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Strongest Necromancer Of Heaven’s Gate – Chapter 349: Who Are The Bastards That Are Cutting Onions Near My Eyes? Bahasa Indonesia

Lux didn’t leave the Vahan Empire right away.

After leaving the capital city, he camped out on the meeting place that he had agreed upon with Cai and Keane, just in case they all got separated from each other.

Fortunately, he didn’t have to wait for long because the two arrived at their meeting point an hour after the incident ended.

“Hahaha! You should have seen it, My Daddy!” Cai said with a smug expression on his face. “After you left, the Emperor arrived and punished the nobles who were responsible for rigging your Trial.

“Several other Rankers also arrived at the scene, and all their High-Clerics were busy re-attaching the limbs that were cut off from those bastards. Um, who is that silver-haired beauty that protected you earlier? She doesn’t look familiar, but she feels familiar. I have a feeling that I’ve met her somewhere before, I just can’t remember where.”

Lux glanced at the Boar who was walking by his side and casually told it the identity of the lady that appeared to save him.

“She’s my Grandma,” Lux replied.

“Hahaha! Nice joke! I almost fell for it.”

“I’m not joking though.”

Cai laughed and once again ignored Lux’s reply. How could the silver-haired beauty that saved Lux be his grandma? The Boar couldn’t possibly believe that a lady who could easily pass as Alice’s older sister was Lux’s grandma.

Keane, who was mounted on the warg that was also traveling beside Lux, asked a question.

“Where do you plan to go now?” Keane inquired. “Are you going back to the Xynnar War Pact’s territory?”

Lux shook his head. “No. I made a promise earlier, so I have to do that first. I will go to Brookwest Town first.”

“Brookwest Town? I vaguely remember passing that place…” Cai frowned as she tried to remember where Brookwest Town was.

“It’s the place where the Gorilla-like Guildmaster of the Adventurer’s Guild is stationed,” Keane commented. “If I remember correctly, he said he would be marrying the Gorilla-kin named Diana in a week’s time. Ah. He also mentioned that since we are your friend, we should invite you to their wedding. The Guildmaster insisted that you become his best man for making the marriage possible.”

Lux almost fell off Jed’s back after hearing Keane’s words. He didn’t expect the Guildmaster, Cobie, to be successful in his attempt to ask Diana for marriage.

‘I guess the Passion Blossom’s effect is more powerful than I expected,’ Lux thought with a complicated look on his face. As for becoming Cobie’s best man for his marriage, he would have to pass.

He didn’t have a lot of spare time. The Half-Elf only wanted to visit Heid and her mother, Lilia, and finish the favor that the Crimson Knight had asked of him.

Their journey towards Brookwest Town took them four days, leaving only two days until Lux’s deadline.

Since he was short on time, he immediately went to meet up with the Crimson Knight, which surprised Cai and Keane. The two almost assumed a fighting stance against the Rank 4 Field Boss Monster, but Lux stopped them before a misunderstanding could occur.

“Wear this,” Lux said as he handed his Mask of Thousand Faces to the Crimson Knight. “I don’t know if it will work on you, but with this mask, you will be able to transform into your previous self. You need to convince your family to trust me, so I can take them somewhere safe, where they won’t be attacked by the people who have targeted you.”

The Crimson Knight glanced at the mask in the Half-Elf’s hand for a minute before taking it.

“Do you remember what you looked like in the past?” Lux inquired.

It was very important for the wearer of the mask to hold the image they wanted to change into inside their mind in order for it to be registered in the Mask of a Thousand Faces.

“Although I have forgotten many things, I still remember my face when I was still alive,” the Crimson Knight answered.

“Good.” Lux nodded. “Now envision that image and put the mask on. I don’t know if it works for Undead Monsters, but there is no harm in trying.”

After instructing the Living Armor what to do, it placed the mask over his helmet.

In truth, Lux had a plan B if his Plan A didn’t work. However, it would require him to make Lilia believe that the living armor was none other than her lost husband, whom she hadn’t seen for two years.

A few minutes passed but nothing happened. The Living Armor didn’t change its appearance, just like what happened to him when he chose to transform into his previous life’s form, in order to join the Lionheart Tournament.

‘I guess it only works for living creatures,’ Lux thought.

Just as he was about to retrieve the mask, something unexpected happened. The Living Armor’s body glowed faintly before its color changed to silver. A moment later, the helmet disappeared, and was replaced by a human head.

A man with short blonde hair, and blue eyes appeared in front of Lux. Although he hated to admit it, the person standing in front of him was only slightly less handsome than him.

“Um, it’s quite unfortunate that you are too old and already dead,” Cai said as he looked at the handsome Knight standing in front of it. “If you were still alive and several years younger, I would have invited you to join the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.”

Lux and Keane glanced at the thick-skinned boar who was blatantly staring at the hunk in shining armor.

“Did… we succeed?” the blonde-haired man asked.

“Yes,” Lux replied. “See for yourself.”

Lux summoned a full body mirror, allowing the Living Armor to look at the temporary shell that he was using. His hands moved up to lightly touch his face, but he couldn’t feel anything. This was understandable because he was already dead.

Even so, he was quite happy that he had the opportunity to talk to his loved ones again after being separated for two years.

“I haven’t asked for your name, but I think now is a good time to ask it,” Lux stated. “Can you tell me your name, Sir Knight?”

The blonde-haired man shifted his gaze from the mirror to the Half-Elf who was looking at him with a smile.

When he first saw the young Necromancer, he decided to take a gamble. He had promised Lux that he would serve him if he did him a favor. However, he didn’t expect that the red-headed teenager would use this method to make his wish a reality.

“Bedivere. That was my name when I was still alive,” Bedivere replied.

Lux nodded. “Well then, Sir Bedivere. Let’s go. I don’t have much time left, and I would appreciate it if we could hurry to fulfill your request. All you need to do is…”

An hour later, Lux, Bedivere, Cai, and Keane, arrived at the small hut on the outskirts of Brookwest Town.

When they neared the hut, they saw Heidi and Lilia reading a book in the distance.

Although the Living Armor no longer had a heart, but a Beast Core instead, he felt as if his chest was aching. Perhaps, it was his current human form that was affecting his emotions, but he couldn’t stop but feel a great deal of both sadness and happiness for getting the opportunity to talk to his loved ones again.

As if sensing that they were no longer alone, Lilia shifted her gaze in Lux’s direction. When her gaze landed on the man who was wearing silver armor beside the Half-Elf, she dropped the book in her hands, and immediately started running.

“Bedivere!” Lilia shouted as tears streamed down her eyes.

Heidi, who also saw her father after such a long time, also shouted “Daddy!” and ran towards him crying.

Lux, Cai, and Keane gave way to the family reunion, and simply watched from the side.

The Boar started crying as well, and tears streamed down from its face. Cai was a sucker for happy endings, and just looking at the happy family in front of it made its heart ache.

“Wuwuwuwu! Who are the bastards that are cutting onions near my eyes?” Cai asked. “Get away from me dammit!”

Cai wasn’t the only one that was feeling emotional due to the happy scene in front of them. Even Lux, who had orchestrated this brief moment of happiness for the family, felt an ache in his heart.

Bedivere was already dead, and yet, he did all he could to meet with his family one last time. Perhaps, this was the strong will that prevented him from getting tamed by Asmodeus when they tried to subdue him almost two weeks ago.

As a Necromancer, this was the first time Lux had encountered such a strong soul, refusing to leave the mortal realm. Clearly, Bedivere still had lingering attachments to the world of the living, so his soul refused to pass on.

This allowed him to transform into a Living Armor, in order to anchor himself to the mortal plane, but he was already nearing his limit.

The people who killed Bedivere had also sent people to kill his family. But the Living Armor had foiled their plans time and time again, killing all the mercenaries that went after his family’s life.

Unfortunately, he was starting to lose his memories as time passed by. Bedivere was afraid that when the time did come when all of his memories of the two most important people in his life were gone, he would no longer be there to protect them when the subordinates of the nobles that had killed him came to Brookwest Town to look for them.

This was why, when he saw Lux, the Living Armor pledged that he was willing to become his servant if he would do him a favor.

All for the sake of the two people, whom he cherished with all of his heart, even after he had breathed his last.


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