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Super Necromancer System – Chapter 212: Shaping Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 212 Shaping”That’s right. If what she’s limited to is shaping her mana, well, then, Shaping would obviously be the perfect match for her,” said Aldrich.

”Indeed.” Medula nodded. “It was a wise decision to unlock Volantis’s suppressed self. Though you could not have foreseen this, I assume.”

”Nope, but sometimes, things just fall into place, and I take what I can get,” said Aldrich. “I assume this means you won’t have as many lessons with the Chrysalis?”

”I can still guide her towards controlling her mana efficiently, but beyond those bare means, I have little more to teach.” Medula manifested a notepad and a black feathered quill. While she scribbled notes down, she continued, “I will have to tell the Death Lord of this new development such that she can adjust her own training plans.”

”She wanted to train the Chrysalis too?”

”Hm?” Medula briefly glanced at Aldrich. “Of course. I suppose she was too caught up in nonsensical talk to tell you this.”

Aldrich sighed, remembering the Death Lord had barged in and talked about nothing except what he and Valera had or had not done. It was amusing, he had to admit to some degree. In small part, it reminded him of how Adam would have acted.

Headstrong and impulsive. The opposite of Aldrich. But, perhaps, there was some truth in the saying that ‘opposites attract’.

”Nostalgic memories, I presume?” noted Medula.

”I’m surprised you could read my expression,” said Aldrich. “I’ve trained them to never give away anything.”

”I noted that as well. But when you remember a fond memory in the past, your training cracks just the slightest bit. The brutes around me in this tower could never pick it up, but it does not escape me,” said Medula.

”Then I’ll have to fix it.”

Medula looked up from her notepad. “If that is what you desire, but do take take: closing your heart to everything is the easiest way to fall into Immortalic Mania.”

”Immortalic Mania?”

”The longer lived a sentient being is, the easier they find it to descend into madness.

Whether it is through a loss of goals, a loss of loved ones, or simply forgetting all that was precious. And there is no easier method to forget what is precious than closing it off,” said Medula. She shrugged. “But do not mind me. I am beginning to sound like one of the Death Lord’s lectures.”

”So underneath that cold exterior of yours, you can care,” said Aldrich.

”Hmph. Do not mistake my clinical advice for care.” Medula finished writing her note down and tore the white page off from her book. She flicked the paper in the air, and it disappeared in a flash of white light, teleported away to the Death Lord, presumably.

”As for what the Death Lord wanted to tell you, it is this: she voiced concern that since your Boundary is split, if, say the Chrysalis lacked the power or will to operate her half properly, then it would hinder you.”

”Right,” said Aldrich. It was basically akin to being in a car with a mounted turret. Both the driver and the gunner were crucially important.

If the driver was awful, then the car would crash or the gunner would not get good line of sight. If the gunner was bad, then no matter how well the driver maneuvered, it would be hard to take down enemies.

”But technically, since you hold a Master-Familiar link over the Chrysalis, it should be possible to completely shut down her free will and take over her half of the Boundary.

Provided you understand how her half of the Boundary works, of course.”

”I see.” Aldrich did not like the idea of stripping the Chrysalis of her free will, but then again, he would only do it when he needed to.

”However, it is still entirely possible for her to operate the Boundary herself,” said Medula. “That note I sent indicated that she possesses tremendous amounts of magical potential. Her mana pool alone will grow to such a degree I foresee no issue in maintaining a Boundary.

The only question is her will. She, it seems, holds the innocence of a child.

Can she wield that power in the midst of combat? Can she face life and death dangers?”

At that moment, the Chrysalis popped into the room. She held a large book over her head. Its cover was decorated with skulls and bones that glowed green with death energy. “Look, father, it’s you!”

”We’ll see,” Aldrich said to Medula before walking up to the Chrysalis. He took the book from her and inspected it. A skull with gleaming eye sockets stared back at him from the cover. “Yeah, it does look like me.”

”Can I keep it?” said the Chrysalis.

”Sadly, that isn’t my decision to make,” said Aldrich. He tossed it over to Medula, and she caught it with trained reactions.

”The Death Lord intends to have quite a few of these tomes – my beloved collection I have amassed over centuries – given to you for rewards,” said Medula. “This one, too, the [Teachings of Kain], will be yours in time. But until then, they will keep me rightful company.”

”Of course, that is your right,” said Aldrich.

”So long as you understand.” Medula gestured to the Chrysalis. “Come, child, we have some more training to complete. You, Usurper, should make your way down to your throne room, as I presume you believe my teaching satisfactory enough not to intrude upon it any further.

Ah, and bring Volantis up here. I must see if he is a capable teacher.”

Aldrich nodded.

”Father, I feel stronger. I know how to use my magic better and better,” said the Chrysalis as she tugged at Aldrich’s pant leg. “Soon, I’ll be just like you.”

”Just like me, huh?” said Aldrich, and as he looked down at her beaming, innocent smile, he wondered if that was a good thing. “Make sure to listen to your teacher, then, okay?”

”Okay.” The Chrysalis nodded enthusiastically as she hopped on over to Medula.

Aldrich patted the Chrysalis’s head and then left the spell testing room wearing a faint smile that faded into a grim frown.


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