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System vs Rebirth – Chapter 121: Mending Their Relationship Bahasa Indonesia

“Still, why do you want to emphasize that you want them to be good to others?” Noel asked.

After the mining was over, they immediately headed back to the village. On the way, Noel couldn’t help but recall the argument between Roel and Rick.

“That? I basically learned it from my late wife. She was good to others like paying their wages above other merchant groups, treating them like comrades, and so on… That action paid off. Her comrades are loyal and good to her. They don’t hesitate to lay down their lives for her, knowing that their families would be fine even if they die here.

“I don’t want someone to backstab them, so I ask them to be good to people. And she often did some community service by spending a portion of her income to feed people or do something good. Eventually, the people love her.

“She once escaped an assassination attempt because someone in the slum snitched on them because he thought she was too good to die.” Roel explained.

“Have you ever told your children about it?” Noel asked.

“I did, but I couldn’t explain the reason because…” Roel let out a long sigh.

“They ran away?”

“Yes, we always got into an argument because the merchant group couldn’t expand that way.” Roel nodded, feeling troubled as well. “That’s certainly the truth, since my wife is not that big of a merchant as well.”

“Hmm…” Noel fell silent. His family was also a merchant family, so he could understand why his wife did it. At the same time, the siblings’ perspective was also correct since they couldn’t grow their business without money if they spent a huge portion in it.

“What’s wrong?”

“Ah, no. My family was a merchant as well, so I could understand you. But I never took part on it, so I can’t really give you any advice.”

“Really?” Roel was surprised that Noel started to open to him as well.

“Well, Merchant is all about give and take, right? You have money, I have something to sell.”

“Give and take…” Roel looked down, falling into deep thought. It seemed he had realized something.

It was proven when Roel suddenly patted Noel’s back two minutes later. “Hahahaha! So, that’s how it is. It seems that I am too indebted to you now!”

“No, no. I just like what you taught me earlier, so why not?” Noel humbly refused.

But that humble personality made Roel like Noel even more.

In the end, Noel accepted to stay for the night because Roel insisted. They even had a dinner together, which was appreciated by Rick and Rica.

However, to give some time for Roel, Noel immediately escaped to his room, leaving the family alone.

The atmosphere became heavy as soon as Noel left since they all remembered the argument they had earlier.

Rick and Roel looked at each other as if they wanted to blow up again while Rica didn’t know how to stop them.

Unexpectedly, the first thing that came out of their mouth was, “Sorry.”

“Huh?” Even the two who said it were dumbfounded.

Rick immediately explained himself. “I’m sorry that I shouldn’t have talked to you that way. I know that you were concerned about us, so…”

“No, it was my fault. I should have talked to you better to avoid any misunderstanding.” Roel sighed. “Anyway, if you don’t mind, I want to say something about your merchant group. I hope that you can remain calm until I finish. If you want to rebuke my claims afterward, I’ll listen to you.”

Rick and Rica opened their mouths in shock. This was the first time their father actually approached them this way as if they were talking as equals, not a father and his children.

Even Rick couldn’t help but turn serious. “I understand. I won’t comment or argue with you before you finish.”

“Thanks.” Roel smiled and hurriedly explained. “You don’t need to spend much on your escort anymore.”

Rick obviously wanted to rebuke this statement because of how wrong it was. If they didn’t spend much on their protection, they would die in their journey.

He was clenching his fists and his breathing became rougher, but because he had promised him, he tried his hardest to remain calm.

And Roel’s next statement was really something that changed his perspective of his father.

“I’ll be helping you with your escort by providing them with good quality equipment. You can think of it as a loan. They’ll work for you for a period of time to pay for this equipment. You don’t need to repay me or anything… You can take it as me buying people to protect you. I’d promised your mother.”

Rick and Rica finally realized that their father always cared for them, but he never had a chance to explain himself because they always ended up in an argument from the first sentence.

After listening to it, Rick said, “Actually, it’s plausible but not very effective. You are a Master Blacksmith, so the equipment is extremely valuable. In our merchant group, there is a contribution system. You basically do tasks for our merchant group to get this contribution points and exchange it with something valuable later. This way, we can spend less money on it. At the same time, when they’re racking up points, we can gain their trust and loyalty slowly but surely.”

Roel got an idea after listening to him as well. “There are many excess weapons in this place. They are from Apprentice or Veteran Blacksmith, so how about making some sort of levels with my equipment being the highest?”

“Yes, that’s certainly going to work. By the time they receive this kind of weapon, they’ll be loyal to us. And if possible, I can send them to your place to get the weapon. If we’re the one bringing that weapon, many people will look at us and try to steal it.”

“That’ll be dangerous.” Roel nodded in agreement. “Then, you can give them a letter of recommendation. I’ll also make something to prove that you are my children so that they believe you.”

“Yes!” Rick was excited because for the first time in his life, he could finally see eye to eye with his father. But he soon rose from his seat and lowered his head. “Father… I’m sorry for always arguing with you. I should always keep my calm…”

“I was just too overbearing. It’s not your fault.” Roel smiled.

Those three continued their discussion for a whole night at that time. But it could be said that their relationship became as good as it could.


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