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System vs Rebirth – Chapter 371: Overwhelming Bahasa Indonesia

“The situation has become too big,” said Zion as he regrouped with the rest of the group. “Captain Lucian is stopping the Demon Bear while the other captain is holding off the Devil Bishop. What should we do now? Should we regroup with Paul?”

Noel shook his head. “No. There is no need for that. Paul is better off staying with the Water Lord. Meanwhile, we have to divide the team into two. The first team will help fend off the Supreme Devil Organization, while the other will kill as many demons as possible.

“Since there are a lot of demons, then Jonathan and Stella can go to the South Gate while the rest will go to the North Gate to fend off demons,” Noel explained his plan while thinking about his next plan.

“Alright, then.” Stella and the others agreed. Although they could think like this as well, Noel had shown his brilliance by coming up with many plans. Hence, it was better for him to do it instead of letting others think about it and creating confusion due to so many ideas.

Normally, it was Paul who would decide everything. Due to his absence, Noel was chosen despite his time in the group. They just believed that someone who was capable should do their job instead of thinking about seniority.

As soon as they reached an agreement, the group split.

“How many demons are in the North Gate?” Noel asked Rose who should have seen the demons.

“I’m not sure, but there are at least seven thousand demons. Although most of them are just Low Level Demons, it’s still a force to be reckoned with.” Rose frowned before asking, “What are you planning with the demons?”

“How do you usually fight a battle of this scale?”

“We usually killed those demons from the wall with the help of the wall’s reinforcement. So, just shooting our Spirit Abilities again and again until we kill many of them before cleaning them up.”

“Alright. Let’s do that.” Noel nodded with a serious expression. This was a perfect opportunity to get the reward for killing demons and advance his medals even further. At the same time, he also had to put in a hidden agenda, so he had to be careful in his move.

When he reached the wall, Noel was stupefied. He had seen hundreds of demons attacking one place at once, but this was the first time he saw thousands of them in one place.

It was a sea of demons, and all of them simply waited for their turn to reach the wall. Those Low Level Demons even tried to rush through the numerous demons in front of them to reach the wall, making them step on each other.

It was truly beyond what Noel had seen before. Numerous lights flew into the air and gradually fell down, hitting the walls.




The lights struck the wall, but luckily, the translucent wall managed to stop their blasts completely.

These attacks came from Mid Level Demons and Advanced Level Demons who were supporting the Superior Demon from behind.

It seemed that they were using the Low Level Demons as normal soldiers whose purpose was simply to distract a huge number of human soldiers. Meanwhile, the Mid Level Demons were providing some firepower with their Spiritual Energy while the Advanced Level Demons acted as a commander who helped the demons when needed.

However, there were a few Peak Level Demons in sight. These demons were even more dangerous compared to other demons. They were simply observing the battle right now, but their intelligent eyes seemed to be searching for a way to break through the wall. It seemed they were the brains of this massive demon army.

Last but not least, the Superior Demon acted as their leader and led the charge with the rest of the demons.

If there had been no reinforced wall, this place would have collapsed long ago. Of course, Captain Lucian also played a huge role in this defense, considering he was the only person who could stop this demon.

“This is overwhelming,” Noel muttered with a serious expression.

“This is actually normal if you go deeper into the demon territory. And this place has a Superior Demon near it, so this kind of number is to be expected.” Rose explained, assuring Noel that they had seen something like this and survived. So, he just continued to do his job so that they could survive.

“In that case, let’s help the soldiers.” Noel nodded with a serious expression. “Still, how do we attack them when there is a barrier like this?”

“See the distance between this wall and the translucent barrier?” Rose asked.


“We’ll kill the demons between this gap and go down so that we can use our Spiritual Energy on the ground. I’m sure that your Spirit Ability can manifest through this barrier… We’ll use this barrier to block everything while we’re taking our time killing them.”

“Oh?” Noel nodded with a serious expression, understanding the plan. “In that case, let’s do it.”

“Yes. Follow us.” Rose nodded and waved her hand, signaling the rest of the teams.

Ben and Zion were the first to go, showing Noel an example of their operation.

Without hesitation, Ben and Zion jumped off the wall. Obviously, they were spotted by many soldiers since they had done a crazy thing.

“There are people jumping off.”

“Hey, what’s wrong with them?”

“We have to help them.”

The soldiers wanted to help, but they soon got startled after a loud explosion sound echoed in their ears. They instantly looked down, finding both Ben and Zion killing twenty Low Level Demons in an instant while making a perfect landing.

“This is…” The soldiers were stunned, not knowing what to say.

Rose came to them to assure the soldiers. “We’re from the Demon Banner Army. We’re here to help you to handle these demons. Just make sure you maintain the barrier.”

Before waiting for their reply, Rose had stood on top of the wall while saying to Noel, “I’ll remain on top of this wall to be your eyes. What will you do, Noel, Anna?”

Noel and Anna exchanged looks and smiled.

“Of course we go.”

Without hesitation, they kicked the demons that were about to reach the wall and used it as a cushion like how they did it the first time.


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