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Son of the Hero King – Chapter 373: CH341:LINK Bahasa Indonesia

Once the high of pleasure calmed down, everyone released a sigh, ostensibly at the same exact time. It was obvious that they had all held their breaths seeing the carnal and debauched spectacle between the trio of lovers.

“Well… This was… Quite the spectacle.”

Both Isis and Nefertiti were kneeling in front of Sol while entirely covered in his white, cloudy bodily fluids. The expression of Isis was one of pure rapture as she managed to orgasm at the same time as Sol did and while Nefertiti wasn’t able to reach the same high as the other two, her arousal was clear for everyone to see.

The same went for both Nent and Kiyohime who were standing beside Sol while he continued to manhandle their sensitive breasts and lower parts with his skillful hands. Even while receiving a double blowjob from two of his wonderful lovers, Sol did not forget to continue pleasuring them slowly.

Because of this, they were so high-strung that they could just climax at any moment. They were really on the verge of losing their reason and surrendering themselves to the onslaught of pleasure, eager to reach their delectable climaxes.

The odor of sex was simply overpowering and the desires buried in their heart was set ablaze by the previous display of debauchery and love.

Skuld tried to find the words to describe what happened just now but for once, she could not form any coherent sentences and could only stay nigh-completely speechless, practically rooted on her spot.

The scene she witnessed was just too erotic. So much so that the chatterbox Titan who would die before choosing to not jeer at her fellow ‘sisters’ was rendered utterly voiceless.

‘I guess she didn’t obtain the concept of <<Servitude>> for nothing, huh?’

Even Nent gulped, rather loudly at that. Logically speaking, she had more experience than Nefertiti since she spent more nights with Sol since they came here. But she felt like her actual skill in pleasuring him fell way short compared to her own granddaughter. It was both a sobering and troubling thought.

“That was…truly incredible. Also sorry for that. It wasn’t my intention to do that.”

Sol gave them an awkward laugh. He didn’t have any plan to cum so much and in such a violent way. But the pleasure had simply been too much for him to hold himself back and let loose as he did now. Nefertiti’s skills were of the likes he had never seen before. He couldn’t help but wonder if the name of Ishtar was influencing her and giving her knowledge on how to please her lord, which was, fortunately, him and him alone.

This once again reaffirmed a plan he had been putting in motion for a long time. A way to guide those around him on the proper and the straightest path rather than letting them explore blindly and waste time, effort, and stamina.

Thinking about this, he lit up two small golden flames on the tip of his fingers before gently directing them toward the two young and beautiful women. The flame instantly covered both Nefertiti and Isis and simultaneously spread all over their sinful bodies.

Isis nearly jumped in surprise at seeing the sudden surge of flames that covered her whole. However, she instantly calmed herself from taking any action after realizing that Sol wouldn’t hurt her for no reason. That was how much trust she put in Sol.

As for Nefertiti, well, needless to say, she didn’t even flinch a single bit from the beginning to the end. Rather than confidence and trust in Sol… It was more or less clear that she couldn’t care less what he would do to her.

As long as the deed was done by her lord, the center of all her faith and devotion, her response would still be the same. It didn’t matter to her even if he were to burn her to cinders, she’d gladly accept that fate with all the happiness in the world as that was a fate that her lord had imparted her.

Long story short, she was crazy as all hell.

When the flames covering them both vanished, not one speck of dust – nor any other dubious substances could be found on their bodies. Sol had just used his most offensive move to clean the bodies of his lovers. Truly flabbergasting…

“Haha~! If My sister or mother were to learn just how you used the holy flames right now, they would have probably gotten a heart attack by now.

“So we should keep this a secret, right?”

Sol winked at Nent, causing her to chuckle even more. Just imagining how Gabriel would react if she knew that Sol used this power just to wipe out some of his seed covering her descendants was enough to already make her day…

“There is something I would like to try.”

Nefertiti declared. As sudden as it could be, all eyes were now drawn to her, and seeing that she had gathered their attention, she placed her hands together.

A pink light flashed around her hands as she recited a silent prayer before the light gathered in between her palms swiftly flew and covered all five women.

“Please don’t worry.”

Skuld instinctively tried to resist but she was astonished to find that she could do nothing to reject that small light. The same went for Kiyohime and Nent,

“What is this?”

Nent gasped, “Sacrificial offering. You learned this already?”

Nefertiti tilted her head, “Sacrificial offering? This technique was just something I thought of on the fly. A way to share all of our senses if you will. I thought it would be more interesting in this situation. Now every sensation that one of us feels will be felt by the others too.”

Nent let out a dumbfounded laugh, while all the others’ expressions changed to comical degrees.

What Nefertiti just described was simply too frightening.

“Can you focus the feelings of many people into one or share those feelings with everyone if you wish?”

“I think… I can?”

Sol blinked in surprise. This power was simply too scary. What if she focused the feelings of hundreds or thousands of people into one? What if those hundreds of thousands of people all felt pain at the same time?

‘Talk about making people crazy.’

Of course, whether or not she could do something like this was debatable but it should still be possible to do so on the scale of a few thousand people as she was now.

Nent nodded to herself, “It is indeed close to sacrificial light. But a bit different, I think? Superior version most probably? It’s hard to say. Michael could link himself with his opponents and share all wounds. Once the link is established, if he dies then that person would also die.”


This time it was Isis who raised her hand, “Even though she is a hybrid, Nefertiti can use Nirvana… Right?”

Everyone felt a chill at the implication that was insinuated by Isis. Michael could only use this technique once because he did not have the power to come back to life.

But on the hand of a phoenix like Nefertiti? If she managed to learn the life-sharing version of her newfound skill, then she would basically be a monster.

Even without that version, the simple power she showed just now could entirely change the flow of a war and she was just a Duke.

While everyone was thinking of the war usage Nefertiti’s power might have, Skuld was more focused on another point.

‘What if she shared her feelings of love with many people?’

She realized once again that this power of Servitude was indeed the best possible power when it came to brainwashing people and creating a cult.

‘Though for now, it’s not the time.’

Shaking her head to get rid of those thoughts, Skuld clapped her hands,

“Since we got interrupted, why don’t we go take a bath?”

Skuld was very happy to see the monstrous talent Nefertiti was showing. After all, just obtaining a concept as powerful as <<Servitude>> wasn’t enough for her. Now she had even proven without a shadow of a doubt that, though she acted like a servant toward Sol, she was not one to be underestimated.

But now wasn’t the time to think about those things.

She wanted to get laid, goddess-damn-it, and she sure as hell was going to get what she wanted one way or another.


(AN: I know some people skip smut since obviously, not everyone likes reading smut. So I decided to put this chapter aside from the smut since I don’t want people saying I pulled something out of nothing. If Nefertiti used this power during the war and they wouldn’t know then it would simply be because they skipped one chapter.)

Trivia: Also for those who forgot, Nefertiti’s Kingly name is Ishtar. Goddess of Sex, love, and war.

She is also the daughter of An the god of the sky, in some versions, and Nent, also known as Nut, is the goddess of the sky in Egyptian myth. So yeah once again I don’t choose king names without putting thought into them.

Ishtar’s husband is called Tammuz, is the god of fertility (Who is super fertile in my story?) and she enters the underworld to take his soul from the hand of Ereshkigal. Man, myths are so fucken interesting.


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