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System vs Rebirth – Chapter 272: Danger Bahasa Indonesia

“There is no problem, but that’s not normal. I mean, even a full-fledged knight will have some problems against an Advanced Level Demon.” Jasmine shook her head, feeling troubled.

She wanted to think Noel was boasting, but his expression said otherwise. That was why she couldn’t tell him off, especially with the fact that Noel was her former boss’ son.

“The Ardagan Family is truly extraordinary. To think that you have that ability at your age without being known… If someone knows a fifteen years old boy can kill an Advanced Level Demon, the capital will be shocked. Yet, there is completely nothing about you.” Jasmine sighed.

“Well, you should know about the rumor about me, right?”

“Yes. A lazy young master…”

“There’s nothing wrong with it. I was completely helpless a few months ago.”

“Are you serious? Do you seriously want me to believe it? Calculating the time, you should have just entered the Demon Banner Army for nine months. Yet, you claim you’ve gotten strong enough to kill an Advanced Level Demon?” Jasmine frowned, examining Noel’s expression.

“I won’t argue with you since it’s already late… Anyway, you can choose either to believe it or not. I won’t be pushing that kind of idea.” Noel shook his head. “I mean, the only reason why I’m talking to you right now is because I don’t want any casualties.”

“Ah…” Jasmine pinched the bridge of her nose, realizing she was too obsessed with his strength that she forgot the main objective. “Sorry, you were just too absurd that I forgot about it.”

“It’s fine. You seem to want to believe it as well.”

“You are Count Ardagan’s son. Knowing him, he might be able to do something like that. I mean, he is a great merchant and merchant fights with information. Spreading the rumor to make others look down on you is not difficult.”

“Certainly.” Noel nodded. “In fact, I’m curious about your view toward my family, especially my father. But I can wait until I’ve finished my job here.”

“Sure.” Jasmine nodded. Since she didn’t know that his execution was a fake, she thought Noel was just missing his father. That was why she pitied Noel to lose a good father like him.

“Anyway, you should sleep first. We can ask for reinforcement in the morning.”

“I understand.” Jasmine nodded in agreement.

But when she was about to go back to her room, a loud cry startled the village.

“!!!” Noel and Jasmine widened their eyes in shock, staring at each other.

Both of them realized what kind of monster letting out this cry.

“The hawk?!” They said the same thing as if confirming their guess.

Without hesitation, they rushed to the outside and saw the hawk flying on top of them.

“What?” Noel clenched his teeth while pulling out his sword. “Did I bring the hawk to this village?”

“No. The hawk’s speed is far greater than you and it can fly… If you bring the hawk here, we won’t even have any discussion. The twenty minutes gap is not enough to prove it.”

“…” Noel fell silent while glancing at her. “You go to the villagers and wake them up. I’ll stop the Hawk! For now, gather in one building so that I can protect everyone in the village. If the demons come, I want all of you to leave the village right away. I promise I’m going to protect all of you!”

“But you—” Jasmine wanted to refuse the request but it would just hinder him doing his job. Although a part of her didn’t believe Noel could defeat an Advanced Level Demon, she knew that obstructing his job also meant danger. Hence, she took up the quest. “I understand. Be careful.”

Noel nodded and created a rune on top of his head, shooting two chains to capture the hawk in the sky.

The hawk casually avoided it by its great maneuverability. After that, the hawk dove down to kill Noel.

This was what Noel wanted. The moment the hawk demon reached him, Noel struck his blade to its beak.

He thought about using his ice, but knowing that the danger was far greater than anything he had faced so far, Noel released all his ability.

The sword released a flame and caused an explosion.

Ignition Sword.


The explosion blasted the hawk to the air, creating a parabolic movement to the outside of the village. He didn’t want to endanger the village, including the building, so he had to keep the fight outside.

After that, Noel chased after the hawk before it could fly in the sky anymore. But when he arrived, he saw the hawk demon not injured by his Ignition Sword at all.

The Ignition Sword could even destroy a Mid Level Demon’s body, yet, it didn’t leave a single scratch on this Advanced Level Demon. It seemed that the Advanced Level Demon this time was tougher than he originally expected.

Before the battle fight, Noel activated Increase Agility Rune and Strength Blessing Rune before enveloping his body with Spirit Aura Breathing. This was going to be a hard fight, but he had to finish the hawk before any other demons came.

The hawk demon flapped its wings, flying again. But Noel leaped into the air and struck the hawk demon from above.

Seeing Noel’s blade and remembering the explosion that would come after this slash, the hawk demon tried to tilt its body to avoid the entire swing.

“Tsk.” Noel clicked his tongue because the hawk demon succeeded in avoiding him and was about to soar to the sky. He hurriedly kicked the air and outran the hawk demon, stopping him again.

‘I can’t use Hyper Jump too many times, so I have to make sure I can take down this hawk now.’ Noel summoned three giant swords above the hawk. But he positioned it so they made an incomplete box. With Noel becoming one of the box’s side, it would create a perfect encirclement.

The hawk demon saw this and stopped in its track.

Noel thought this was a successful strategy, but the hawk actually used its talons to kick Noel in the chest.

Noel didn’t avoid it. The damage was completely absorbed by the armor, but he still felt the pain.

“Kh. Get down!” Noel endured the pain while roaring, smashing the bird’s beak with his Ignition Sword.



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