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Strongest Necromancer Of Heaven’s Gate – Chapter 350: A Chance To Get A Happy Ending Bahasa Indonesia

“Bedivere, I missed you so much!” Lilia hugged her husband tightly.

“I missed you just as much, my love,” Bedivere replied as he hugged her back with his right hand, while patting the head of his daughter, Heidi, with the left. The little girl was bawling her eyes out as she clung to her father’s body. “You too, Heidi.”

“Daddy! Wuwuwu!” Heidi cried because it had been so long since she last saw her father. Just like her Mommy, she missed him terribly.

“I know that the two of you have a lot of questions, but there is no time,” Bedivere said as he pulled back to look at his two family members. “We need to leave this place right now.”

Lilia, who had been with Bedivere for many years, nodded her head in understanding. She already knew that her husband had offended powerful nobles in the past, which was the reason why they fled to Brookwest Town.

“I’ll pack our things,” Lilia stated. “Look after our daughter.”

She gave Bedivere a kiss on the lips and then hurried towards the hut.

‘Strange, why are his lips so cold?’ Lilia thought as she entered the house to pack their belongings.

While Lilia busied herself with packing, Bedivere coaxed the crying Heidi until she stopped.

“Daddy, will you not leave us again?” Heidi asked. “Mommy and I want you to stay with us.”

“…I can’t stay for long,” Bedivere replied. “I have an important mission that I must finish.”

“Then will you come back after you finish your mission?” Heidi inquired.

“…Yes.” Bedivere forced himself to smile after assuring Heidi that he would come back and see her again. “So be good and always listen to your mother, okay?”


“Good girl.”

Cai, who was watching this scene, cried even harder. Since it knew that Bedivere was already dead, the white lies he told his daughter to assure her that he would come back made it feel heartbroken.

Lux could only sigh in his heart as he looked at the father and daughter pair. Unlike the two assassins, Sid and Scarlet, who he had resurrected, Bedivere no longer had a body.

As a Living Armor, he no longer had a mortal body. In place of his body was a suit of armor, which had been dyed crimson by the blood of the monsters and people that he had slain over the past two years.

‘If I reanimate his Beast Core, will it change things?’ Lux pondered. ‘As for Blackfire… it only accepts dead bodies and near-death bodies. But I don’t know if it can accept a soul…’

Lux opened his Soul Book and checked the description of his skill, Animate Undead [EX], to see if it was possible to give Bedivere a mortal body.


< Animate Undead [EX] >

– You are now able to choose what form your Animated Undead will become if you are willing to pay the adequate number of Beast Cores for them. If you don’t want to turn them into specific creatures, you can just go ahead with the revival, making their new forms completely random.

– Animating Monsters doesn’t need a corpse. If you have their Beast Cores, the likelihood of summoning an Undead Version of them is high. Their Rank will always be a Rank lower when they were alive.


Lux frowned. In truth, he wanted to have Bedivere as the Living Armor who was immune to almost everything, with the exception of Necrotic Damage and Divine Magic.

There was also the fact that he was a Rank 4 Field Boss Monster, making him a high-ranking Undead, even surpassing his Named Creatures in strength.

If he were to use Animate Undead to give him a mortal body, he might lose his ability, Invincible Body, which made the Half-Elf want to tame him in the first place.


< Invincible Body >

– Only attacks that deal the right Elemental Damage can deal damage to this monster.


The Half-Elf was then faced with a dilemma between choosing what was right and what was convenient. If he chose to give the family a happy ending, he might no longer have the Living Armor he wanted. Not only that, Bedivere’s rank would regress to match Lux.

Instead of a Rank 4 Field Boss Monster, Bedivere’s new form would demote him to a Rank 4 Monster, similar to Diablo and his other Named Creatures.

‘There’s also the need to offer Beast Cores in order to give him the desired form once he is reanimated,’ Lux scratched his head. ‘I don’t have too many Beast Cores in my possession at the moment…’

Suddenly, a thunderous roar erupted from the Forest, which was not far from the hut where everyone was staying.

Bedivere, who was hugging Heidi immediately froze because he recognized the owner of the roar that they just heard. It was the same Monster that had tried to attack Heidi when he was escorting her to look for rare herbs inside the forest to sell to the town in order to buy medicine for her mother.

“It’s worth a try,” Lux gazed in the direction of the forest where several trees were flying in different directions.

Although it was a bit troublesome, the Half-Elf decided to take on the Rank 5 World Boss, Barb-Tailed Tyrannosaurus, in order to get the Beast Core he needed to give the family of three a chance to have a happy ending.

“Sir Bedivere, let’s go hunt a World Boss,” Lux said to the Living Armor who held Heidi in a protective embrace. “If we are lucky, you might be able to stay with your family for a long time. Would you like to give it a try?”

Bedivere looked at the Half-Elf with surprise etched on his face. However, the surprise didn’t last long before he stood up and nodded his head.

If there was really a chance to be together with his family, he would grasp it with both of his hands.

He didn’t care even if he needed to fight the entire world to do it. As long as the possibility existed, he was willing to put his trust in the Half-Elf, whose fearless smile made him feel as though his hopes and dreams were not lost just yet.


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