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Strongest Necromancer Of Heaven’s Gate – Chapter 196: Lapse In Judgment Bahasa Indonesia

Three more days passed as Lux holed himself up inside the Black Spade Inn.

The only one that left the inn was Emma as she complied with the instructions that Lux had given her.

The Half-Elf knew that going out would just spell trouble, so he made sure to let the pretty Dwarf handle the necessary groundwork for his plan.


Somewhere near the Black Spade Inn…

Sid had memorized the surrounding neighborhood and had found some ideal locations to escape to after he had done the deed of assassinating his target. Usually, when the Assassin fails his first attempt, the difficulty of killing the target would increase by a significant margin.

What he wanted to do was kill the Half-Elf and leave Whitebridge City before his death could be discovered. That was the only way he could enjoy the bountiful reward that was waiting for him after his mission was completed.

‘Laura and Livia, just wait a little more, and we can finally live a comfortable life together,’ Sid thought as he gazed at one of the windows located in the second floor of the inn where the Half-Elf was currently staying.

So far, his target had not left his room, preventing Sid from assessing all of his abilities. Just like him, Scarlet had also just finished preparing the groundwork of her own assasination.

She and Sid were rivals, and only one of them would become the next Slayer Candidate. Because of this, she had no intention of letting the good-looking Dwarf get ahead of her.

Just like him, she had her own reasons for becoming an assassin. This was why, no matter what, she vowed to complete the mission and return triumphant.

Two more days passed, and the two assassins continued their observation of the inn where their target was staying. This was not something new to them, and they had long gained the patience to wait for the perfect opportunity to end the life of their target.

Sometimes, it would take them months to complete their mission because their target had employed guards, who were around the Initiate Rank, protecting them, making it difficult to move in for the kill.

Two more days passed, and finally something unexpected happened. For the first time since they arrived in Whitebridge City, their target left the inn.

For Sid and Scarlet, this was an opportunity that they couldn’t allow to pass. Both of them immediately stalked the Half-Elf from a safe distance in order to check where he was going.

It was already around five in the afternoon, and the sun would set in an hour, or two, which was perfect timing for their assasination attempt.

Lux randomly strolled around the city, with seemingly no destination in mind. However, he only walked in places where there were a lot of people and patrol guards, who were going around the city to ensure that everything was in order.

Sid and Scarlet were forced to stay their hand, since if they made a move now, even if they succeeded in killing their target, it would be of no use if they were captured. They must be alive in order to enjoy the rewards of becoming a Slayer Candidate.

After all, this wasn’t a suicide mission, but a mission with great benefits. Neither of them would throw their lives away just for the sake of killing the target for their Guild.

For them, their life was much more important.

An hour passed…

Two hours passed…

The sun had already set and the surroundings had grown dark. Only the lights of the streetlamps illuminated the surroundings.

Lux had strolled quite far from the inn, so he decided to take a shortcut in order to reach it faster. In order to do that, he must go down a long, narrow alley to reach a street that was close to his destination.

Sid and Scarlet secretly followed behind him, using their stealth abilities to their fullest as they jumped onto the roof of the houses in order to sneak attack their target from behind.

Originally, they planned to lead their target to a place without people, but since the Half-Elf had done this for them, they would be more than happy to accept the opportunity that he had presented them.

Sid and Scarlet glanced at each other. Both were competitors, and the desire to become a Slayer Candidate was clear in their eyes.

When Lux was halfway in the alley, Scarlet looked in another direction and a surprised expression appeared on her face. Her reaction didn’t escape Sid’s eyes, so he glanced in the direction where she had looked to see what surprised her.

However as soon as he looked away, Scarlet jumped off the roof and descended towards the Half-Elf with her dagger that was coated with the poison of a basilisk.

‘Damn!’ Sid cursed silently as he jumped a few seconds late. He couldn’t believe that he had fallen for such a childish trick, allowing Scarlet to take the chance to attack first.

With one precise thrust of her dagger, Sid knew that Scarlet had this mission in the bag.

However, before her dagger could reach her target, a blue tower shield appeared to block its path. But, the next second, the tower shield shattered, and the blade continued its descent only to be blocked by another shield.

The shield was also destroyed, before the blade finally pierced the body of the chubby demonic defender, who had only managed to give a grunt, as his Health decreased until one remained.

His Skill, Guts, had activated, but it didn’t help him much because Scarlet had twisted the blade on the Demonic Defender’s chest, which made the latter turn into particles of light.

Lux, who was lying on the ground after Pazuzu had pushed him away, looked at this scene with a grim expression on his face.

His strongest defender, Pazuzu, had easily died at the hands of an assassin in just two strikes, despite the fact that he had used his strongest ability to block the incoming attack.

In gaming terms, Scarlet had landed a critical hit, and followed it up with a simple finisher, which had instantly decreased Pazuzu’s life to zero, due to the devastating damage that her attack contained.

Scarlet clicked her tongue after her attack killed her target’s minion, which was not her real target.

Just as she was about to attack the Half-Elf, a blur whisked past her, which caught her off guard.

Sid took Scarlet’s momentary lapse of judgment into his advantage, and sprinted towards the Elf on the ground to deliver the Coup de Grace.

The short, silver sword in his hand gleamed with deadly sharpness as he delivered his strongest blow, that would put an end to his target’s life.


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