, staring at the shadow warrior.

The black flame began to flare up and began to form a huge coat.

“Who are you?!” The Blood Berserker tried to observe this shadow warrior because he didn’t know such a person was hiding among them.

“A dead man doesn’t need to know.” A deep voice echoed from inside the shadow armor. Dimitri, as a Demon Assassination Squad’s captain, should know the restrictions as an assassin. He shouldn’t talk, leave traces, and fight the enemy head-on like this. Yet, he still did it, showing to the people he had changed. He wasn’t the shadow anymore. Instead, he was the proud butler of the Ardagan Family.

“If you kill me, the entire Supreme Devil Organization will hunt you down!” The Blood Berserker didn’t know how to escape anymore to the point he started threatening him with whatever he could come up with.

“Then, bring it on. A mere bishop dares to talk big in front of me, even your saint has to pray not to get targeted by me!”

“!!!” In that instant, the Blood Berserker realized who the person before him was. There was a rumor among the higher-ups of the Supreme Devil Organization.

There was once an assassin that struck a deep fear in the Supreme Devil Organization. With a one hundred percent success rate, he could assassinate all people in the world without fail.

And it was said his sword was so sharp that it could kill even a Devil Saint.

“You—” The Blood Berserker suddenly trembled, noticing the fluctuation of Spiritual Energy on his back. It turned out Dimitri was using all those useless talks to set up his own execution ground.

The Spiritual Energy behind him affected the Blood Berserker’s shadow, giving it a life.

Suddenly, the shadow emerged from the ground. Two curved blades were extended out of its hands, perfectly matching the neck’s shape.

The shadow waved its hands, trying to cut the Blood Berserker’s neck.

“No!” The Blood Berserker shouted while releasing a huge amount of Spiritual Energy to blast the shadow. But this shadow was his own shadow, so it would continue to be attached to him.

The Shadow instantly stood back up and waved its swords.

The Blood Berserker ducked down to avoid it before jumping to the side after feeling the Spiritual Energy from behind him, which turned out to be Dimitri.

“Kh!” The Blood Berserker gritted his teeth because Dimitri released the same strike that cut his arm earlier to cut another one.

Without any arms, there was no way the Blood Berserker could even stop the attack from his own shadow. The only thing he could do was reinforce his own skin to prevent the shadow from slashing through.

“Gah!” The Blood Berserker suddenly felt a sharp pain in his heart. He looked down and saw another branch come out from the shadow body, piercing his heart. When he glanced back, he saw Dimitri pointing his sword at his heart. “The sword is attracting the shadow… No, I was too focused on my own shadow that I didn’t notice…”

The Blood Berserker couldn’t believe it, but he died without being able to put up a fight against Dimitri. This was the strength of someone who once almost became the commander.

After killing the Blood Berserker, Dimitri turned around, staring at Clara for a moment before disappearing from the battlefield.


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