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Strongest Necromancer Of Heaven’s Gate – Chapter 123: Birth Of An Apex Beast Bahasa Indonesia

Lux activated the Rank 3 Skill ticket he stored in his Soul Book, which allowed him to choose one skill from. among the many skills that were exclusive to the Orc Race.


Rending Strike – (A cleaving Strike that Orobak used)


Primal Slash

Last Stand

Thick Skin

Primal Instinct

Close Combat Mastery

Might over Magic




Warrior’s Luck





There were over a hundred skills available, ranging from Rank 1 skills up to Rank 3 skills.

Lux didn’t ignore the Rank 1 and 2 skills, and read all of their descriptions. For him, as long as the skill was useful to him, it didn’t matter even if the skill had a lower rank. Since he had the ability, Skill Evolution [EX], he could easily get a stronger version of his chosen skill, once it was upgraded.

After pondering for several minutes, Lux was left with two choices which were the two passive skills Might over Magic and Warrior’s Luck.

Lux could have chosen an active skill that could deal damage to his enemies, but he was someone who had the end game in mind. Since these two skills gave a bonus to him, his allies, as well as all of his summoned creatures, they were more useful than a powerful attack that he could only use for himself.

As the name suggested, Might over Magic gave Lux, as well as his summons, increased magical resistance, reducing the damage of spells that were used against them.

This was quite a balanced skill and would still be effective even when he and his summons had achieved a higher rank. Also, most armors had features that decreased both physical and magical attack damage, which could be stacked with this ability, making them more resistant to magic attacks.

The second skill, Warrior’s Luck, was an interesting skill because it focused on increasing the chance of the activation of certain effects during battle. For example, Lux’s Void Arrow that could blind opponent doesn’t always trigger the blind effect. If he had the passive skill, Warrior’s Luck, the chances of blinding enemies would be higher.

This was also a good addition to his summons’ special abilities, like Pazuzu’s normal attacks, which had a chance of inflicting Fear on his foes, making them run away. Ishtar’s normal attacks also had the chance to slow down and freeze her opponents when her attacks hit them.

This was why Warrior’s Luck was quite appealing to Lux. It made any ability that relied on Chance and Luck more likely to activate.

After a long internal struggle, Lux decided to choose the Rank 2 Skill, Warrior’s Luck.

You have chosen the skill Warrior’s Luck.


< Skill Evolution [EX] detected a new Skill. >

< Since the Skill, Warrior’s Luck, is not learned from a Beast Core, evolution requirements will be waived. >

– Warrior’s Luck has successfully been upgraded to Warrior’s Luck [EX]!

< Warrior’s Luck [EX] >

– Greatly increases the chance of activating abilities that rely on Luck and Chance.


Lux smiled in satisfaction after seeing the information of his newly upgraded Skill. Although he didn’t know how much the chances had increased, he still felt that it was a worthwhile skill to have because it was an all-rounder.

“Big Brother!”

Colette’s shout made the Half-Elf, as well as the baby Slime, look in her direction.

Right now, Colette, Matty, and Helen were wearing light-weight, dark-green armor, with golden platings along the edges. Just a single glance was enough to tell him that this was Leaf Village’s exclusive Mythical Armor that was called the Faunus Battle Regalia.

“Welcome back,” Lux said as he patted the adorable Dwarf, who had run to hug him with a big smile on her face, on the head.

“Sis!” Eiko also crawled on Colette’s shoulder and gave her a kiss on the cheek as a greeting.

“How do I look?” Colette asked as she puffed up her chest proudly with her hands on her waist.

Lux chuckled before giving her his answer. “It looks good on you. With this, I’m sure the chances of beating the Red-Eyed Terror Mantis, as well as your sister’s record in the Bronze Crypt is assured.”

Lux was unable to use his appraisal skill on races and creatures that possessed Soul Books. Because of this, he was unable to see the stats of the Mythical Armor that had been bestowed on his friends by Cedwyn, who was the Village Head of Leaf Village.

Colette blushed after Lux praised her, which made Matty grab the adorable Dwarf’s hand and pull her away from Lux.

“Let’s go to the Figaro Garden,” Matty said as he tried to come up with a good reason for dragging Colette away. “We only have ten days to remain in the Beginner’s Zone. Every moment counts.”

Colette didn’t find anything wrong with what Matty said because she was feeling the same way. She felt that now that she had become an Apostle, time was something precious to her because she only had ten days to spend with her Big Brother, before she left him behind.

“Big Brother, let’s go!” Colette shouted. “What will we do if someone is already fighting the Red-Eyed Terror Mantis? We will have to wait for a week before it respawns again!”

“Alright, I’m coming.” Lux smiled as he followed behind Colette and the others.

He didn’t intend to summon all of his minions to fight against the Red-Eyed Terror Mantis because it would defeat the purpose of the graduation ceremony.

‘I’ll just summon Pazuzu, and Ishtar,’ Lux thought. ‘They should be enough to provide support as they fight against that Alpha Beast.’


Figaro Gardens…

A five-meter tall Mantis let out a deafening shriek as soon as it appeared inside the Figaro Gardens.

Its entire body was crimson in color, with golden platings near the edges, giving it a formidable and deadly appearance.

Its golden eyes glowed faintly as it scanned its surroundings to look for its prey. It had just respawned inside its Domain, and it was feeling incredibly hungry.

A wandering Ant glanced in the Red Mantis’ direction before hurrying away in a mad sprint. However, before it could get away, a crimson slash, made from condensed magical energy, split its body in half.

As the Ant’s life force faded away, its eyes gazed at the approaching Crimson Mantis in front of it. The five-meter tall monster was very different from the Red-Eyed Terror Mantis that was considered to be the Apex Beast of the Figaro Gardens.

Several creatures who saw the scene also madly escaped, in fear of being the next victim of the Red Mantis that they were seeing for the first time in their lives.


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