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Strongest Necromancer Of Heaven’s Gate – Chapter 127: Your Journey In Elysium Has Just Begun, Right? Bahasa Indonesia

< Special Quest >

– Encounter with a Mutated Monster

Mission Rating: A

Status: Completed!

< Quest Objective >

– Kill the Mutated Golden Eyed Crimson Mantis

< Rewards >

– 100 Free Stat Points

– 100 Skill Points

– 100 Body Constitution Points

– Mutated Golden Eyed Crimson Mantis Claws (2 pcs)

– Mutated Golden Eyed Crimson Mantis Claws Exoskeleton

– Rank 3 Alpha Beast Core (Mutated Golden Eyed Crimson Mantis)

< Bonus Reward >

– Choose One of the Mutated Golden Eyed Crimson Mantis Skills

– Any skill that you learned from this reward cannot be duplicated, and will not be part of the random skill that you will obtain after using the Beast Core of the Mutated Golden Eyed Crimson Mantis.

< Skills that can be chosen >

Skills: Crimson Slash, Double Fury Slash, Berserk, Air Steps, Quick Assault, Hunter’s Mark, Doppelganger, Coup de Grace.

Passive Skills: Intimidate, Razor Wind.



Lux couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the Bonus Reward that he had obtained from the Special Quest after the Mutated Monster had been slain.

In truth, the Half-Elf wanted to acquire the skill Doppelganger so badly that he stared at the Beast Core in his hand with a very serious expression on his face. He thought that since he had two Beast Cores in hand, he had a two out of ten chances of getting it.

Since he could now freely choose a skill that belonged to the Golden-Eyed Crimson Mantis, he was determined to choose Doppelganger as his reward.


You have acquired the skill, Doppelganger.


< Skill Evolution [EX] detected a new Skill. >

– Since the skill, Doppelganger, is not learned from a Beast Core, it will automatically be upgraded to Doppelganger [EX]

< Doppelganger [EX] >

– Create two almost perfect clones of the target (Self).

– The Doppelgangers will be able to use any of the target’s Skills freely, with the exception of Named Creatures. They will also have 50% of the target’s overall stats, and will last for thirty minutes, or until they are destroyed.

Cooldown: 1 hour.


Lux did a fist pump out of happiness when he saw the evolved form of the skill Doppelganger. He had seen how Eiko copied the Alpha Monster’s Doppelganger skill and created a clone of her own, which also summoned Undead Skeletons and two slimes to fight for her side.

‘It’s quite unfortunate that my Doppelgangers can’t summon Diablo and the others.’ Lux chuckled internally at the thought of having three Diablos, three Pazuzus and three Ishtars. ‘I can somewhat understand why the Doppelganger can’t allow such a thing. The Skill would just be too OP if even Named Creatures can be replicated that easily.’

The Half-Elf was in a very good mood as he and his friends returned to the entrance of the Figaro Gardens. The hundreds of Dwarves that had evacuated in that area all cheered after hearing that the Mutated Monster had been killed.

All of them looked at Lux, Colette, and her friends, as well as the Apostle Grade Party who fought tooth and nail to defeat the Monster that terrorized the Figaro Garden after it had spawned.

Colette and her friends weren’t used to the looks of admiration from the Dwarves who cheered for their victory.

“It’s nice, isn’t it?” Lux said as he patted Colette’s head. “Although your sister is indeed good, never belittle yourself. Your journey in Elysium has just begun, right?”

“Un!” Colette nodded her head happily as they headed back towards Leaf Village with smiles on their faces.

They didn’t expect their graduation ceremony to be that intense. In truth, all of them were happy to overcome such a hurdle without having any casualties on their side.

When they entered the village, they headed straight to the Plaza, so that they could return to Solais. Colette told Lux that she wanted to tell her parents that she was now an Apostle.

Of course, this wasn’t her only purpose. This would also allow her Big Sister to make preparations for their reunion in Elysium when they meet up in the Intermediate Town later on.

Matty, Andy, Axel, and Helen also had the same thoughts, so they bid their goodbyes to Lux and told him that they would return in two days time after meeting their families and sharing the good news with them.

Lux waited for the Dwarf children to leave before lightly tapping the Arondight Ring on his finger. Since his friends would be staying with their parents for a day, he thought that this was also a good opportunity for him to go back home and spend some time with his Grandma.

“Let’s go home, Eiko.”



As soon as Lux appeared in the training room, he immediately heard the sound of hurried footsteps coming in his direction.

A moment later, the door opened and a young lady with light-blue hair jumped into his arms while shouting, “Welcome back, Big Brother!”.

“I-Iris?” Lux stuttered after taking a good look at the beautiful lady in his arms. “What are you doing here? Where is Grandma?”

Iris raised her head and gave Lux a look filled with injustice.

“Why? Am I not allowed to visit?” Iris replied with a pout.

Lux chuckled as he lightly patted his step-sister’s head, which immediately put a smile on her face.

“Of course you can,” Lux commented. “It’s just that, I wasn’t expecting you to be here.”

Just as the Half-Elf was about to say more, Eiko happily jumped over to Iris’ head, and crawled down to the side of her face, giving her a kiss on the cheek.


“Eiko! I missed you.”


The mother and daughter pair rubbed their cheeks against each other’s, while Lux could only look at them with a smile.

“Welcome back, Lux,” Vera said as she walked towards her grandson and gave him a hug.

Lux felt the warmth and security of his Grandma’s embrace and smiled. “I’m back, Grandma.”

Vera pulled back and cupped Lux’s face. “Are you hungry? You came at the right time. Iris and I were just about to eat. Let’s have dinner together.”

“Okay.” Lux nodded.

Iris then held onto Lux’s arm and stuck to him like glue, as they followed behind Vera.

Although he didn’t know why Iris came for a visit, he was still happy to see her. There were some questions that he wanted to ask her in regards to Beast Companions, and he was hoping that his brocon-step-sister would be able to answer the questions that were bugging him back in Elysium.


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