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System vs Rebirth – Chapter 131: Progress Bahasa Indonesia

After that day, Noel had never spoken a single word to Anna anymore. It was clear that there was a bridge between their relationship.

On the one hand, Anna had taken the first step to her change which was to apologize. On the other hand, Noel still couldn’t accept that apology.

She could understand Noel’s perspective since she might do something even worse if she was in his position. In fact, it was because Noel was kind that he became like this.

She never saw that kindness a weakness. After all, Noel helped so many people and gained many allies from all around the kingdoms in the past. That kindness became the bond between him and the people. That was why Noel’s kindness was actually his biggest strength.

The biggest challenge to that kindness was the hatred toward her family and the royal family.

In the past, Anna never apologized and kept being ignorant. That was why it was easy for Noel to decide an uprising to take his revenge.

In this life, Anna wanted to change for the better. She wasn’t a cruel person anymore that killed people just because she wanted to do it. Instead, she tried to help others as much as she could like how Noel treated others.

That was why it became much harder for Noel to kill her. And that was why Noel didn’t want to be indebted or reliant on her.

Although it looked like a foolish move, Noel stopped sparring with Anna because he had to sort his feeling out.

At the same time, if he continued like this for the next two months, he would lose a total of 180 spars, which could transfer to 0.5% of Spiritual Energy with his training. It didn’t look much right now, but Noel would surely feel the effect in the far future when he had more Spiritual Energy.

So, Noel ended up training by himself for five days by himself before he asked Anna to meet him in a quiet place.

Anna and Noel stared at each other for a while before Noel finally opened his mouth. “Sorry, but I don’t think I can accept your apology.”

Anna had expected this reply, but she still felt disappointed when hearing it from Noel. She closed her eyes for a moment and said, “I can understand that.”

Looking at Anna’s disappointed expression, Noel added, “I hope that you don’t mention it for now…”

“!!!” Anna’s expression brightened as she looked at Noel in surprise. Noel’s meaning was clear.

‘For now.’ Those two words meant a world to her because it was clear that the chance for Noel to finally forgive her was there. She just had to keep proving her determination until they reached that point. In the future, there might be a chance for them to finally make up and become a true ally. These two words gave so much hope in her heart.

She didn’t know why but she could picture herself standing side by side with Noel as they fought numerous enemies. Unlike the past life where they always clashed their blades against each other, they would protect each other’s back and rise to a greater height.

Noel took a deep breath and said, “And… I don’t think I want to meet you for the rest of the week. But I’ll make sure that I’ll be like my previous self after that… It might become awkward afterward, but I hope you don’t mind and start teaching me horse riding.”

After saying everything that needed to be said, Noel then walked away.

Anna watched Noel’s back with a smile on her face. Those two words simply gave her too much hope that she couldn’t contain her smile for a few minutes.

Just like Noel promised, he didn’t meet her for the next two days as if he tried his best to return to the previous him, treating her apology as if it never happened.

And when he returned, he still acted a bit awkward because of the bridge between them. Luckily, Anna didn’t mind that and tried her best in smoothing their conversation.

Anna even brought the horse with Shale’s permission to teach Noel. With training, they could smoothen the conversation since everything would be around the training, making them forget about what had happened.

Due to their bodies that had yet to fully develop, the two managed to fit together on a saddle, allowing Anna to hold Noel’s hands to teach him better.

Unknown to them, the people could only look at them from far away, not daring to go near them because they didn’t want to destroy the good atmosphere around them.

Other than Noel’s hatred, they looked like a couple or a rival whenever they trained together after all.

They didn’t realize it themselves, but the others had considered them as a thing already.

Nonetheless, the time continued to pass. Noel had learned how to ride a horse and they wouldn’t have any problem in having a long journey.

With the Moon Blessing in mind, they decided to get a mission near that area as well so that they could finish it when they traveled together.

They ended up taking a group mission together. To balance it, they wanted to take an individual mission, but Noel hesitated because he had to visit the neighboring kingdom to investigate his family.

After talking it through between them, they agreed to a few things that would smoothen their progress in completing the requirement for graduation while becoming as strong as possible when the fort was still providing them with free lessons from Shale.

Two months later.

The day for them to leave the fort for the group mission had finally arrived.

Noel was putting on his clothes while walking and looking at the status, seeing the progress he had for the past two months.

Name: Noel Ardagan

Job: Rune Swordsman

Weapon: Ardagan Sword

Main Medal: Demon Hunter Medal (Sensing all demons within 50 meters)

Honor Point: 38 Pts

Skill Point: 0 Pts

Status: Stamina +2.2%, Constitution +2.2%, Sword Mastery +2.2%, Spiritual Energy +2.0%, Rune Mastery +1.0%

Low Quality Crystal – 257/5000

Mid Quality Crystal – 33/3000

With his progress, he was ready to take on the challenge again.


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