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Strongest Necromancer Of Heaven’s Gate – Chapter 111: What The F*ck bro? U Mad?! Bahasa Indonesia

‘Is this really a C-Ranked Dungeon?!’ Lux cursed internally when he saw the changes in Orobak’s strength.

A Rank 5 Monster in a C-Ranked Dungeon was unheard of. But, then again, he had unlocked the only Hidden Quest inside the Orc Dominion Dungeon, so he could somehow understand why the difficulty rating of the boss spiked this much.

Even though it was still weaker than the Draconic Kobold, Cadmus, the current Orobak was still no laughing matter. A Rank 5 Boss Monster as an enemy was something that they were not prepared to face at this point in time.

“Right now, I think he is as strong as the Field Boss, Forest Wolf King.” Lux looked at Orobak, but he couldn’t see the Boss Monster’s stats. All he could see was the basic information. Even though the information he could see was limited, it was enough to confirm his suspicions.


< Orobak >

– Orc Chieftain

– Final Boss of Orc Dominion (Story Mode)

– Rank 5 Boss Monster (Initial Stages)

Health: 400,000 / 400,000

Mana: 80,000 / 80,000

Strength: ???

Intelligence: ???

Vitality: ???

Agility: ???

Dexterity: ???

Skills: ???

Title: One Who Holds Dominion


‘This is bad. Barca will not be able to beat him alone.’ Lux desperately tried to think of another way to help Barca since his own forces were tied up with the Two Orc Berserkers, which had no other purpose but to make their lives difficult. It was at this moment when he saw the other Orc Warlords who were dealing with their own enemies.

“Baronar! Help Barca! He won’t be able to beat Orobak alone!” Lux shouted.

The Orc Shaman glanced at his direction and shook his head.

“We are Orcs. None of us will interfere in the duel for succession. This is part of the rules that our ancestors set long ago,” Baronar replied. “However, none of you are bound by that rule.”

The Orc Shaman no longer said anything as he hurled his Shamanic Magic at the Orc Berserkers that tried to overpower his Elite Spirit Summons. Although he didn’t say it explicitly, his words meant that if Lux and his friends wanted to help Barca, they may do so because they were not Orcs.

Lux looked at his current forces who had just managed to defeat their opponents after almost pushing themselves to their limit.

His and Eiko’s Mana was already halved due to their constant summoning of their Skeletal Forces, who would die after two to three slashes from the Orc Berserkers that they were trying to defeat.

Oreg, the last Orc Warlord, roared and charged in their direction.

“I will not allow any of you to interfere!” Oreg charged at Lux and the Dwarven Children, while sending everything in his path flying in every direction.

“Sh*t!” Lux immediately hurled three Void Arrows in Oreg’s direction in an attempt to blind him, but the status effect didn’t activate.

When the Orc Warmonger was only a few dozens of meters away from them, Lux had no choice but to order his tank to block his path.

“Pazuzu! Stop him!” Lux ordered.

Pazuzu raised his shield high and met Oreg’s charge head on.

The result was Pazuzu being blown away by the initial clash due to the great difference in stats.

However, the Demonic Protector righted itself in the air and used its skill Shield Wall. When the giant blue tower shield appeared in front of Pazuzu, it used its trademark skill, Madlad Rush, wielding the shield to bash Oreg’s Body, sending the latter skidding a few meters away.

The two fighters clashed against each other with Pazuzu losing ground every time. His Shield Wall could only last for a minute. After that, the Orc Monger would overpower him, breaking through his defenses.

Suddenly, an arrow hit the side of Oreg’s body, pushing him sideways.

Ishtar had activated her Siege Stance and used her Knockback arrow in order to give Pazuzu some breathing time.

“Wench!” Oreg spat angrily. “I’ll kill you!”

It was at that moment when Oreg felt a threat behind him, so he immediately turned around and used his War Axes to block the Fire Lances that Diablo’s Nightmare had shot in his direction.

“Triple Slash!” Matty roared as he executed three full-powered slashes on Oreg’s Leg while his attention was diverted elsewhere.

Unfortunately, even if he managed to get a direct hit, the damage he dished out was only enough to give Oreg some shallow cuts, which was nothing to the Orc Warmonger.

Oreg backhanded the Dwarf and sent him flying. Matty crashed on the ground several meters away and rolled a few times before coming to a complete stop.

He spat out a mouthful of blood, and tried to stand up, but his body was still recovering from the shock that it had received from Oreg’s powerful blow.

Suddenly, an Orc Berserker who thought that this was a good opportunity to kill someone, lunged towards Matty with its Great Axe held high.

“Matty!” Colette shouted as she ran in her friend’s direction with the intention to help him.

However, she was too far from him. And even if she arrived on time, there was nothing she could do. She didn’t have the ability to deal with an Orc Berserker alone.

Just as the Orc Berserker was about to slash the young Dwarf, the Orc Raider, Tanabur, and his Warg, jumped over Matty’s body and collided with the Orc Berserker in mid-air.

The clash made the Orc Berserker howl in pain as the Warg bit into its body. Simultaneously, Tanabur’s War Axe cut off the arm that was holding its weapon.

A meter away from Matty’s body, the War axe lay on the ground along the opposing Orc’s arm that was still holding its weapon. This showed how strong the Orc Berserker’s grip was on its weapon. Even after the arm was severed from its body, the hand and the weapon still hadn’t separated.

After decapitating the Orc Berserker, Tanabur returned to Matty’s side and grabbed the back of his light-weight armor. Without giving any warning, Tanabur tossed Matty in Lux’s direction before looking for his next opponent.

Matty, who was thrown away, was caught by one of Lux’s Skeletal Fighters, and brought to Helen to allow her to heal her friend.

“Eiko! Just use Void Arrows and Mana Drain on Oreg!” Lux ordered the baby slime that was currently on top of his head. “I don’t believe we can’t blind this bastard!”

“Pa!” Eiko obeyed Lux and joined her Papa as they rained Void Arrows at the Orc Warmonger with the intention of blinding him.

After two minutes, Eiko’s Void Arrow finally blinded the Orc Warmonger, sending Oreg into a frenzy.

He blindly hacked around him in an attempt to deter his enemies. Unfortunately for him, Pazuzu and Diablo had no intention of fighting him in his current state and allowed their comrades to use their range attacks to whittle Oreg’s health away.

Ishtar and the Skeleton Grand Archers turned Oreg into a porcupine while using their Skill Poison Arrows. Poison was the best way to kill an opponent with very high HP because the poison damage would always deal a percentage of their maximum HP.

The Poison in Oreg’s body grew, until he entered a status known as Badly Poisoned state. Although it was not enough to kill him completely, it was more than enough to make his life miserable.

“Kill!” Lux ordered as he grabbed a fist sized rock from his storage ring. Activating his Power Shot Skill, he threw the rock at the blinded and poisoned Orc Warmonger.

The Skeleton Grand Archers used their Crippling Volley. Ishtar fired arrow after arrow, aiming for Oreg’s Heart. The moment she succeeds, the power of her Heartstriker Bow would be activated.

Diablo fired his Bone Spears, while Eiko unleashed a barrage of elemental spells to rapidly bring Oreg’s health down.

“Eat DPS Baby!” Lux shouted as he threw another rock at Oreg’s motionless body that had taken a defensive stance.

Just as the Orc Warmonger’s life was about to hit zero, a sonic boom reverberated in the air.

Lux could only look in shock at the two-meter long arrow embedded in Oreg’s forehead, claiming the last hit, and ending the Orc Warmonger’s life.

The Half-Elf turned around to look in the direction where the arrow came from and saw, Morgazar looking at him with a smug expression on his face. The Orc Hunter even gave Lux a thumbs up, while the red-headed teenager gave him the middle finger.

“You f*cking kill stealer!” Lux shouted. “What the f*ck bro? U mad?!”

The Orc Hunter didn’t know what Lux meant with his words, and only thought that the Half-Elf was thanking him for his timely assistance.

“No need to thank me!” Morgazar shouted. “We are on the same team!”

“It wasn’t a thank you, You F*cker!”

“Um, I don’t know what you’re saying, but, thank you?”

The Orc Hunter then shifted its attention back to the battlefield and rained arrows upon their enemies, leaving the Half-Elf very frustrated with how things turned out in the end.

The bodies of the Dwarves glowed, after Oreg was killed, which meant that all of them had gained a level after beating the Mini-Boss of the dungeon.

When Oreg’s body turned into particles of light, he dropped a Rank 4 Beast Core, his two War Axes, as well as a necklace with a single jagged tooth in it.

Eiko didn’t waste time and ate all of the items before hurrying back in Lux’s direction. Now that one of the greatest obstacles blocking their way was dead. Only the Last Boss of the Dungeon remained.


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