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System vs Rebirth – Chapter 153: Late Bahasa Indonesia

The demons had recognized her as someone that had to be removed. But they were waiting for the Advanced Level Demon to give the command to attack Anna.

At the same time, Anna had considered the spores in her mind that could take over her mind at any time. The moment she noticed that the demon tried to control her, she would destroy it with her lightning.

Hence, the first engagement would be important.

“…” Anna examined the demons and eventually her gaze rested on the mushroom demon that stood at their back. It was clear that the demons wanted to protect him.

Since the tension kept raising as none of them actually started making their move, Anna raised her hand and made the first move to suppress them. However, this move was simply gathering the Spiritual Energy while drawing a pattern on the air.

As if sensing the Spiritual Energy fluctuation, the demons let out a roar. Even the mushroom couldn’t stop it anymore as it waved its hand, ordering the demons to kill Anna.

“Tsk.” Anna clicked her tongue. Since she couldn’t use the Duplication Rune, she stepped back and summoned a lightning sword that she sent toward the demons.


The light sword exploded, injuring the two demons that got impacted by it and scattering the rest of the demons.

‘Sword D’Dantalian can’t even kill them?’ Anna squinted her eyes, realizing that the Mid Level Demon used their Spiritual Energy to block that attack at the last second. That was why no demon died.

This was also the reason why she didn’t want to fight so many demons at once. Unless her power was far superior to them, fighting against these many demons was a reckless idea. She would just be overwhelmed by an attack from all directions.

‘Still, I can’t really run away, can’t I?’ Anna clicked her tongue and pointed her sword, ready to fight them head-on.

To test their reaction, Anna leaped back to force them to chase after her for a short distance.

The demons followed her as if they were only fixated on her. Some smaller demons leaped from one spot to another to avoid the trees while those who were bigger rammed their bodies and destroyed the trees to open the space. This way, Anna couldn’t use any trick as well.

“…” Anna realized that it would be useless to fight them, so she just ran away to buy some time. She even ran to Noel’s position, hoping that they met on the way.

However, the mushroom demon was an Advanced Level Demon. If a Mid Level Demon could utilize their Spiritual Energy and could think a little bit instead of following their instinct like the Low Level Demon, an Advanced Level Demon could master their Spiritual Energy and had the intelligence similar to that of a human.

The Advanced Level Demon recognized Anna’s action and gave the signal through the fungi to let the demons know it was impossible to chase Anna since the latter could simply take them down one at a time.

Hence, the Advanced Level Demon tried to corner her by commanding the demons to loop around as if they were running to the city. The Advanced Level Demon just wanted to test her reaction to their original plan.

If Anna cared for the city, she would try to sacrifice herself to keep them here. And it seemed the demon won its gamble.

Knowing she couldn’t afford to have them go to the city, Anna stepped forward, challenging the Advanced Level Demon. If she fought this demon, the rest would turn around to help the demon.

However, three Mid Level Demon stood in her ways while the rest of the demons turned around and encircled her.

“…” Anna’s expression turned grim as she truly had no choice but to do this even though she hated to be in this situation.

“Kill… Kill… Kill…” Anna muttered this one word a few times as her expression became colder and colder. Instead of berserk, she felt like someone who had been keeping all the tension in her heart and was waiting for the time to explode. And that explosion would be big.

The demons didn’t care about Anna’s state as they continued to surround her. Some even had started to attack her.

Anna covered her sword with lightning and leaped to the three Mid Level Demons, planning to break through and go straight to the Advanced Level Demon.

The Mid Level Demons opened their mouth at the same time and shot out powerful beams from their mouth.

“!!!” Anna ducked down, avoiding these beams. ‘Is that the ability of a Mid Level Demon? But we’re talking about the controlled Mid Level Demon. Don’t tell me, because they’re controlled, they can utilize one hundred percent of their ability?’

Anna felt stumped as this battle would be harder than she originally thought.

After that, she continued her way toward these three demons, only to find some demons coming from behind those three Mid Level Demons, ambushing them.


Anna struck their claws or horns to stop them, but in the end, they managed to stop her.

Taking advantage of Anna’s situation, the rest of the demons gradually approached her. They rammed their heads into each other, hoping that Anna would die from either being crushed or stabbed by their horns.

Luckily, the latter managed to escape into the air while looking around to find her helper. But it was impossible for her to avoid the attacks mid-air.

The Mid Level Demons gathered their energy and let out breathes to take her down.

“Tsk.” Anna clicked her tongue and covered her body with Spirit Aura Breathing, planning to take these attacks with her body. However, a half sphere appeared underneath her and blocked all the attacks.




A few explosions occurred, but there wasn’t a single graze on the barrier.

Not long after, a huge sword appeared out of nowhere and impaled one demon when it fell down.

Noel jumped into the barrier that caught Anna and extended his hand. “Sorry, it seems that we’re a bit late.”

“You are 1 minute and 23 seconds late.”

“…” Noel was speechless. “That was awfully specific.”

“I made that up. Hehe.”


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