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“So, do you guys want to come with me and challenge a C-Rank Dungeon?” Lux asked the Dwarves who were currently having afternoon tea together.

“Eh?” Colette blinked once then twice before tilting her head to the side. “A C-Rank Dungeon?”

Lux nodded. “Yes. It is a dungeon that belongs to the Stronghold of Norria. Only their elite warriors can challenge it. Lucky for us, I got permission to challenge it. So, do you guys want to come along or not?”

Helen, who was currently holding Eiko in her hand, looked at Lux with eyes that were as wide as saucers.

“Big Brother, arent C-Ranked Dungeons too advanced for our current ranks?” Helen asked. “We haven’t even entered the Apostle Rank yet. If I remember correctly, Monsters inside a C-Rank dungeon are all Rank 2 up to Rank 3 Monsters. Their bosses are also Rank 3 Alpha Monsters. I don’t think that we can handle it.”

“No. You’re wrong Helen,” Matty commented. “That is only applicable for the Normal Mode of a C-Rank Dungeon. In Nightmare Mode, all of the monsters are Rank 3, and the Boss is a Rank 4 Alpha Beast.”

The Dwarf boy stared at Lux with a serious expression on his face. “If he is with us, clearing the Normal Mode is possible. But, Nightmare Mode is just plain suicide.”

Although Rank 3 Monsters were strong, they were weaker than the Carbuncle that they had fought in the Aspiration Plains. Matty believed that they still had a chance to beat them if they entered the Normal Mode. The only problem would be the Boss Monster. It was a Rank 3 Alpha Beast, which was even stronger than the Red-Eyed Terror Mantis that they had no hope of beating with their current strength.

“B-Big Brother, are you going to challenge the Nightmare Mode?” Colette asked in a worried tone.

“Of course not,” Lux shook his head. “I’m not stupid.”

Lux knew that challenging the Nightmare Mode of Orc Dominion was indeed suicide. However, that didn’t mean that he wouldn’t challenge it in the future. The Elysium Compendium had told him about the quest that could be acquired inside the Orc Dominion even if it was in Normal Mode.

The rewards were also amazing, but this was a once in forever deal. If someone had finished the quest already then the reward would be gone forever. Lux wanted to know if someone had already cleared this hidden mission. If not, he would be more than happy to share the rewards with his friends.

“Don’t worry,” Lux assured them. “We can always use teleport crystals to leave the Dungeon if it’s too much for us.”

Matty crossed his arms over his chest. “How about the split of the Beast Cores and Monster Drops?”

Unlike the Monsters in the outside world, when the Monsters inside of a dungeon died, their bodies would disappear and they would drop items like Beast Cores, Weapons, and other monster parts exclusive to them.

“Matty!” Colette glared at the Dwarf boy, but Matty didn’t budge.

Although he liked Colette a lot, he would not allow others to take advantage of her kindness.

“We will split the rewards evenly among all of us,” Lux answered with a smile. He had no intention of taking all the Monster loot for himself. The only thing he was really after was the generous rewards attached to the hidden mission for those who were the first to clear it.


Hidden Mission: I Wish For Dominion

– The First Orc Chief, who founded this empire hundreds of years ago, left his relics scattered across his territory. Those who are lucky enough to stumble upon them will gain the treasures that he left behind for the future generations.

< Rewards >

– Potion of Vitality

This potion adds +50 permanent Vitality Points to the one who consumes it. You can only consume one Potion of Vitality in your lifetime.

– Rank 3 Skill Book of your choice.

You will be able to choose any Skill that is Rank 3 and below from the treasury of the Orc Empire.

< Bonus Rewards >

– ???


These were the rewards that were available for the Hidden Quest inside the Orc Dominion Dungeon.

When Lux found out about it, he was already dead-set on checking to see if the quest was still available. Although the Potion of Vitality didn’t seem much, it was quite precious for those who were just starting their journey in Elysium.

However, the real prize that Lux coveted was the Rank 3 Skill Book of his choice. With his special ability, Skill Evolution [EX], an ordinary skill would be upgraded one stage higher, making it more powerful.

These rewards would be available to all, meaning Colette and the others would also get a Potion of Vitality, as well as the Rank 3 Skill of their choice. As for the Bonus Rewards? Lux was also very curious on what kind of rewards he would be able to get from a C-Rank Dungeon’s Hidden Quest.

“I’ll go with you, Big Brother!” Colette raised her hand readily.

“Me, too!” Helen also raised her hand with a smile on her face. She still hadn’t returned Lux’s favor of saving her friends, so she was more than willing to accompany him on his Dungeon expedition.

“Ei!” Eiko also jumped up and down from Helen’s palm. It was her way of telling Lux that she wanted to go as well.

Andy and Axel also nodded their heads. As for Matty? Lux didn’t even need to ask if the henpecked boy was going or not. As long as Colette wanted to go, the Simp Dwarf was going to follow.

“Alright, let’s go,” Lux said with a smile.

After everyone prepared their gear, they went to find Nevreal, who took them to a hidden door inside the barracks that led them underground.

After a few minutes of walking, they arrived at a Silver Gate that was guarded by a dozen Riders of Norria.

If one looked closely, the face of an Orc could be seen etched on the surface of the gate. It was a ferocious looking image that seemed to intimidate those who wished to enter its domain.

Helen, who was the most timid in the group, flinched when she saw the image on the gate. Seeing this, Colette immediately held her hand, and gave it a light squeeze of comfort. Lux smiled when he noticed this scene and affirmed that Colette really had what it takes to be a leader.

Her great observation skills allowed her to notice minute changes in her friend’s body language and use the most appropriate method to deal with it.

Lux then shifted his attention to Nevreal and the Dwarf who seemed to be the Captain that guarded this Dungeon. He knew that Nevreal had to pull some strings in order for them to be allowed to challenge the Dungeon that was exclusively used by the Riders of Norria.

“Lord Nevreal, are they the ones who plan to challenge the Orc Dominion?” the Captain of the Dwarves that were assigned to guard the Dungeon’s entrance asked.

“Yes,” Nevreal nodded.

The Dwarf Captain looked at the Half-Elf as well as the little Dwarves with a complicated expression on his face.

“But they’re not even of the Apostle Rank,” the Dwarf Captain commented. “Also, there are only six people. This dungeon is meant for twelve people. I don’t think that they are fit to challenge this Dungeon.”

Nevreal frowned. He also understood this matter, and also thought that Lux was eating more than he could chew. However, before he could even reply, Lux stepped forward and smiled at the guard.

“Captain, we are just here to experience what it is like to fight against stronger opponents,” Lux explained. “We wanted to know what we could do once we met Monsters of similar rank in the wild. As you know, there are times when we encounter Monsters that are leagues above our rank.

“I want my friends and me to experience what it is like to face such monsters, so in the future, we will not freeze up and become paralyzed with fear. Although this may sound silly right now, I believe that the ability to adapt to such situations will save our lives in the future.”

The guards who were guarding the entrance couldn’t stop themselves from nodding their heads in agreement. As soldiers of the Kingdom, they were duty bound to ensure that the Territory of Norria was safe from all threats.

There were occasions like Monster Outbreaks, in which Mutated Monsters would suddenly appear out of nowhere, posing great danger to everyone. The ability to quickly make decisions in the face of life and death situations would indeed increase their chances of survival.

“Very well,” the Dwarf Captain reluctantly nodded his head to acknowledge Lux’s explanation. “Each of you will take one teleport crystal that is exclusive to this Dungeon.

“If you really can’t hang on, just use it. Being stubborn will only lead to death, which will automatically eject you out of the dungeon. The penalty is harsh, but compared to dying in real life, it is a small price to pay.”

Lux happily took the teleport crystal that was handed to him by one of the guards. He understood that this was just a safety precaution, and he would really not want to lose his current stats just because of stubbornness.

After Colette and the others were given their own teleport crystals, the Dwarf Captain stepped aside and made a gesture for Lux to step forward.

The Half-Elf nodded his head and pressed his palm over the gate of the dungeon. A row of text appeared in front of him.


< Choose Your Difficulty Setting >

– Normal

– Nightmare


Just as Lux was about to click the Normal Mode with his finger tip, Eiko jumped from Lux’s head and landed on the back of Lux’s hand, making him press the Nightmare Mode by mistake.

Immediately, his group disappeared from the entrance of the dungeon.

A few seconds later, Nevreal, the Dwarf Captain as well as the other Dwarf Guards gasped in shock because the eyes of the Orc that was etched on the gate’s surface blazed a fiery red.

This only meant one thing, and one thing only.

“That brat…” the Dwarf Captain scratched his head in frustration because he didn’t know if he should smack Lux or not due to his stupidity.

“Fortunately they have their teleport crystals in hand,” Nevreal patted the Dwarf Captain’s shoulder to calm him down. “Let’s just wait for a bit. I’m sure that they will come out sooner or later.”

The Dwarf Captain sighed and nodded his head. Since it was already done, the only thing they could do was to wait for Lux’s group to return after experiencing the Nightmare Mode of Orc Dominion.


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