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Strongest Necromancer Of Heaven’s Gate – Chapter 328.2: The Guildmaster’s Quest [Part 2] Bahasa Indonesia

Maple Forest…

Lux went deeper inside the forest to look for the Passion Blossom, which the Guildmaster asked him to look for as his quest in order to be granted a recommendation letter.

For the one hour Lux had spent inside the forest, he noticed that, although there were many people along the outskirts, very few could be seen in the place where he was heading to.

Out of curiosity, he stopped one of the teenagers he came across to ask him a few questions.

“Uhh… the Guildmaster is at it again?” The teenager, who seemed to be in his late teens, had a disgusted look on his face after he heard the reason why Lux came inside Maple Forest.

“Again?” Lux asked back in confusion.

The teenager nodded. “The Guildmaster’s Recommendation Quest has become the biggest joke of Brookwest Town. Everytime someone asks for a recommendation letter, he will always ask the person to find the Passion Blossom, which he would use to make an aphrodisiac to make Diana go into heat. Seriously, the Guildmaster has a few screws loose in his head, but I guess everyone has their kinks.

“But whatever. He is the reason why people go to other towns for Recommendation Letters if they are planning to create a guild. It’s not just because the intention behind the quest is bonkers, but also because the Field Boss guarding the Passion Blossom is simply too broken for a Recommendation Letter Quest.”

“Simply too broken?”

“You’ll understand when you see it. No one will risk their life fighting such a beast for a silly quest like getting the Passion Blossom.”

The teenager was kind enough to point Lux to the right direction, and even told him a little bit about the Guardian that guarded the flower.

Half an hour later, Lux finally arrived at his destination and finally understood why the teenager said that the Monster he had to face was broken.


< Crimson Wanderer Living Armor >

– Living Armor

– Rank 4 Field Boss

Health: 2,400,000 / 2,400,000

Mana: 40,000 / 40,000

Strength: 1,500

Intelligence: 100

Vitality: 1,500

Agility: 450

Dexterity: 450

Special Ability: Invincible Body


< Invincible Body >

– Only attacks that deal the right Elemental Damage can deal damage to this monster.


“…This Field Boss is indeed broken,” Lux muttered as he stared at the three-meter tall Crimson Knight with burning yellow eyes in its sockets.

The reason why the Crimson Wanderer Living Armor was famous in Brookwest Town was because, to this day, no one knew what element was its weakness.

Vera had once told him that there were special monsters in Elysium that possessed Special Abilities. Some of these abilities gave these monsters an advantage in battle, and some were so broken that people just stayed away from them as much as they possibly could.

These special abilities weren’t too rare. According to Vera, one out of every hundred monsters would possess a special ability, but very few people had the skill, Monster Appraisal, to know whether the monster they were fighting had any special abilities or not.

Vera added that Boss Monsters above Rank 4 usually had Special Abilities, so Lux must be very careful when dealing with them.

Fortunately for Lux, he had the Elysium Compendium which had the information he needed.

“Let’s see… Crimson Wanderer Living Armor,” Lux muttered as he searched for the Monster’s name in his Bestiary Compendium, which was another feature of the Elysium Compendium.

It didn’t take him long to find the Monster’s weakness, but to his surprise, he finally understood why no one had been able to figure out the Monster’s elemental weakness till now.

“Necrotic Elemental Damage, Divine Magic.”

Divine Magic was an ability used by high level High Priests, Battle Clerics, Oracles. Only Paladins were able to use this magic at the very beginning, but the Paladin Profession was a rare profession that could only be obtained through a trial made by their Order.

In short, unless one knew any of the Paladin Organizations, it would be almost impossible to gain this profession at the beginning. Most Elysians, as well as Solaians, would only get the basic Job Classes at the beginning like Swordsman, Fighter, Mage, Cleric, Archer, Thief, Monk, Spearman, Priest, etc.

Of course, even if there was someone in the team that could deal Divine Magic to the Living Armor, it would take at least a dozen Paladins, or other classes with Divine Abilities to beat the Crimson Wanderer Living Armor.

As for Lux, he could only deal direct Necrotic Damage to his enemies using Corpse Explosion.

Diablo and Asmodeus both had the Death Coil skill, which was capable of dealing Necrotic Damage, but aside from that, they had no other ways to damage the Field Boss Monster.

‘Even Abyss Touch is useless against this one huh…’ Lux scratched his head. ‘I guess I have no choice but to chip away at its health little by little.’

There was simply no other way to defeat the Monster, so Lux prepared himself for a drawn-out battle. After making up his mind, he immediately summoned his Named Creatures and discussed the information about the enemy they were about to face.

As Lux was about to summon his Skeleton Minions, Asmodeus stopped him and looked at the Living Armor as if it was looking at a new toy to play with.

“Master, let me get this straight. You said you need to defeat that Monster in order to get the herb it is guarding, correct?” Asmodeus asked as he pointed at the Monster in the distance.

“Yes.” Lux nodded.

“… Then, why fight it when we can tame it instead?”


Lux blinked once then twice before he finally understood what the Archlich was talking about.

Asmodeus chuckled. “Master, you forgot that Living Armors are also Undead Creatures. Relax, I got this.”

The Archlich casually strolled towards the Living Armor while humming. When they entered the Sacred Dungeon for the first time, they faced several Undead Skeletons that had merged together to form the Red-Eyed Obsidian Skeleton King, which was a Rank 5 Field Boss Monster.

Unfortunately, the Skeleton King died in the battle against the Death Tyrants when it used its body to block the Ray Attacks that were aimed at the fleeing teenagers. Lux had been saddened after losing such a strong Monster as an ally, but there was nothing he could do about it.

Tamed Creatures were not Summoned Creatures.

Although they could be summoned anytime Asmodeus pleased, once they died, they were dead for good, unless Lux decided to pay a ridiculous high amount of Beast Cores to revive them.

(A/N: In order to revive a Tamed Creature, Lux must pay ten times the price of their original cores. For example, the Red-Eyed Obsidian Skeleton King was a Rank 5 Field Boss Monster. It meant that in order to revive it, Lux must pay 10 Rank 5 Field Boss Monster Cores.)

Right now, he was short of high-level cores, so he couldn’t give any of them to the Red-Eyed Obsidian Skeleton King at the moment.

As if sensing the approaching enemy, the Living Armor let out an unholy roar before summoning several spinning blades around its body. However, before it could even attack, Asmodeus pointed his bony finger at it and shouted…

“Tame Undead!”

As if hit by an invisible attack, the Crimson Knight paused in its charge and its body started to shake.

“Oh? Are you resisting me?” Asmodeus narrowed his eyes. “Good. This just proves that taming you is worth it.”

As if to shrug off the attempt to tame it, the Living Armor continued its charge towards the Archlich who was waiting for its skill to cool down.

“Shield Bash!”

Pazuzu suddenly appeared out of nowhere and slammed his shield towards the Crimson Knight, causing it to take three steps back from the collision.

“How long is the skill cooldown?” Lux asked the Archlich as he summoned his Skeleton Soldiers to help stall the Field Boss, who had resisted Asmodeus’ Tame Undead Skill.

“Master, this skill has a fifteen minute cooldown,” Asmodeus replied apologetically.

The red-headed teenager felt the trace of embarrassment in his Archlich’s voice for failing with his first attempt to tame the Living Armor.

“It’s fine,” Lux said. “We will try again once your skill’s cooldown is over. For the time being, everyone, attack!”

Lux summoned all of his Skeleton Soldiers and Golems to fight against the Crimson Armor, but it took no damage from their combined attacks.

Even True Damage didn’t work, which proved how broken the Armor really was. This also made it more precious in Lux’s and Asmodeus’ eyes, making them use everything in their arsenal to buy some time for the Archlich’s skill to finish its cooldown.


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