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Strongest Necromancer Of Heaven’s Gate – Chapter 394.2: Battle At The Port City [Part 2] Bahasa Indonesia

“A Slime?” the Dwarf gazed at the slime on his hand with great interest. Although the compartment area was rather dark, he didn’t have any problem seeing because, thanks to his ability, the compartment looked as bright as it would have in daylight. “Just where did those fools pick up this thing?”

Slimes were common monsters and could be found almost anywhere. There had been more than one occasion when Slimes ended up inside a cargo ship, especially water Slimes, since they could swim in the water.

“Well, I wonder what I should do with you?” the Dwarf asked in a teasing tone as he held the Slime firmly in his grip, preventing it from escaping his grasp. He had coated his hand with an aura that prevented the Slime from slipping out of his hand, despite how much it struggled.

While the Dwarf was deep in thought, a sudden explosion was heard on the deck of the ship, which made his eyes widen in shock.

“How?” the Dwarf muttered as more explosions sounded around the ship. “We should have been safely out to sea before they found out about our whereabouts.”

The Dwarf with the reddish-brown hair was the leader of the Elite Group that had been assigned to kidnap Princess Anastasia, while she was in the Wolfpine Barony. The spy that they had carefully planted within the Princess’ entourage two years ago had tipped them off that the Princess was going to the Wolfpine Barony to look into why the drought was still persisting.

Because of this, the Guild Leader of Twilight Rain didn’t miss this chance and ordered the Dwarf, who went by the name, Harrus, to oversee the operation.

Harrus couldn’t believe that his carefully thought out plan would be discovered so easily.

‘Does the Princess have other things in her possession that would allow others to find her location?’ Harrus frowned. However, he shook his head and immediately dismissed the idea. He had the ability to immediately detect, and appraise, if someone had any magical artifacts in their possession.

Aside from the Princess’ necklace that he had away with a bird, she didn’t have any other tools that could help their pursuers to track their location. Just to be safe, he even took off her earrings, rings, storage ring, storage bags, and any other items that were on her person.

He even asked Scarlet to strip her of her clothes, and help the Princess put on a new set of clothes, which had an enchantment that prevented her presence from being detected by special artifacts that used blood to track anyone with that bloodline.

They had prepared thoroughly to ensure that everything would go smoothly, so he didn’t believe that the King of Edelweiss had discovered their location so easily.

‘Could it be the boar and those two boys I picked up on a whim?’ Harrus thought. Once again, he denied this idea.

Just like the Princess, he had already confiscated everything they had, including their clothes. The two boys were currently wearing robes that slaves wore as they lay in the wooden crates fast asleep.

As for the Boar, it was an animal so it didn’t have any artifacts or storage devices in its possession.

But, this was far from the truth. Cai had a minor ability when it came to manipulating space, so it could store anything, and pull it out of thin air whenever it needed something.

Originally, Lux, and Keane thought that Cai had some sort of storage ring, but after paying close attention to how it took stuff out of the blue, they noticed that the Boar had the ability to manipulate space, which made them look at her in a new light.

More explosions sounded on the deck of the ship, which made Harrus click his tongue in irritation.

He then squashed the Slime in his hands, killing it instantly before going up to the deck to see what the hell was going on.

A few minutes later, more movement was heard in one of the corners of the storage compartment. A little Slime poked its head from a sack of corn and glanced in the direction where Harrus had left.

After dying once, Eiko had become more cautious, especially when Lux wasn’t with her. She had summoned her two Doppelgangers and hid them within the ship, using them as scouts to check if the coast was clear.

Seeing that the coast was clear, the Doppelganger jumped off of the sack, and hurriedly crawled towards the wooden crates where the others were sleeping.

Then it did something unexpected. It opened its mouth, and sucked up all three crates, including the people inside them.

Eiko had gained this ability long ago, but it was strengthened to the next level after her revival. She was able to store living things inside their body, as long as they didn’t resist her.

Since the three were asleep, the Doppelganger had no problem taking them inside its body before passing them to the real Eiko, who was hiding in yet another sack inside the storage compartment.

‘Pa!’ Eiko immediately informed the Half-Elf that she had retrieved Cai, Keane, and Clyde.

‘Good job, Eiko!’ Lux praised the baby Slime for a job well done. ‘Now we only need to find the princess.’

The baby Slime nodded in understanding, so she immediately summoned her personal Slime army to help her look for the princess’ whereabouts, alongside her remaining Doppelganger.

Blackie (Devil Slime), Whitey (Angel Slime), Rocky (Earth Slime), Maya (Water Slime), Saber (Saber Slime), and Cloud (Aero Slime).

They were Eiko’s personal Slime regiment that served as her personal bodyguards. She tasked some of them to head straight to the location of the Princess, while the two slimes, Rocky and Saber, were tasked to remain in the Hold Compartment, and start creating places of weakness in the hull that would allow the water to enter the ship when it started to sail.

They didn’t want to sink the ship right away, but only made preparations to make it happen.

Lux’s plan was to let the ship wander out into the water first, before water started flowing inside it, slowing its progress, until its interior was finally flooded.

The Half-Elf knew where the Princess was, but to get there was not an easy task. They would have to pass through the security that was protecting her, which consisted of Scarlet, and two more Rankers that were in the same room with her.

She was their VIP guest, so Rankers were always assigned to keep watch over her, just in case something unexpected happened.

The Slimes under Eiko’s command weren’t ordered to engage the Rankers. Their goal was to hide near the room where the Princess was staying and wait for an opportunity to rescue her.


On the deck of the Ship….

“What are you doing?!” Harrus asked his comrade as soon as he arrived on the deck of the ship. “Shoot that bastard down, Garnus!”

“Shut it!” the Dwarf named Garnus snapped back at Harrus as he hurled several Fireballs towards the Wind Blades that were flying in their direction.

He had already tried to shoot down the black-robed Ranker in the distance, but the latter was moving too quickly, making it very hard for his fire-based attacks to hit.

Also, their opponent was a Wind Elementalist, making it very easy to evade Garnus’ attacks, while counter attacking with a Wind Blade.

Suddenly, one of the other Rankers that belonged to Twilight Rain roared and materialized a boulder in thin air, before throwing it at the projectile that was headed towards the right side of their ship.

The boulder and the Bone Cannonball collided, creating a loud explosion that spread across the entire port.

Originally, when Millie had started to rain down Wind Blades at the Twilight Ship, the people at the port didn’t notice it right away. However, when Garnus, the Fire Mage Ranker that belonged to Twilight Rain, blocked her attacks, the explosion that followed had alarmed the people of the battle that was happening within the city’s Port.

“As expected of a Ranker,” Asmodeus said before raising his hand. “Prepare to fire!”

Three bone cannons aimed their muzzles at the distant Merchant ship and waited for Asmodeus’ orders to fire.

Just like Lux, Asmodeus had summoned its own Doppelgangers, allowing them to command three Grand Cannons made from the Skeleton Make Skill.

“Load the special ammunition!” Several Skeleton Gang Bangers entered the cannon and positioned themselves snugly inside it.

“Open Fire!” Asmodeus ordered, and as soon as he gave the signal, three Skeleton Gang Bangers shot towards the flying ship like Cannon Balls.

After the first round was fired, another followed

The Skeleton Cannons fired non-stop as the Skeleton Gang Bangers entered them one by one, allowing them to be shot like projectiles towards the Merchant Ship.

Their purpose was not to destroy the ship because they knew that it wouldn’t do anything to the Rankers, who were leagues above their current rank. Their purpose was to only cause a distraction, making the Rankers think that they were dealing with many enemies at once.

Lux, who deemed that the time was right, immediately ordered his two Doppelgangers to join the fray, raising the chaos to the next level.

Harrus and the three Rankers who were on top of the deck, who were becoming annoyed by the sudden attacks that were being hurled in their direction, sensed a concentration of magical power in the distance, making them shift their attention to the roofs of two houses in the distance.

Lux’s Doppelgangers unleashed their attacks at the same time, aimed at the hull of the Merchant Ship, in an attempt to destroy it.

“”Dragon’s Breath!””

A few seconds later, a loud explosion ensued, destroying parts of the city’s port, and sending the onlookers who were near the ship scrambling away in fear for their lives.


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