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System vs Rebirth – Chapter 252: Fighting Bahasa Indonesia

A few hours later.

The middle-aged man came back to the torture room.

“Hmm?” The middle-aged man narrowed his eyes and said, “I’m smelling something fishy again. You must be planning to escape again. Then, I don’t need to hold back anymore.”

He smirked and opened Lokhar’s cell. “I forgot about you earlier, but you’re going to be the first one. Since you’re planning to escape again, then I’m going to cut one of your leg this time and feed it to the dog.”

Lokhar gritted his teeth and tried to stand up, planning to fight him.

However, Noel’s voice soon echoed in the basement.

“Haha, you smell something fishy? I guess you’re the dog itself who wants to eat his leg. It’s funny. If you’re a cannibal, then there’s no need to hide it. I’m not going to judge you, just going to kill you. Hahahaha.” Noel laughed out loud.

Lokhar could see the rage reflected on the middle-aged man’s face. This time, he was thoroughly angered.

Lokhar didn’t know why Noel actually tried to shield him.

The middle-aged man stopped and left Lokhar’s room, saying, “It seems that you’re going to be the first. I have decided. I’ll cut both of your legs today and feed them to demons.”

“Oh, now you consider yourself a demon. You’re truly funny. What are you going to call yourself next? A human? No, please, anything other than a human.” Noel chuckled.

The man’s body trembled because the anger had truly taken over his heart. Without hesitation, he walked to Noel’s cell and glared at him. “I’ll make you die a brutal death.”

“Oh, you’re a death reaper now? You think you’re as good as that. You can call yourself anything, but make sure you’ve the ability for it, so your words won’t be like your childhood dream.” Noel laughed.

The middle-aged man released his killing intent and his Spiritual Energy soared, shaking this place. Even Lokhar felt this for the first time. He never thought that Noel would anger him to this point.

In comparison, Anna was far better than him because she had been tackling all these harassments this whole time and only blurted out not long ago.

As soon as the middle-aged man entered the cell, Noel smiled and said, “What’s wrong? Come here? You want to kill me? Do you think you have the ability for it?”

“A mere ant…” The middle-aged man roared as he leaped forth to catch Noel who was in the opposite side of the cell.

Suddenly, Noel smiled and said, “Thanks.”

“!!!” The middle-aged man widened his eyes in surprise because he felt a fluctuation of Spiritual Energy aside from him. When he raised his head, he saw a snowflake symbol falling. If this continued, he would be hit by this symbol.

Without hesitation, the guy hurriedly spun his body and struck this symbol with his fist. By covering it with Spiritual Energy, his fist should be able to take it on.

But the moment he touched the snowflake, it exploded, releasing the massive cold to the area. The ice spread and enveloped the cell in an instant. It even began to move to other cells and the entire basement.

Meanwhile, the man had to retreat while finding his hand getting covered in ice. He tried to remove the ice but to no avail.

“How… How did you use your Spiritual Energy?” Not only the man, but even Lokhar and Kirika were stunned that Noel could use his Spiritual Energy. Although they never knew Noel had this much power, they knew that Noel had ice element from the duel a few months ago.

But when the man raised his head to glare at Noel, he found Noel had freed himself with the black sword in his hand.

Noel shouldn’t have any weapon with him, yet, a black sword suddenly appeared in his hand.

“You…” The middle-aged man completely didn’t expect this kind of power from Noel.

However, Noel didn’t give him any time to think. He immediately leaped and slashed diagonally, trying to cut him down.

“!!!” The middle-aged man raised the frozen hand, planning to use the ice to block this sword.

Noel smiled because the ice suddenly broke apart when the sword was about to hit him, allowing the sword to cut his hand.


To his surprise, he could hear the clicking sound between metal. It wasn’t supposed to happen since he hadn’t touched the brick wall.

Noel soon saw the man’s arm had turned black as if it was coated by metal.

“Ah, I see. As expected of the Demon Banner Army, they might be strong, but they’re not that good at fighting humans. You’re a fool.” The middle-aged man smirked.

Noel realized that the middle-aged man actually baited him to break his own ice so that he could free himself.

Noel’s fighting style was proved effective against Anna some time, but most of the time, Anna could see through his tricks. This guy was the same.

Noel took a deep breath because this was going to be a hard fight since the man in front of him might be stronger than an Advanced Level Demon he had fought so far.

Since this was a life and death battle, Noel didn’t hesitate to use a portion of his power. Increase Agility Rune and Strength Blessing Rune appeared behind him, strengthening his body.

He also used Muscle Strengthening and Spirit Aura Breathing.

Noel then leaped to the middle-aged man while swinging his sword.

The latter only smiled and blocked Ardagan with his metal arm and punched Noel’s stomach.

“Gah!” It felt like a hammer pounding on his stomach, giving a shake to his organs.

“Do you think you can defeat me? You’re just a mere ant.” The man laughed.

However, he didn’t realize that Noel was smiling this whole time. He was supposed to be hurting right now and couldn’t do anything, but he suddenly spun his body and swung his sword again. There was even Spiritual Energy covering his sword.

Mega Slash.

“!!!” The guy widened his eyes, feeling the danger from this attack. He instinctively leaped back as hard as he could until the bars stopped him.

It was then Noel used his Freezing Crystal and blasted it right in front of him, covering the middle-aged man with a thick layer of ice.

“I guess my acting is good.” Noel smirked. It was true that he felt some pain, but there was no damage to his body and the pain had been reduced by the armor underneath his body. This was the use of a thin armor that could block anything.


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