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Strongest Necromancer Of Heaven’s Gate – Chapter 162: If We Survive This, I’m Taking You Out For A Drink Bahasa Indonesia

The Red-Eyed Terror Mantis emerged from the destroyed house and angrily shrieked at Lux.

It was at this moment that Boreas, the Captain of the Riders of Norria, arrived at the scene along with over twenty Riders, who were all Grade C Apostles (Rank 2 Monsters).

After seeing the opponents, Boreas face paled. With just a glance, he could tell that the five-meter-tall mutated wolf was bad news.

“Captain Boreas, can you hold them back for five minutes?” Lux asked with a smile. “I need to do something first.”

“No,” Boreas replied. “It’s impossible.”

“Awww. Isn’t this the part where you will say, ‘Leave everything to me!’ and act like a hero?”

“Don’t ask for the impossible. That wolf is bad news. Even if our reinforcements arrive, it will still be difficult to deal with.”

The red-headed teeanger dismounted from his warg and summoned his skeletons to carry Randolph, Grandma Annie, and Cedwyn and mount them on Jed’s back. He knew that all three of them had reached their limits and could no longer fight against the enemies.

“Has everyone been evacuated?” Lux asked Boreas, who was firmly holding his War Hammer while riding on top of his Mountain Goat.

Boreas nodded. “Only the Adults, the Guards of the Village, and the Riders of Norria remain. We have already suffered over a hundred casualties, and there will be more names added on that list until we defeat that thing.”

Lux stared at the Thunder Wolf King who was eyeing them with great interest.

‘If only I had my gold token with me, things would be different,’ Lux thought.

The Half-Elf didn’t want to rely on the power of an Argonaut Ranked Crystal Dragon when he fought because it would only give him a false sense of security. In order to prevent himself from relying on the artifact, he left it in his Grandma Vera’s hands for safekeeping back in Solais.

He wanted to train himself to become stronger by his own strength, not by using the strength of others.

The Half-Elf took a deep breath as he summoned his Soul Book. It was now time for him to fight seriously, and this time, he would no longer hold back his strength.

In truth, aside from the Mythical Quest of the different villages in the Territory of Norria, his main reason for staying was to help Leaf Village fight off another Monster Outbreak as a means to redeem himself from what happened in the past.

Now that the time had finally arrived, he would fight with everything he had and put his life on the line for the sake of the village that accepted him even though he was not a Dwarf.

“Diablo, Ishtar, Pazuzu, come!” Lux ordered and his three named creatures stood by his side. “I order the three of you to hold them back for five minutes. Do I make myself clear?!”


All three named creatures spoke in unison as they took a step forward to face the two Alpha Monsters in front of them.

“Captain Boreas, if you want to have a chance of winning, please, accept my invitation!” Lux said as he sent the Rider Captain an invite to join his party.

For some reason, Boreas felt that Lux’s words held a trace of confidence, so he nodded his head and accepted his invite. Soon, all of the Riders of Norria were added to Lux’s party.

It was not only the Riders who had joined Lux’s party, but also the Village Guards led by Aron, who was currently fighting against the Beast Ghoul in the Western side of the village.

“Eiko, summon Blackie and Whitey, as well as your Skeletons!” Lux ordered. “Also, don’t join the battle for now. Wait for me to give you the signal!”

“Pa!” Eiko nodded as she summoned Blackie, Whitey, and her Skeleton Soldiers to fight by their side. Although she was raring to join them in battle, she prioritized obeying her Papa’s orders because she trusted him completely.

Lux did the same and raised his hand to shout a Battle Cry to enhance everyone’s physical and magical damage. He knew that even the smallest increment in strength could potentially tilt the battle in their favor, so he no longer planned to only use it for himself and his Summons.

The Riders of Norria and the Village Guards immediately felt an additional strength surge in their bodies. However, before they could express their amazement, Diablo shouted his Warlord’s Warcry, further boosting their strength.

“Jade Body!” Lux shouted and all his Skeletons Summons, as well as his other allies were enveloped with brilliance, coating their bodies with another layer of protection.

“W-We might just win this,” Boreas muttered as he felt the power that was flowing inside his body.

Because of the buffs, all of the Riders of Norria’s strength had been given an upgrade and their strength were now similar to a Grade B Apostle (Rank 3 Monsters). Boreas’ strength even reached the initial stages of a Grade A Apostle (Rank 4 Monsters).

“Now, Captain, can you hold them back for five minutes?” Lux asked as he gazed at Boreas with a serious expression on his face.

This time, Boreas nodded his head.

“If it is only five minutes, I can do that,” Boreas replied. “However, will we win if I give you five minutes?”

“Perhaps,” Lux answered. “I will not know until we try.”

Boreas grinned as he urged his mount to face the Monsters alongside his men.

“Boy, if we survive this, I’m taking you out for a drink,” Boreas stated. “I’ll give you the best Dwarf Wine you will ever taste in your life.”

Lux smiled as he nodded his head. “I look forward to it.”

The Half-Elf then summoned his Soul Book and started distributing his free stat points to his attributes, so that he could fight with full strength.

Slowly but surely, Lux’s Rank broke through the Grade D Disciple Rank, but it didn’t stop there, continuously rising at a rapid pace.

He had now broken past the limit of what was acceptable inside the Beginner’s Zone, but he didn’t care.

Several rows of text appeared in front of him, presenting him with the new set of abilities that had been unlocked after upgrading to his current rank.

As the Half-Elf raced against time, his Named Creatures and Skeleton Summons fought with everything they had to buy him the time he needed.

They knew that once their Master had finished allocating his points to his Stats and Skills, his true strength, that he had been suppressing for the past few months, would finally be unleashed in full.


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