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System vs Rebirth – Chapter 302: Leader Bahasa Indonesia

Noel understood Eric’s worries.

“You will do just fine as their leader.” Noel assured him.

“But Erica is better in taking care of them.”

“Being a leader doesn’t mean taking care of everyone. Being a leader, you can make a decision when others are arguing about their choices. Being a leader, you can stand in front of them to let them know you are there. That’s why I can assure you their leader is you.”

“Big Brother…” Eric felt like he understood a bit of what he was saying.

“What do you think of them?”

“They are my family.”

“Then, you have to protect them.” Noel smiled and gave him a question. “What will you do if someone threatens them?”

“I will step forward and protect them.”

“That’s correct. Leave everything about the group to Erica. You just have to do what you can do for the group. When Erica has trouble, you have to step up and become her strength, assuring her that everything will be fine.

“Use your body to protect them and sacrifice your life to keep them alive. There are so many things you can do as a leader. That’s why this is my advice to you. No matter how hard it is for you or the group, never show it in your face.

“If you are troubled, the group will also become troubled.” Noel pointed at Eric’s heart. “Become a pillar for everyone; a pillar they can lean on, a pillar that can protect them, and a pillar that can support them.”

Eric looked down for a moment, not knowing if he could do it or not. But he remembered what Noel said earlier. Even if he had a hesitation in his heart, he couldn’t show it.

He wiped the tears on the corner of his eyes and took a deep breath as if steeling his resolve

“That’s right. It’s not that I can do it or not. I’m their leader, so I have to do it.” Eric clenched his fists and looked at Noel with a serious expression. “Big Brother. I’m going to do it. I’ll protect them!”

Noel patted his head and said, “That’s good. I’ll leave the group to you, Eric.”


After giving his last advice to Eric, Noel turned around and walked away while waving his hand.

Eric was sad because they had to be separated, but he slapped his cheeks until it was red before showing a calm and brave face. He swore in his heart that he would do it.

When he went back to the barrack, he saw Anna standing outside as if waiting for him. A bag was sitting on the ground next to her.

“Have you properly bid farewell to them?” Anna asked with a concerned face, thinking the emotion from when he left his family would resurface in his heart.

In fact, he might be the most saddened person among them. He just couldn’t bear to part with the kids.

However, as he said earlier, he shouldn’t show it to them because they would be saddened as well.

Noel sighed and asked, “Why do you have to look so mature right now? Can’t you just be your energetic self like usual?”

That concerned face alone was enough to comfort him, making him embarrassed because he was seen through by Anna.

Anna handed him the bag and said, “The reward for the liquid is inside this bag. Since it’s going to take a long time to absorb all this, the graduation will be held a week from now. I’m going to finish in five days, so if you have any trouble, you can come to me after that.”

“No, it’s fine.” Noel picked up the bag and asked, “What’s about the appointment?”

“We’ll be going to the squad right after the graduation. The letter of recommendation will be given in the graduation as well, so just bring everything you need and throw everything else outside your room since they’re going to clean up the place.

“After reaching there, we’ll be getting a new place. Then again, the Demon Relief Squad is always on the move, so we won’t have any luxurious place, I think.

“As for the rest, everything will be taken care of by the instructor. So, you don’t have to worry for the next one week. Just absorb the Demon Crystals to get as strong as possible.

“Although we have a recommendation from the commander itself, they won’t look at us that favorably.”

“I know. They’ll think we’re here because of our connection, so there might be a test or something. By the way, where is their current location?”

“According to the instructor, they’re currently at Shinonot Village, ten days from this place. There seems to be a Peak Level Demon attacking that village.”

Noel thought for a moment before warning her. “That’s right. I almost forgot that we’re going to the Zero Squad. The fact that this is a leading squad means they’re stronger. The mission they will receive is also at high level, meaning our opponents will be Advanced Level Demon or stronger.”

“Yeah. But we won’t have any trouble with that, right?”

Noel made a small smile. “I guess you can say that way. Just don’t underestimate our opponent.”

“Of course. Then, I’ll see you again soon.”

Noel nodded and picked up the bag. While walking inside the building, Noel said, “Anna, thank you.”

“!!!” Anna was startled and turned around, finding Noel had shut the door. This might be the second time he thanked her. Still, the first time he thanked her was due to her ability. Meanwhile, this one came because of her own self, not her ability, meaning the thanks came from his heart.

The corner of her lips kept raising as she had a hard time containing her smile.

In the end, she just let the smile out while looking at the building, thinking about Noel. “Although I’m sad that we can only be a teammate for another two or three months, I’m glad I came here.”


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