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Son of the Hero King – Chapter 337: CH 306:SKULD (5)** Bahasa Indonesia

As Sol released copious amounts of his seed with a guttural grunt in Skuld’s throat, he realized that he had been rather helpless this time around. He usually made it a point to make his partner cum at least once before doing so himself but Skuld was a tough nut to crack.

Her desire and willingness to bring him pleasure and suck him dry could only be equaled by Milia and Nefertiti.

Thinking of Nefertiti, a gentle smile spread on his face. She was a gentle and attentive girl that was completely devoted to him and him alone. While the amount of time they had spent together was quite short, in comparison to his other women, there was no mistaking what he genuinely felt for the girl.

“Oh… If you can be distracted and reminded of someone else, then it seems like I didn’t do such a good job after all.”

The slightest hints of bitterness that colored Skuld’s voice brought him back to reality and Sol couldn’t help but berate himself inwardly for committing such a basic mistake.

After slurping all of his cum inside her, she turned around and placed her head gently on his manly chest while gazing at him with her deep black and scarlet eyes. He could feel those eyes of hers peering deep inside of him as if trying to guess who he was thinking about at this time.

Since he had a harem, it was impossible for him to be absolutely fair to all his women and love everyone equally. But at the very least, when he held one of them in his arms, all his thoughts should only be focused around that one person and one person only.

This was the minimum amount of respect all for his haremmates deserved.

Of course, there was also the fact that many of his women were rather unstable in the mental department and he didn’t know what they could do if they felt like they were being ignored or worse being abandoned…

After being called out, Sol did not show a flustered expression. Lying was useless so all he could do was apologize for his wrongdoings, so he did…

“I am sorry.”

“Tututu~ Saying sorry isn’t enough, you know. Now you have to promise me to leave everything up to me for tonight, deal?”

Sol grinned at her inquiry, “I will let you have your way with my body, madam.”

The two of them laughed lightly as Skuld moved around until she found the most ideal position.

She faced him, spreading her legs wide and placing them on either sides, and stood above the rod standing up from his crotch. She had already pulled down the top of her white dress, so her boobs were now exposed for him to witness and relish, adding to her allure and seductivity.

When he looked down, he saw that her beautiful navel was peeking through her dress. The extremely short mini skirt below that was pulled up to reveal her secret place which was still glistening with his saliva and her love juice.

He gulped when he imagined what it would feel like inside that horny Titaness. The last time had been a little bit too rushed in their union. His mind and thoughts had been pretty preoccupied with the incoming danger but now he was free to explore her body as he wished.

Skuld must have guessed what he was thinking about as a full smile spread along her luscious crimson lips. Grabbing his manhood in her left hand, spreading her labia with her other hand, she brought them both together.


Her hot and wet folds of delight and wonder touched the head of his penis. Her sticky love juices dripped down along his throbbing dick.

Finally, she slowly lowered her hips as if savoring the ecstatic feeling of the penis entering inside her. Her honeypot swallowed the stone-hard rod little by little.

The tip of the penis entered the small hole that was her pink vagina…


Skuld cried out a little but there was no hint of fear or pain on her face. She was staring down at the place where they were connected with only the expectation of joy and pleasure.

Since Skuld had asked him to not touch her with his hands, he placed both of his hands behind his head and savored the delicious sight as her slender hips continued to move downward.

Her slit had looked like a single line earlier, but now it was obscenely spread out to take his thick cock.

A wet sound came from between the union of their sexuality as his dick filled up her vagina to the brink and was still burrowing for more.

She cried out while also panting as though all the pleasure was robbing her of her ability to think.

“Yes, yes! It’s only halfway in, but the entrance is spread so wide!”

She sounded impressed. Large wet folds wrapped around his dick and finally…


Skuld sat down entirely and his penis was fully buried inside her tight vagina.

Sol opened his arm wide after taking them out from below his head and, after a moment of hesitation, Skuld accepted to lay down in between them as they wrapped her in their reassuring embrace while his penis was still buried deep in her.

With her head on his collarbones and her nose buried next to his neck, she took a deep breath and closed her eyes while feeling the flow of blood and the thumping of his heart.

Like a drum, the rhythm was fast but soothing to her. She felt like she was at home and that absolutely nothing could ever hurt her.

“Thanks for everything.”

Sol gently caressed her back and hugged her tighter.

“Why the sudden sweet words?”

Sol ignored her joking tone, his voice was thick with repressed emotions that were brimming in his voice…

“Thanks to you, I have become stronger than I ever hoped. Thanks to you, I managed to survive a deadly crisis. Thanks to you, I did not have to lose anyone I love.”

Sol knew that this wasn’t really the best moment to be so forthright. It could even ruin the mood going on between them.

But right here, right now, as he held the small girl that had become such a huge part of his life so suddenly, Sol couldn’t help but spill what was buried all this time in his heart.

Ever since Sol had seen the vision of his counterpart, he had been filled with fear.

Sol was someone who could throw all his pride aside and kneel on the ground if he was sure that he could protect his loved ones.

He could not imagine a world where one of them lacked.

But what about that Sol? The one who had lost everything and decided to bring down the world alongside him just to create another chance?

Sol could only weep at the despair the other him must have endured. But thanks to Skuld’s unwavering loyalty, he had been able to avoid the worst scenario and was given the chance to walk on a new road.

To say that he was thankful was an understatement.

“Why do you always thank me every time we have sex.”

Skuld laughed in order to hide the tears threatening to spill out through the corners of her eyes. Just because you gave your everything to someone did not mean that it would be reciprocated.

Skuld knew this more than anyone else. If you helped someone with the expectation to be thanked, then more than likely, you would end up disappointed.

But Sol did not disappoint her.

He believed in her and recognized her efforts.

This was enough. This was more than enough.

Stopping her tears from falling, Skuld gave another short laugh and raised herself up.

“Enough with the cheesy lines. Let me work on this bad boy now.”

Skuld was happy because of Sol’s words and her happiness made her Libido soar to all new heights.


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