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System vs Rebirth – Chapter 119: Monstrous Talent Bahasa Indonesia

“Yes, Sir!” Noel felt excited. Not only did Roel agree to make an equipment for him, but he also planned to teach him, it was an opportunity that he couldn’t miss out.

“Alright.” Roel returned to pick up his pickaxe before handing it to Noel. “Here is the deal. You mine the ore when there’s no demon. If I spot any demon, you drop it down and handle the demon.”

“…” Noel was speechless for a second. In an instant, his opinion in Roel dropped, thinking that Roel planned to take advantage of him this whole time by making him doing everything. However, he soon understood why Roel wanted him to mine the ore.

“Don’t tell me, you want me to try controlling my Spiritual Energy so that I can mine the ore easier?” Noel asked.

“Of course. Is there any other reason?” Roel tilted his head in confusion.

After getting that answer, Noel felt embarrassed to even think that Roel wanted to take advantage of him.

“I understand.” Noel nodded with a serious expression. He held the pickaxe and sheathed his sword. “What should I do?”

“Try to hit the wall a few times so that you can understand the feel of the pickaxe first. After that, you can release your Spiritual Energy to cover that pickaxe. I’ll teach you how to control it as soon as you get used to it.”

“Alright.” Noel began as soon as he agreed to those steps.

As expected, wielding a pickaxe was far different than that of a sword. It had two weights in the front and back, causing the swing to be much faster and using more energy at the same time.

Due to the difference in length, he also had a hard time pinpointing his target.

Only after an hour that he finally got used to the pickaxe.

As soon as he received the confirmation that he could use Spiritual Energy, he immediately applied the Sword Aura to the pickaxe. As he expected, the first time he applied the Spirit Ability, he failed.

“Hmm?” Noel furrowed his eyebrows. He recounted the feeling earlier. Just like his sword, he could easily channel the handle. But due to the head coming in two directions, the Spiritual Energy was dispersed there because a sword didn’t have this kind of part.

“It’s pretty hard, isn’t it? But covering the pickaxe with your Spiritual Energy shouldn’t take that long, right?”

“Yes, I just haven’t gotten used to such a shape. I should be able to do it after a few tries.” Noel nodded in agreement as he immediately started working. But he could only cover the pickaxe thirty minutes later, making him slightly disappointed. “I’m sorry for taking that long.”

“It’s alright. Take your time.” Roel smiled. “This is the first way to increase in your control. It’s to apply the Spiritual Energy into random objects. A pickaxe, a bag, a shoe, anything! Cover them with your Spiritual Energy.

“With different shapes, you need a different approach. Once you have gotten a hang of different objects, you’ll gradually understand the flow of the Spiritual Energy.

“For example, you want to gather the Spiritual Energy to the tip of your sword… Then, how about changing the approach. Instead of a whole sword, I’ll take the shattered blade and give you the pointed tip. Isn’t it the same as you gathering your Spiritual Energy to the tip of the sword?

“Once you have gotten used to the shape, you can understand how to move the Spiritual Energy around in that shape, which gradually increases your control over the Spiritual Energy.”

Noel listened to his words and noticed something. “Does that mean I can do this?”

Noel suddenly held the pickaxe in its head instead of the handle. This way, he would need to conjure the Spiritual Energy in a bit different way than the previous one.

As expected, he failed at the first time.

“Ah!” Noel scratched the back of his head, finding the trouble.

Roel smiled and agreed to Noel’s statement. However, he was screaming inwardly, ‘Huh? Who the heck is this guy? How can he learn so fast? My father asked me to cover the hammer with my Spiritual Energy and it took me three days for me to master it. And this guy could do it in thirty minutes? He’s a monster. How high is his conversion rate? His talent is so high.’

Roel was also impressed by Noel who understood the principle and immediately applied it to his training.

He then gave another advice. “Then, let’s move on to the second tip. Place your right hand on your left arm.”

Noel dropped the pickaxe and placed the right hand on his left arm. “Like this?”

“Yes! After that, use your right hand to channel the Spiritual Energy and cover your arm with Spiritual Energy like how you did it with the pickaxe.”

Noel had gotten used to the pickaxe shape. Since his arm had a similar shape, he somehow covered his arm perfectly.

“Eh? This is…” Noel widened his eyes in shock. It was similar to the Spirit Aura Breathing that covered his body with a thin layer of Spiritual Energy, but because he was using Sword Aura, the energy was far denser. It should be able to withstand an even stronger impact.

“See that? I am working as a blacksmith and the application of Spiritual Energy is far different here even though we are using the same Spirit Technique as you guys. In my opinion, the Spirit Technique itself is versatile… you are the one limiting the Spirit Technique, not the other way around. Just because the description is like that and the people use it that way doesn’t mean that’s the only way to use the Spirit Technique,” Roel explained.

“I see… So that’s how it is…” Noel got an idea as he immediately picked up the pickaxe.

His right hand held the handle while his left hand was on the head. This time, he poured the Spiritual Energy to both parts at the same time as if he was wielding two swords.

As he expected, the pickaxe was now covered with Spiritual Energy completely. It was even faster than when he did it from the handle.

Even Roel widened his eyes in shock, staring at Noel dumbfoundedly. There was only a single word in his mind.



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