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Strongest Necromancer Of Heaven’s Gate – Chapter 284: Show Him The Power Of The Real King Bahasa Indonesia

The Rank 4 Grim Terror Bone Golems were no ordinary Rank 4 Monsters.

They were Rank 4 Alpha Monsters.

Even as a group with less than a hundred members, fighting against a dozen Rank 4 Alpha Monster was doable. But what concerned Lux, Einar, and Vall, the respective leaders of the three factions that had allied together to challenge the Sacred Dungeon, was not these high-level monsters, but the monster who was pulling the strings from the shadows.

“We’ll take down four each,” Lux shouted. “The first one to finish their targets would assist the other two groups.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Einar commented.

Vall smiled without saying anything. Instead, he once again transformed into the Elegant Golden Jumping Spider, whose strength was just slightly stronger than one of the Grim Terror Bone Golems that they were fighting right now.

Immediately, a battle erupted as the teenagers divided the monster into three groups.

Lux had summoned his minions, letting Diablo, Ishtar, Pazuzu, and Orion deal with two of the Bone Golems, while Cai, Keane, and the rest of the other teenagers of the Rowan Tribe dealt with the other two.

Naturally, Lux fought with the assistance of his summons in order to speed up the process. Although the battle was fierce, all the teenagers were able to kill their opponents one by one.

The first one to finish their enemies was none other than Lux’s group. After that, they immediately helped Vall’s team, and lastly, Einar’s.

When the last of the Giant Bone Golems collapsed on the ground, their whole group cheered for having won a hard battle. However, there were four people who weren’t smiling, and simply glanced at the shattered bones around them.

Lux, Einar, Vall, and Keane, didn’t let their guard down.

It was as if they already knew what was going to happen next, and all of them were preparing to unleash their strongest attack at a moment’s notice.

Suddenly, another cackling laughter echoed within the hallways.

A moment later, the bones that were lying on the ground, floated in the air and converged together, as if forming into something. The teenagers that had watched this scene felt a shiver run down their spine.

In just a minute, a giant Skeleton with obsidian bones, wearing a black crown on its head, roared in front of them.

Lux narrowed his eyes as the information of their new opponent appeared before him.

< Red-Eyed Obsidian Skeleton King >

– Skeleton King

– Rank 5 Field Boss Monster

Health: 3,750,000 / 3,750,000

Mana: 250,000 / 250,000

Strength: 1500

Intelligence: 500

Vitality: 2500

Agility: 600

Dexterity: 600

As soon as the Red-Eyed Obsidian Skeleton King took a fighting stance, the unholy cackling spread in the hallways, as if mocking the teenager’s futile struggle for survival.

“Let me handle this,” Cai stepped forward as it glared at the Field Boss Monster in front of it. “Third Gear…”

However, before it could even activate it’s Trump Card that it wasn’t able to use in the tournament, Lux raised his hand sideways in order to stop the Boar from continuing its next transformation.

“Leave it to me,” Lux replied. “None of you interfere.”

As a Necromancer, he felt as if the one laughing somewhere in the dungeon was mocking him. This was something that he couldn’t stand and he decided to make it choke on its laughter by activating his latest Trump Card.

After the tournament ended, Alexander had passed to him a golden ring where the rewards for the Champion were stored. When Lux received the ring, he wasn’t able to believe what he saw because the rewards were simply too good to be true.

Six Argonaut Ranked Beast Cores

Twelve Deimos Ranked Beast Cores.

A hundred Rank 5 Beast Cores

A thousand Rank 4 Beast Cores

Two thousand Rank 3 Beast Cores

Three thousand Rank 2 Beast Cores

Five thousand Rank 1 Beast Cores.

A million gold coins.

There were also several weapons, armors, and artifacts, which Lux planned to use during the dungeon expedition.

Lux had used all of his Rank 1 Beast Cores and nearly exhausted his Rank 2 Beast Cores in order to unlock another ally that would make his Undead Legion’s strength increase drastically.

“Asmodeus, shut his trap,” Lux ordered. “Show him the power of the real King.”

Immediately, a magic circle appeared beside Lux, and his newest Named Creature made his presence known to all.

< Asmodeus >

“I stopped fighting my inner demons. We are on the same side now.”

– Named Skeleton Mage

– Lich Lord

– Rating: A

– Progress ( 0 / 40,000)

Health: 10,000 / 10,000

Mana: 140,000 / 140,000

Strength: 105

Intelligence: 700

Vitality: 200

Agility: 105

Dexterity: 105

Active Skills: Tame Undead, Bone Prison, Death Coil, Life Drain, Summon Deathscythe, Poison Dagger, Summon Flame Skulls, All of Lux’s Active Skills.

Passive Skills: Mana Regeneration, Health Regeneration, All of Lux’s Passive Skills.

Title: Lord’s Equal

– Asmodeus is your fifth Named Creature and has been bestowed the title of Lord’s Equal.

– This Named Creature has gained the ability to evolve.

< Lord’s Equal >

– Regardless of what happens in the future, this Named Creature will be forever loyal to you.

– As his Lord’s Equal, Asmodeus would be able to summon the exact same number of minions that his Master can summon, with the exceptions of Named Creatures.

– As his Lord’s Equal, Asmodeus would be able to use all the Necromantic Spells that his Master currently has.

– As his Lord’s Equal, Asmodeus will gain access to all of his Master’s skills, with the exception of Blood-line abilities.

– When fighting alongside his Master, all of Asmodeus Stats will increase by 50%

Note: The devil is and always will be a gentleman.

< Tame Undead >

– You will be able to tame any undead creatures that are two ranks higher than you.

– Maximum number of Tamed Creatures is one.

– If you tame another Undead Creature while you own another, the first Undead Creature will disappear and be replaced by the new one.

A lich, who wore kingly robes and a bejeweled golden crown on his head, appeared beside Lux and looked up at the Red-Eyed Obsidian Skeleton King.

“This hallway isn’t big enough for two kings,” Asmodeus said with a trace of amusement in its cold voice. “But I’ll make an exception if you become my servant.”

As if feeling that its dignity had just been challenged, the Skeleton King glared at the Lich Lord, who dared to think of making it his servant, and raised its obsidian sword in preparation to strike the lich down.

“So the answer is no?” Asmodeus raised his finger and pointed it at the Skeleton King’s head. “What you think doesn’t really matter. The one who gets to decide your fate is me, not you.”

The Skeleton King had enough of the Lich’s bullsh*t and decided to erase its existence from the world.

“Tame Undead.”

The Giant Obsidian Sword stopped a foot away from Asmodeus’ head. Cai, Keane, Einar, and Vall had already distanced themselves away from the Giant Skeleton King, thinking that it would instantly annihilate Lux’s newest Named Creature and attack them all afterwards.

However, the scene they were expecting didn’t happen. Instead, their eyes widened in shock at the unexpected turn of events that happened in front of them.

The Giant Obsidian Skeleton King raised its sword once again and knelt like a knight in front of Asmodeus, swearing its fealty to its new lord.

Suddenly, a roar of anger reverberated within the hallway. Clearly, it wasn’t pleased with what had happened to its servant.

“What’s wrong?” Lux sneered at the end of the hallway. “No longer laughing?”

A wrath-filled roar followed suit, but after that, the entire hallway suddenly became quiet.

The only thing that could be heard was the ragged breathing of everyone, who was still in disbelief of what just happened in front of them.

“D-Did he just tame a Rank 5 Field Boss Monster?” Cai stuttered in disbelief.

“Yes,” Keane, who was standing not far from her, replied.

Einar and Vall both had their lips tightly shut as they glanced at Lux who had his arms crossed over his chest. They thought that they had already seen the extent of his power during the tournament. However, what they saw now was simply unbelievable. If they didn’t witness it personally, they wouldn’t believe it even if it was said to them by someone they trusted.

Just before everyone could come to terms with what just transpired, the Giant Skeleton King reached out its palm towards Asmodeus.

A second later, the Giant Skeleton King placed the Lich Lord on its shoulders before standing up.

With a wave of his hand, Asmodeus summoned thirty-five Skeleton fighters, thirty skeleton Grand Archers, and two Rock Golems.

Having the Title, Lord’s Equal, he had the exact same skills as Lux had, with the exception of his Dragon War Arts that could only be used by the power of the Dragon Bloodline.

This was also the reason why Lux didn’t bat an eye when he asked Eiko to look after Iris. Asmodeus had the exact same powers as him, making him a true powerhouse among Lux’s Named Creatures.

“Let’s go,” Lux ordered. “Asmodeus, lead the way.”

“As you wish,” Asmodeus gave Lux a respectful nod while seated on the shoulder of the Giant Obsidian Skeleton King.

He then led the way, while Lux and his skeletons followed behind. It took half a minute for the others to snap out of their daze and follow behind the Half-Elf, who made them realize that the Champion of the Tournament was more formidable than what they had seen during the tournament. they thought he would be.


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