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The Red Mantis narrowed its eyes as it scanned the crowd of weaklings that had the intention to fight it.

Ten Skeleton Fighters and eleven Skeleton Grand Archers. That was the number of Lux’s Summons aside from his Named Creatures. Since Eiko was around, that number doubled, making it a force that could threaten ordinary monsters in the Beginner’s Area.

Unfortunately, they were dealing with a Mutated Monster that was known for its powerful attacks that could slice monsters in half.

Lux then activated the Elysium Compendium which had merged with his Soul Book to check what kind of monster they were facing. Half a minute later, a frown appeared on his face after reading its information.


< Golden Eyed Crimson Mantis >

– Figaro Garden Apex Creature

– Mutated Monster

– Rank 3 Alpha Monster

Health: 84,000 / 84,000

Mana: 30,000 / 30,000

Strength: 200

Intelligence: 50

Vitality: 140

Agility: 200

Dexterity: 200

Skills: Crimson Slash, Double Fury Slash, Berserk, Air Steps, Quick Assault, Hunter’s Mark, Doppelganger, Coup de Grace.

Passive Skills: Intimidate, Razor Wind.

‘Sh*t!’ Lux thought. ‘Those skills are bad news, especially Doppelganger and Coup the Grace.’

< Doppelganger >

– Create an almost perfect clone of the target (Self).

– The Doppelganger will be able to use any of the target’s skills freely. It will also have 50% of the target’s overall stats, and will last for thirty minutes, or until they are destroyed.

Cooldown: 30 minutes.


< Coup De Grace >

– Deals 500% additional damage to any target that is in a helpless or incapacitated condition.

– Targets who are knocked unconscious, paralyzed, petrified, poisoned, or in a crippled state, would be dealt with greater damage from this attack.

– Any target under a negative status buff will also receive additional damage from this attack.

Example: Fear from Intimidation.


“Colette, Helen, please help restore Pazuzu’s health,” Lux said. “We need him in full health. This is one troublesome enemy and we need him to tank it.”

“Understood, Big Brother.”


Lux then informed everyone, including the Apostle Party that had come to help them deal with the Golden Eyed Crimson Mantis, about its skills and abilities.

Just like he expected, they also had grim expressions on their faces when they heard the effect of the skills that their foe possessed.

“Here is the plan, my Demonic Defender and Skeleton Rider will take turns in taking its aggro,” Lux stated. “Once it enters its berserk state, all of us will run away. I repeat, all of us will run away and wait until its Berserk Phase ends. A single slash from that monster can cut all of us in half, so unless any of you want to die, it will be best to let it enter a weakened state before we go in for the kill.”

After hearing the strategy everyone nodded their heads in agreement.

“Go, Pazuzu!” Lux ordered.

The Demonic Protector, who had recovered his health, used Shield Charge to engage the Crimson Mantis in close combat.

After dealing the first blow, all range attackers bombarded the Alpha Monster from a distance. Lux’s and Eiko’s Skeleton Fighters took a defensive stance, ready to protect everyone from any surprise attacks from the Crimson Mantis.

Lux didn’t dare underestimate it since it had the Skill Quick Assault, allowing it to increase its movement speed as it attacked its designated target.

After receiving the bombardment from the different range attackers, the Mantis was enraged and slashed Pazuzu, knocking him aside before unleashing a barrage of Crimson Blades at the Dwarves, who were attacking it from a distance.

The Skeleton Fighters immediately positioned themselves to block the attack with their shields. Their defensive stance succeeded at the cost of the Skeletal Fighters collapsing into a pile of bones after blocking a single attack.

The Crimson Mantis’ passive skill, Razor Wind, infused its attacks with the Wind Element, making its attacks extra sharp. This allowed it to overcome defensive equipment like armor and shields and cut deeper into its target, thereby dealing lethal damage.

Lux and Eiko didn’t bat an eye as they resummoned the Skeletal Fighters that died in battle. The Half-Elf could feel his liver ache due to the damage that was done to the equipment that his Skeletons were wearing.

The shields that were used to block the Mantis’ attack were now dented, proving just how problematic the Alpha Monster’s attack was. Fortunately, Lux could ask his master, Randolph, to repair his minions’ equipment for a discount because he was his Disciple.

‘I just hope that the loot is worth it,’ Lux thought as he ordered his Skeletons to take a defensive stance.

Eiko’s Summons were different from Lux’s because they weren’t wearing any equipment. This made them significantly weaker to her Papa’s summons, but they were still decent enough to act as meat shields when things got out of hand.

It was at this moment when something unexpected happened. The Crimson Mantis entered a Berserked State even though it still had 80% of its health remaining. But, that was the least of their worries.

Right after activating its Berserk Skill, raising its stats to the middle stages of Rank 4, it activated its skill, Doppelganger, creating a copy that was half as strong as its berserked state.

“Run!” Lux immediately ordered when he felt the intimidation aura of the two Monsters stacked together, making Colette and the other dwarves stiffen due to how scary the two Monsters were.

“Diablo! Pazuzu! Hold them back!” Lux ordered as he grabbed hold of Colette’s and Matty’s hands, forcefully dragging them away from the frontlines.

Blackie and Whitey had been affected by the Monster’s intimidation, making them unable to react as several Crimson Slashes flew in their direction.

Both slimes were instantly annihilated, making Eiko shout in anger. However she also knew that she couldn’t fight against the Crimson Mantis in its current state, especially without her Papa’s help, so she remained perched on top of Lux’s head while firing several elemental spells at the two monsters as they moved further and further away from the battlefield.

Some of the Skeleton Grand Archers carried the members of the Apostle Party who had also been affected by the Intimidation Skill of the Crimson Mantis, and ran alongside their Master, Lux.

Although they had already run a good distance away, the explosions still shook the battlefield, so Lux opted to summon his Warg, Jed, and ordered his friends to do the same.

The members of the Apostle Party also rode the Wargs with gratitude as the distance between them and the Alpha Monsters increased.

At least, that was what they thought until they heard the buzzing of wings that was slowly getting stronger with each passing second.

Lux didn’t want to believe it, but he knew that what they were hearing wasn’t a delusion.

A single glance at the map function of the Elysium Compendium was enough to confirm his suspicion. The Alpha Monster, as well as its Doppelganger were right behind their backs, and shortening the gap at an incredible pace.

Clearly, it had decided to leave the group of Skeletons that didn’t have an ounce of flesh or blood on them, and run after the Half-Elf and the Dwarves that would serve as its nutrition, in addition to it getting payback because they had gotten in the way of its meal.


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