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System vs Rebirth – Chapter 110: Danger Bahasa Indonesia

Noel never thought that the farmer that approached him and showed his kindness would get into an accident today.

“Not good, old man.” Noel shouted as he watched the beaver demon biting the farmer’s shoulder.

The blood splattered and the scream resounded in the area.

“Aaaaaaahhhhh!” The farmer let out tears as his face turned pale in an instant. The pain was far more extraordinary than what he had endured so far as a farmer.

Noel couldn’t understand how did this happen. He could only look at the beaver demon trying to swallow the farmer.

“How did this happen…” Noel gritted his teeth.

A few moments ago.

The night passed safely. Although Noel found a fish demon once during the night, he eliminated it without much trouble.

However, the challenge came during the second day. Since there was already a large amount of water that had been flowing out of the dam, Noel cut a big part of the dam, causing the water to flow at a higher rate.

This caused the beaver demons to be extremely angry.

When the two guys were trying to gather the water from the dam while hiding behind it, the beaver suddenly came out of the water, but didn’t jump straight to Noel. Instead, it climbed on top of the dam to look the dam’s condition.

It was at this time the beaver demon found the two guys that hid underneath the dam.

*Shaaa!* The beaver demon let out a cry, angry at these two people.

“!!!” Noel was startled for a second and immediately jumped to the beaver demon. “What do you think you’re doing?”

He waved his sword to the beaver’s neck, but the latter avoided it easily by jumping to the ground.

Noel tried to chase it but he soon heard the water splashed behind him. When he turned around, he saw another beaver demon coming out of the water.

“Eh?” The farmer widened his eyes and felt this overwhelming presence behind him. He thought that the beaver demon that came out first was the only enemy, but it turned out there were more hiding underwater.

The beaver demon’s bloodshot eyes were staring straight at him, wanting to kill him. It opened its large jaws as if trying to swallow him alive.

“Dodge it!” Noel shouted in panic as he immediately returned to these two.

However, it was too late, the beaver demon had already bitten the farmer’s shoulder.

“Aaaaahhhh!” The farmer immediately dropped to the ground while the other guy was panicking, but not knowing what to do.

Sword Fall.

Noel launched the Spiritual Energy into the air so that the giant sword would appear on top of the beaver before him.

Feeling the extraordinary pressure from above, the beaver demon immediately opened its mouth again and leaped back, avoiding the sword.

Noel had finally arrived but couldn’t afford to look at the farmer’s injury because they were still in a predicament.

Noel immediately handed over the leftover bandage and said, “Take it.”

The two beavers were surrounding them from two sides. He had once protected people from a few Low Level Demons and he managed to do it completely. Still, two Mid Level Demons were far greater threat than seven Low Level Demons, so Noel didn’t know whether he could protect them or not.

“We’re going to breakthrough. I know that you’re in pain, but you need to get up right now!” Noel shouted before finding the left beaver demon running straight at him.

He waved his slash with enough Spiritual Energy in his sword to crush the demon’s skull.

Mega Slash.

The beaver felt the danger of this attack and stopped abruptly, barely avoiding the slash. After that, it waved its claws, trying to push away the sword while its teeth went straight to Noel’s head.

If this was the usual Noel, he would use his Sword Aura as well as Four Points Circulation to overpower this demon, but he needed to protect these two.

As expected, the other beaver demon took this opportunity to go to the people Noel protected as if it knew they were Noel’s burden.

Noel clicked his tongue and jumped back even with the beaver chasing after him.

Suddenly, Noel waved his sword downwards to smash the beaver’s head but seeing Noel didn’t use his Mega Slash to attack him, the beaver used its sharp claws to stop the sword.

Little did he know, Noel’s foot was already right at its stomach.

Four Points Circulation.

A shock wave erupted from his foot as he blew away such a huge beaver with a single kick. Although it wouldn’t cause enough damage to the beaver, it was still enough to buy some time for him to reach the other beaver.

Sword Fall.

Noel released another huge sword not in front of the beaver, but in front of the two men. The huge sword body were enough to act as a shield from the beaver.

And the time that the beaver took to loop around the sword was enough for Noel to catch up with the help of his Increase Agility Rune.

Mega Slash.

The beaver didn’t expect Noel to return so fast, considering its friend had been occupying him. He barely reacted to that slash and stopped it with the claws, but the power in Mega Slash was beyond its expectation.

Some claws were cut while some bent in a weird way. The pain in its hands were extraordinary as the beaver let out a screech.

“Shut up!” Noel shouted and swiftly struck the beaver.

Swift Strike.

Ignition Sword.

Noel used two Spirit Abilities in rapid succession to slash the beaver demon. Today might be his lucky day because his Ignition Sword managed to strike at the beaver’s head, blowing up half of the head. With such a wound, the beaver died in an instant.

Noel wanted to focus on the other beaver, but he was afraid that another beaver would come out right now, so he turned to the two guys and shouted, “Hurry up and leave!”


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