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System vs Rebirth – Chapter 11: Change Bahasa Indonesia

Noel gradually opened his eyes after meeting with his spirits, finding the shocked Shale.

“Sir Shale?” Noel was confused by Shale’s reaction, not knowing the reason of his shock. After all, he never read anything regarding spirit since he had no desire back then.

Hence, he observed Shale’s expression, wondering what his thought was.

When he heard Noel’s voice, Shale’s body trembled.

“A-ah! Right! Have you met your spirits?” Shale asked.

Since two spirits were something unprecedented, he thought he should hide this fact. At the same time, he realized that the only person that had two spirits in their body was his ancestor, the last wielder of Ardagan. This time, Ardagan helped him, allowing him to have two spirits inside his body.

So, he said, “Yes. I met her.”

Shale was speechless. At the same time, he didn’t know what happened earlier. At first, there was a dim blue light emanating from his body. But it clashed with the red light as if they were fighting each other.

But because Noel said ‘her,’ there must be something special to his spirit. And it was already beyond his responsibility. He didn’t want to get entangled too deeply with Noel and his secret.

“I see. In that case, there’s nothing I can teach you anymore. If you want to wield your power, you can simply talk to your spirit. Just do a simple meditation like earlier and you should be able to connect with your spirit.”

“I understand.” Noel nodded.

“That’s good. How do you feel right now?”

“I feel…” Noel fell silent and looked down, realizing the exhaustion and discomfort in his body had gone. It seemed that the connection with his spirits had rejuvenated his exhausted body since healing couldn’t recover his stamina. “I feel refreshed.”

“Mhm. Connecting to your spirit allows you to recover faster.”

“By the way, where do spirits come from? Are they truly the personification of our desire?” Noel asked. He was confused about this earlier. Ardagan himself was a sword that suddenly turned into his spirit after the contract. As for Heisk, she revealed herself as a spirit from Northern Plain.

“According to the research, each spirit will give you a different answer. Despite trying to find their exact origin, no one has managed to discover it. So, I can’t really give you any answer, since I’m someone who just takes the spirit for granted.”

“I see.” Noel thought for a moment before nodding. “I understand. Thank you very much, Sir Shale.”

“There’s nothing I can teach you about spirits, but you should continue training tomorrow. Your physical ability should be reinforced a bit by the connection, so keep training. You’re going to face the first test in a week.”


“Go back now and have some rest.”

“Yes.” Noel then rose from the ground and thanked him once again before leaving the training ground.

While looking at Noel’s back, Shale was thinking whether he should tell the commander or not. However, he ended up shivering as he thought, ‘No, no, no. I shouldn’t tell him about this. If the commander knows me knowing that kind of extraordinary talent, I’m afraid he’s going to kill me to avoid spreading the information. It’s better to bring this secret to my grave.’

He could only sigh and turn around, noticing that there were two extraordinary geniuses in their kingdom: Anna Stargaze and Noel Ardagan. But the Stargaze Family colluded with the Royal Family to crush Count Ardagan.

‘There might be a civil war sooner or later. I think fighting against demons are better than getting involved in that civil war.’ Shale sighed, returning to his own living quarter.

Meanwhile, Noel returned directly to his room to check anything different from his system since he had met with Ardagan.

The red sword that he stored under the bed was gone too since Ardagan said he resided inside his body now that they had a contract.

He raised his head and imagined Ardagan appearing in his hand.

The same red sword then came out of nowhere, gently resting on Noel’s hand. But the color of the blade remained the same red as if it was before the sword fused with his original spirit.

“Hmm… I guess I need to continue meditating to find out what’s happening.” Noel nodded with a serious expression. After that, he started checking all the system panels but found no change except for the Status Panel.

Name: Noel Ardagan

Job: Spirit Knight

Weapon: Ardagan Sword

Main Medal: –

“A job?”

“What’s the use of this job?” Ardagan tilted his head in confusion. He tried to check it out but to no avail. No matter how he touched the title, it wouldn’t give any explanation.

So, he leaned on the wall and started thinking. “Spirit Knight… I think the people who can use both Magic and Sword to fight. Oh wait, now that I understand more about Spirit… I think the Magic they’re talking about is the Spirit lending their power.

“By using the Spiritual Energy, one can manipulate that kind of stuff… Fire, water, lightning, oh wait. To put it simply, elements!

“In other words, Magician is also someone who has awakened their spirit to wield the elements. So, that’s how it is… I don’t know the power Heisk and Ardagan have, since I can’t stay too long with them, but I think I should meditate every day to connect with them and learn their power. I still have a few days to prepare…”

After finding out his desire, Noel became even more fired up when training. Just like his past self, he was still whining when the training was too hard, but still completed the training like anyone else.

He had accepted both his current self and past self and combined them together.

He continued his training from swinging his sword and shaping his body. Although they couldn’t do much in a week, Noel still felt the difference in his body. The muscle didn’t form that easily, but he looked more fit and brimming with energy.

Finally, after a repetitive training for a week, the day of the test had arrived.


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