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Strongest Necromancer Of Heaven’s Gate – Chapter 363.1: Lux’s Secret [Part 1] Bahasa Indonesia

Since Alexander had decided to fully support Lux, he took it upon himself to make the necessary arrangements to invite Gerald to Barbatos Academy in the fastest time possible.

Just hours after he had a heart to heart talk with the Half-Elf, the Commander of Wildgarde, Stronghold, Gerald, as well as the two High-Elders, Natasha and Rainer, arrived in Barbatos Academy, using the teleportation gate of the Academy.

Alicia led them to the Headmaster’s office, where Lux and Alexander were already waiting for them.

“Lux, it’s good to see you again,” Gerald greeted with a smile. “Alexander, I apologize because I was not able to come alone as you mentioned in the letter. I had a feeling that the talk was going to be very important, so I decided to bring Natasha and Rainer with me. As you may already know, even if I am the Commander of Wildgarde Stronghold, the decision making doesn’t lay on my hands alone.

“I had a feeling that this matter concerns Lux, so I decided to have the two of them accompany me as witnesses, so the others won’t say that I am showing favoritism to him. This is about his Guild, right? Did you ask your step-father to negotiate with me because you failed to meet the deadline? Is this how badly you don’t want to join Nero’s Guild?”

Gerald gave Lux a teasing smile that says “You little critter. You think I don’t know what you’re thinking? You’re still too green, boy.”

Natasha smirked because she came with Gerald to see how Lux would try to squeeze himself out of this predicament.

Rainer, on the other hand, remained calm and simply sat on one of the chairs and listened to the conversation with a faint smile on his face.

“I don’t mind, Gerald,” Alexander replied. “Also, I thank the three of you for coming in such short notice. I have already asked Alicia to prepare a sumptuous dinner for all of us later.”

“Hahaha! I look forward to it!” Gerald laughed as he patted Lux’s shoulder, who had his head lowered.

He thought that the Half-Elf was already feeling down because he wasn’t able to accomplish his mission, and had no choice but to join the Storm Dragons and make peace with Nero. What he didn’t know was that Lux was doing his best to keep his face straight, as he waited to see Gerald’s reaction when he knew the real reason he was asked to visit Barbatos Academy.

Alexander nodded his head before diving into the main issue at hand.

“You are right,” Alexander replied. “I am here in order to negotiate on behalf of Lux, concerning his Guild.”

“Um, I’m just going to say this, okay? I am a very righteous person, you won’t be able to bribe me,” Gerald said. “Although I feel bad about forcing Lux to join Nero’s guild, both of them are young and they can still settle their differences civilly. If Vera was here, she might disagree with me, but for the sake of a united front in Elysium, past grudges must be resolved in a peaceful manner.”

Alexander nodded. “Before we start, I would like for the three of you to sign this binding contract. The contract states that whatever we would talk about in this room, stays in this room. If any of you divulge this secret to others, I will immediately take control of Wildgarde Stronghold, and bring it under my faction’s umbrella.”

When Gerrald, Natasha, and Rainer, heard Alexander’s words, all three of them immediately frowned because they weren’t expecting the Headmaster of Barbatos Academy to act in such a bold and domineering manner.

“Aren’t you over exaggerating, Alex?” Natasha asked. “This is just a simple matter, why are you acting like a bandit?”

“I’m afraid that this isn’t as ‘simple’ a matter as you think, Natasha,” Alexander replied. “This concerns Lux’s safety, and my daughter’s safety.”

“Your daughter’s safety?” Gerald asked. “What do you mean?”

Alexander passed the contract to the three adults before answering Gerald’s question.

“My daughter is Lux’s fiance,” Alexander replied. “Since the two of them are bound to get married in the future, I don’t want my daughter to suddenly become a widow because some people aren’t able to keep a secret.”

Rainer glanced at the contents of the contract, and just like Alexander said, all that was stated in it was that they would have to keep everything they would hear a secret.

“Boy, it seems that I have underestimated your thick skin.” Gerald ruffled Lux’s hair as he tried to organize his emotions. “This is too high-handed. I will not agree to sign this.”

The Commander of Wildgarde Stronghold returned the contract to the top of the table and crossed his arms over his chest.

“Our two factions have been good allies both in Solais and Elysium,” Gerald stated. “I can’t believe that you would go as far as to use your status as Saint to make us submit, Alexander. I really didn’t see this coming when I came here to meet you. Everyone, let’s go. We’re going back to the Stronghold. As for you, Lux, don’t let me see you anywhere. Even if Vera is around, I’ll give you a good spanking!”

Gerald was quite angry because he had a bottom line.

He would not allow others to make him forcefully submit, and even if his opponent was a Saint, he would not lower his head, and would fight till the bitter end.

That was his principle in life, and not even Alexander’s Rank would change his mind.

Natasha also stood because she supported Gerald’s opinion. Deep inside, she felt betrayed because she had taken good care of Lux when he was young. She didn’t expect that the kindness they had given him, while he stayed inside Wildgarde Stronghold, would be repaid in this manner.

Rainer, on the other hand, casually took out his Quill Pen from his storage ring and signed the contract.

“Will this do?” Rainer asked as he passed the contract to Alexander.

After signing the contract, the white paper glowed faintly, which proved that the binding agreement had now taken in place.

This contract was made by a Saint, so the moment Rainer broke his word, Alexander would know it right away.

“What’s the meaning of this, Rainer?” Gerald asked. “Are you mad?”

He couldn’t believe that Nero’s Master, who was always stern with Lux, would sign the contract as if it was nothing.

That was a binding contract made by a Saint. If Rainer broke it, a tracker would be placed on his body, making it impossible for him to escape, even if he ran to the ends of the world.


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