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System vs Rebirth – Chapter 240: Original Sword Style Bahasa Indonesia

During the night, Noel finally returned to his room and found Anna waiting for him on the bed as if a wife waiting for her husband. However, that was definitely not the case here.

Anna simply wanted to sleep in this place because she had no other room to use. Last night, Anna sneaked into his bed, so today, he felt a bit weird to think about sleeping on the same bed as her.

“Are you done? Let’s get some sleep since it’ll be much faster to pass the time.”

“…” Noel closed his eyes, trying hard to maintain his calm. If this was anyone else, they would jump to the bed right away since they were going to sleep with a beauty. In fact, they might even do something more than that.

But Noel was different. The hatred in his heart was forcefully removed by his father’s letter, making him feel a bit awkward. He had been clinging to that anger this whole time, yet, it ended up as a misunderstanding. Even he wanted to know the answer to that emptiness. That was why he felt weird out.

Noel sighed and turned around as if he didn’t plan to go back to this room.

“Wait, wait. Where are you going?”

“I’m going to train. I have too many things in my mind, so I have to sort it out.” Noel shook his head helplessly.

“Is it not because you’re going to sleep with a beauty like me?” Anna smirked, teasing Noel. After this, Noel would surely turn back and challenge her again.

To her surprise, it didn’t happen. Noel simply shrugged his shoulders while walking away. “You can think of it that way. I don’t care.”

“…” Anna was speechless. The change in Noel was simply too big. She could only blink her eyes a few times, staring at the door which had been closed.

“Well, I think I can understand a bit…” Anna muttered while scratching the back of her head. “Noel has been burying all that anger in his heart. I could see it in the Sword Saint Tomb. And that kind of hatred is forcibly removed in an instant. Obviously, his feeling is complicated right now.

“I don’t know whether this will be good to me or not. There are too many things to consider, but I guess this is the first step.” Anna sighed. She thought about it and decided to leave the room as well, wondering where Noel trained.

After a while, she found Noel standing next to the tree on the backyard.

Noel was closing his eyes for a moment before hitting the tree. Three leaves suddenly fell from the tree as Noel’s sharp eyes opened.

“This is…” Anna widened her eyes while looking at him through the window.

When Noel swung his sword, the first leaf was split into half cleanly. Meanwhile, the second leaf was cut a bit but the sword ended up bouncing off the leaf. The last leaf was blown away by the wind when the sword was about to strike it.

“Isn’t this Noel’s original sword style? Everchanging Emotion Sword Style.” Anna gasped. “The first swing contains his anger as he slices his enemy without mercy. The second swing contains joy, so the swing is made to protect. As for the last swing, it contains his calmness.

“Still, he must have just practiced it since it’s very incomplete. In fact, this is a kind to initial stage. Back when I fought against Noel, his swings were much sharper than this.

“The anger won’t only slice you up but also crush everything around it. If he swings his sword, the leaf that has been cut in half will disappear as if being burned by his anger.

“For the second swing, the leave will certainly not hurt that leave even if he swings with his full strength. That sword is sharp, but even with that sword and his full strength, if Noel applies this, the one who is going to be cut won’t even feel a single change as if the slash never happens.

“Lastly, the calmness will direct something like the flow of a river. In the past life, Noel used this swing to direct the enemy’s attack away like when blocking or repelling one’s Spiritual Ability.

“If I’m not wrong, Noel has ten big emotions. Fear, anger, shame, contempt, disgust, guilt, distress, interest, surprise, and joy. Each represent their own unique way of sword.

“Also, he has two different elements in his body. Fire and Ice… it’s the exact opposite, which is quite useful for his emotions. If he is using Joy and Fire, it’ll be like a hot, fiery love. He’ll be extremely passionate about something. If he is using Joy and Ice, it’ll be a tough love, transmitting the emotion to improve. This swordsmanship is truly amazing.”

“Still, to think he has reached this step so soon… Well, why do I have to be surprised with this? Noel has been able to keep up with my pace as a reincarnated person. His talent is extraordinary and seems to be stronger depending on the person he chases after. But now, Noel has lost his reason to kill me, right? Is this bad?” Anna fell silent. She wondered if her desire actually forced Noel to become weaker.

Anna ended up watching Noel’s practice the whole night from the second floor. Noel’s original sword style was too mesmerizing for her to see.

Each swing contained a meaning and his emotion. Before making each swing, Noel had always an imagination in his mind since he learned this ability from the Sword Saint.

The Imaginary Battlefield was indeed extremely helpful for his development.

When the dawn came, Noel took a deep breath to calm his heart while looking at the second floor as if he had noticed Anna from the beginning.

He sighed and walked back into the mansion to return everything to its previous state, including locking the doors and returning the key, so that no one would know this mansion had been infiltrated.


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