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System vs Rebirth – Chapter 169: Scam Bahasa Indonesia

Anna processed the formality to get the proof of completion. Since she made an excuse that she hadn’t slept for a whole day, she managed to get away from the Earl.

The Earl offered her a room in the mansion since she didn’t have to suffer in a bad bed any commoner had, but he backed down after knowing Anna living in the Saintess’ house.

In the end, Anna managed to finish the entire process within thirty minutes instead of hours.

‘As expected, talking to a noble is tiring.’ Anna let out a long sigh. ‘If I was my past self, I would talk to them rudely since I thought of them as someone beneath me. But now, I have to force a smile when I’m talking to them… it’s tiring.’

“She is…”

“She is Anna Stargaze!”

The citizens that had been trying to restore the life to this city recognized Anna walking down the street. She was on her way back to Layla’s house, but it seemed she wouldn’t have any peace here.

“Thank you!”


The people in the street cheered. Some even kneeled to give their thanks to Anna. As expected of the most talented person in the kingdom, her fame had spread around the kingdom, especially this area since the Earl’s son was her pursuer.

Everyone sang a praise to her because she had helped them from the disaster.

“Thank you, Miss Anna Stargaze.”

“As expected of the most talented person in the kingdom.”


The cheers kept erupting. Anna could see their joyous face as if they thanked her wholeheartedly.

It couldn’t help but put a smile on her face. This was what Noel had felt this whole time when he helped the people and received their gratitude.

‘It’s no wonder that Noel helped people in the past. To think I’ll be able to feel this happy… When we’re a noble, people will thank us because we’re doing our job. But right now, we’re a soldier from the Demon Banner Army, we have no obligation to help them. That’s why in their eyes, the fact that we’re helping them means we’re good people. Their gratitude is so genuine.’

Anna could understand the difference between a noble and a commoner. Noble had their obligation called Noblesse Oblige. But it was different if she came as something else.

‘It seems that joining the Demon Banner Army is the right thing to do and meeting Noel is probably the best choice I have ever made.’ Anna made a big smile while waving her hand to the people.

However, not everything was a praise. With her ability, she couldn’t help but listen to those whispers as well.

“Isn’t Noel Ardagan with her too?”

“That fallen noble?”

“He must haven’t done anything. What can he do in front of the most talented person in the kingdom?”

“That’s right.”

Anna’s heart was shaken when she heard those whispers. Those people didn’t know that Noel gave the plan to ensure the city’s supply, killed the Advanced Level Demon, and relieved the city. He did all those things.

In fact, compared to her or Layla’s contribution, he was a cut above the rest. That was why if they wanted to sing a praise, it would be for Noel.

Yet, Noel didn’t receive anything, but scorn from these people. And it got worse.

“That Noel should have died… To think he’s trying to ride on Miss Anna Stargaze’s strength for his own achievement.”

“No wonder he is now a fallen noble.”

“The royal family should have executed him, not exiled him.”

“Miss Anna was the one asking them to kill him too, right? Does that mean she know this fallen noble is disgusting? That’s why even if she can’t kill him, she can put him on the leash?”

“That might be true. As expected of Miss Anna, she has a great foresight and talent.”

Anna was speechless. Rage started to creep into her heart. At one point, she wanted to burst out and tell them off, but the people wouldn’t believe her.

‘Why? Has Noel been experiencing this in his whole life? How about his past life? Even with people despising him, he still helped these people? How strong do you have to be to do something like that?’

Anna questioned people’s heart. She never thought that even if you helped them, they would talk about you behind your back. It was disgusting and painful.

If she erupted here, Noel’s reputation would be smeared even further because they would think Noel had managed to influence Anna.

She clenched her fists to hold back her anger. Her smile became forced as she increased her pace, wanting to go back as soon as possible.

‘Does Noel know this outcome if he comes with me to Earl Hawkins? So, this is why he is hiding in his room? I…’ Anna never thought that the burden Noel carried was this big. She just wanted to come and talk to him. If possible, he wanted to comfort him because he deserved that much. ‘This is the reason why Noel gives all the credits to the Saintess. People won’t believe him and his power.

‘The people in the city are more knowledgeable than those in the villages. That’s why Noel can only do it in those villages because they simply don’t know about his identity.

‘Even if no one thanks him, I should go back and thank him right now.’ Anna was rushing back to the point she was ignoring the cheers from the people. Her heart wasn’t happy anymore.

“Noel!” Anna shouted as soon as she reached Layla’s house and immediately went to Noel’s room.

However, she saw the Holy Knight Captain in front of Noel’s room, handing two big bags.

“These are the Demon Crystals. There should be more than six hundred Demon Crystals with fifty of them being Mid Level Demon Crystals.”

“Are you sure you don’t want to take this? You need money for your operation, no?”

“The Saintess has told us personally to give everything to you. Without you, we would have died in this city and because you don’t want to take any credit, we can only give you these crystals as our thanks. Please don’t reject it.”

“I understand. Please convey my thanks to Saintess Layla.” Noel nodded.

“Yes.” The Holy Knight Captain smiled and noticed Anna on the side. He made a playful smile and immediately left them alone so that they could talk.

Noel glanced to Anna and smirked. “Oh, you have returned, Anna. It must feel great to be hailed as a hero, right? I am so envious… But since you have gotten the credit as well as the praise, I’m taking everything. Thanks!”

Noel didn’t hesitate to return to his room and slam the door shut, taking all the Demon Crystals by himself.

All the sadness in her heart was instantly dissipated.

‘Did he know that everything would turn this way so he gave the credits to others? Everything is so that he could rip all the material benefits? Wait, if he absorbs all those Demon Crystals… Won’t his Spiritual Energy be above me?’ Anna panicked because she came to a realization. ‘He… He scammed me?’


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