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Son of the Hero King – Chapter 63: SPECIAL CHAPTER: DOUBLE MASSAGE Bahasa Indonesia

(AN: Those events happen few days before the tournament.)

Sol was currently resting in the church after having fled from the training with Lilith. He didn’t mind being trained harshly, but he also needed to relax from time to time.

“To think Sol fell asleep so soundly, that crazy Lilith must really be tiring him.”

“Indeed. However, his sleeping face sure is cute…”

While Sol was still in the middle of his dreams, two women entered his room, enjoying the sight of his sleeping face.

One was Milia, his maid and the other was unsurprisingly Camelia. They were now sitting next to Sol, watching him as he sleeps.

“Nevertheless, for him to not even wake up with two people so close to him. Perhaps Lilith isn’t training him enough?”

“This isn’t the case. I assure you that his highness senses are incredibly sharp. It’s just that he doesn’t consider us as a threat and as such his sense didn’t wake him up.”

“Fufufu~! I see. In short, he felt at ease next to us.”

It was truly incredible to see a Maid and the one equal to the king of the country speaking as if they were on equal terms.

“So, how is the investigation going on your side?”

“The Eyes are doing their jobs. It shouldn’t take long for us to gather enough evidence. What about the inquisition?”

“Heh~Those conservatives old bastard of the inquisition didn’t want to help at first. But I am very persuasive.”

Milia nodded, not bothering to try to understand better.

“Soon, all his highness future worries will be blown away without even the slightest resistance.”

Camelia nodded at those words before focusing once again on the sleeping Sol. The more she looked at him the looser her expression became. It reaches the level where she was even salivating.

Currently, Sol was wearing light trousers without a top. This impact was simply too great for Camelia.

Seemingly understanding Camelia’s desire, Milia smiled before proposing.

“From my observations, his highness seems to appreciate being woke up by a fellatio. Perhaps you should try it?”

“Oh, my! Sol is really a naughty child.” Camelia hesitated a little before finally asking, “Then, why don’t we…”


Sol, who felt a moist sensation transmitted to his penis slowly opened his eyes. What he saw, made him wonder if he was having a wet dream.

The first thing his brain registered was Camelia and Milia wearing a see-through negligee made out of a very thin material. The white fabric covered their bare skin, but it clung to their bodies, accentuating the feminine curves of their boobs and butt.

The second thing it registered was the fact that they were currently sucking and licking his penis. The sensation was simply out of this world.

“Fufufu~you thought you were having a wet dream, but it was us!”

Seemingly feeling the change in his breathing rhythm, Camelia, who was previously licking the shaft of his penis let go of it before asking.

“Do you like it?”

Closing his eyes and enjoying the situation he nodded.

“Yeah, this feels heavenly.”

It had to be said, but seeing two mature women with impressive curves going down on him was an incredible sight to behold.

“Still, what is happening?”

“It is as you see it, this lowly maid and Saint Camelia are now serving you.”

Slowly feeling the urge build-up, “I am about to cum.”

Sol calmly warned before letting go and ejaculating.

“Ah~ !” “Nn!”

Seeing the cloudy white liquid land on the breast and face of those two women, Sol let out a sigh of contentment.

“Fufufu. Seems like your highness really appreciated it.”

Smiling with her cum covered face, Milia licked some of it with her tongue. Camelia meanwhile had a dazed expression while her face was growing redder and her breath rougher.

Seeing them like that, Sol could, even more, distinguish them and their usual kinks. Milia liked to mother him while they were having sex. For her, his pleasure comes before her own, and just seeing him ejaculate was enough for her.

Camelia on the other was a submissive pure and through with some streak of masochism, though not too much.

It was truly a heavenly combination.

Still, seeing them like that, Sol’s eyes lit up as he thought of something he always wanted to try.

Double tit fuck.

Hearing his suggestion, both Camelia and Milia were more than happy to oblige.

Slowly taking off their negligee, the two of them were now clad in only their panties. Milia, wearing crotchless black panties, while Camelia was wearing frilly white panties.

His heartbeat accelerated at this sight as he simply wished to lay them down and fuck them but, he had a fantasy to complete.

Even though Milia’s breasts were the largest, Camelia didn’t fall behind by too much. Those two different sizes of bust surrounded his rod from either side. His penis was fully erect, but it was easily buried.

“This is so hot.”

They moved their heavy-looking breasts up and down to stroke the sensitive rod with their extremely soft tits.

“I must apologize, Your highness … I am already leaking milk…”

Milia blushed a little and white milk left the tips of her springy maid boobs to wet all four breasts.

Camelia, seeing this exclaimed in admiration.

“So this is the Milk. It’s the first time I saw a woman, not pregnant lactate.”

The rod contained between them was overwhelmed. The pleasure of their double titjob stimulated his lust to the point he thought his lower body would melt away.

“Nn~! What do you think, Sol? Does this feel good?”

Seemingly stimulated by the act of servicing him with another woman, Camelia stared at him with melted eyes.

“Of course. This is really great.”

He couldn’t use words to describe how good he felt currently. After all that training, the pleasure was even more overwhelming.

Happy by the answer he gave, she opened her sexy lips, stuck her tongue out, and let a clear nectar drip down between her breasts. Camelia’s saliva mixed with the milk of Milia to provide better lubrication and the four breasts made an obscenely wet sound as they moved.

Finally, the pleasure provided reached the final point as his penis throbbed, and ejaculated for the second time while being buried in those two pairs of breasts.

Not as much got on Milia’s face, but he gave Camelia a complete facial as her tongue crawled along with the head. But instead of trying to avoid it, she opened her mouth, stuck out her tongue, and caught the white liquid with a look of ecstasy on her face.

It was slightly bitter but she could feel her heart melt in pleasure.

While Camelia was in trance, Milia began sucking his still hard penis. She blew a breath on the head during the sensitive period immediately the following climax and then the warm flesh of her mouth surrounded it.

“Ah. Milia this is good enough now. I think it’s time to attack the main meal.”

He couldn’t hold back anymore.

“Now, the two of you, turn back on all four.”

Entering his master persona, he commanded them. Milia opened her eyes wide in surprise since it was the first time she saw him so domineering on the bed but the blush on her face showed that she did not mind it all. Camelia on the other hand directly turned as he ordered.

Watching those two beautiful and plump butt clad in panties. Sol nodded in appreciation and slowly began to caresses them. Breasts were good, but he was definitely more of an ass man.

Sneaking a finger in the already drenched slit of Milia, Sol already knew who would be his first target.

What followed was an entire day full of moans and cry as they let their lust flow.


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