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Strongest Necromancer Of Heaven’s Gate – Chapter 315.1: Divide And Conquer [Part 1] Bahasa Indonesia

When the sun was rising to the East, the armies of the two kingdoms started to stir.

Another day of fighting was about to begin, but things were about to change drastically due to the appearance of the two mercenary groups on each side.

Malcolm and his team had entered the Gate of Conquest, while Lux and his comrades had entered the Gate of War.

The meaning behind these two words were almost the same, but there were major differences between them.

The Sacred Dungeon was a special Dungeon that allowed the other Gates to link with each other during special circumstances. Meaning that Famine and Death could interlink, and so could Conquest and War.

But, this would only happen if both parties chose “Hell Mode”. Also, there could only be one group entering each of the gates at almost the same time in order for this phenomenon to happen.

“Make sure you do your job well, Mercenaries,” the General of the Ammar Kingdom, General Moriarty said coldly. “Any means are allowed. This is a War. Only the victors have the right to write the pages of history.”

The General of the Ammar Kingdom was an extremely tall and thin, clean-shaven, pale, and ascetic-looking man, whose mere presence was enough to make even the most experienced of soldiers feel intimidated.

“What a coincidence,” Malcolm replied. “I think the same way. Don’t worry, General. My members are all Elites. We will move freely throughout the battlefield and slowly chip away their ranks, eliminating the captains and the commanders along the way.”

“We’ll see if you are really capable of doing that, Human,” a Dwarf wearing a Mithril Plate commented. “I’ve seen people like you who are all bark and no bite.”

Henry, the Dwarf Crusader, snorted. He was Moriarty’s right-hand man and commanded a legion of Heavily Armored Dwarven Riders who were known to break any kind of defensive formation with their overwhelming charge.

Malcolm smiled and no longer bothered to reply to the dwarf because he understood that no matter what he said, the other person would just find ways to ridicule him.

‘I’ll just let my actions do the talking,’ Malcolm thought before giving General Moriarty a respectful bow before leaving the tent.

When they were no longer in the vicinity of the main camp, Malcolm crossed his arms over his chest and looked at the mountain in front of him. T

‘Although it will be a bit difficult breaking into their stronghold, it is not impossible,’ Malcolm mused. ‘I just need a good opportunity and this will end in no time.”


Meanwhile in the Yelan Camp…

“We just need a good opportunity and this will end in no time!” Cai said as it aimed its glare at the distance where the Ammar Kingdom’s army congregated. “Um, I’ll ask for another Pseudo-Legendary Item after we win this war. If only I knew that getting rare items was this easy, I would have entered the Hidden Domain two years ago as well.”

“If you had come, you’d probably be dead by now,” Lux replied. “Get serious, Cai. We are up against an organized army and not a ragtag mob of fighters.”

Cai raised its hoof and moved it left to right as if to make a point.

“I am always serious, My Daddy!” Cai stated. “I promise you that I’m gonna smash them like crazy later. But, before that, let’s have breakfast first. I’m hungry. Oh… they have roasted pork. Very nice!”

Lux sighed internally as he watched the Boar lined up alongside the soldiers for breakfast. They had already discussed the strategy that they were going to execute today.

Since they didn’t know how strong their enemies were, Lux decided to use the strategy divide and conquer by summoning his skeletons in the middle of the night, and sending them to travel to the destinations he had marked on the artifact he had been given by the Gnome, Sherlock.

Keane, who was standing not far from Lux, suddenly voiced his opinion, which made Einar, Vall, and Xander glance in his direction.

“Everyone, please be careful,” Keane commented. “I have this very bad feeling at the back of my mind. Whenever I get this, my life will always be in danger. Right now, it is telling me to be extra careful, like a premonition about what is to come.”

“Actually, I also feel the same way,” Einar scratched his head. “Yesterday, when we were surrounded and suddenly attacked by the soldiers, I didn’t feel anything dangerous. But now, it seems that my instincts are telling me that the chance of dying today is very high. I just can’t explain it. I just know that something bad is going to happen.”

Lux, Vall, and Xander frowned after hearing Einar’s explanation. If it was only Keane who was feeling anxious, they could still shrug it off as something that was normal. But, even if the battle junky Einar was telling them that something bad was going to happen, they were forced to seriously heed their warning.

“At the start of the battle, I propose that you guys don’t join the initial clash,” Lux proposed. “Just observe the battlefield for now and take note of anything that looks suspicious.”

Keane and Einar nodded their heads in understanding. All of them had nominated Lux to become the temporary leader of this mission because they knew that it would be hard if they acted separately.

Also, during the battle in the Gate of Death, Lux had gained Einar’s, Vall’s, and Xander’s recognition, making them feel that it wouldn’t be bad if the Half-Elf was the one that called the shots.

Although they were rivals during the Lionheart Tournament, they’d become comrades in a battle of life and death, making them share the same sentiment with each other.

“My Daddy, are you sure that you don’t need someone to go with you on your mission?” Cai inquired. “Spider Boy here moves fast. As long as you use him as a mount, you will be able to perform your mission perfectly.”

Lux and Vall had already given up in reprimanding Cai to call them by their names instead of My Daddy and Spider Boy. Since the annoying Boar had no intention of changing the way it addressed them, the two teenagers decided to accept their fate to prevent friction from happening in the group.

“I will be more at ease knowing that Vall is with you guys to hold the fort,” Lux replied. “Also, I will be more mobile if I travel alone. I can just summon my minions to fight for me if I encounter any difficulties.”

Lux hadn’t told anyone that he had the Teleportation Boots, which allowed him to teleport to the location of an ally on the map.

This was why he had ordered the Skeletons to spread out across the map, in the middle of the night, and go to the places that he had asked them to go.

The Half-Elf was planning to use his Minions as relay stations to teleport to in order to more effectively backstab his enemies.

The element of surprise played a crucial role on the battlefield, and Lux was planning to harass the Army of the Ammar Kingdom, by sneaking past their defenses. Naturally, he could also retreat at any time as long as the cooldown time of the Teleportation Boots ended.

Since Sherlock said that they were already at a disadvantage at the start then Lux planned to hit his enemies where they least expected it, and summon his Skeleton Minions, to deliver a decisive blow to their enemies.

This was the beginning of a battle of schemes between Malcolm and Lux, who were both unaware that the other, as well as their comrades, were about to face off against each other in a battle that was being observed by the High-Ranking officials of the Skystead Alliance.


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