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Son of the Hero King – Chapter 336: CH305:SKULD (4)* Bahasa Indonesia

The stars were bright and the mood was quite right. In the small room that was barely lit by those celestial lights, two bodies were entwined in each other’s embrace as they brought the heights of pleasure to each other.

Holding Skuld firmly by the hips, Sol could instinctively feel that her body was reacting very well to his ministrations and as such, he redoubled his efforts on her. Sticking his tongue out, wriggling it deep inside her vagina, as deep as he could with his slithering organ, he moved it all around her pinkish cave with skilled movements. He used all of his oral skills, tongue, lips, even going as far as to use the tip of his nose to stimulate every part of her puffy and soft vulva.

It went without saying, but Sol was very experienced when it came to pleasuring women, and while Skuld wasn’t a human, simply unlike any being that he had familiarized himself with over the years, her current body was as close to a human’s as could be possible. And thus he was able to elicit the same kinds of reactions out of her.

One of the things Sol learned early on in his many sexual encounters was that no two women were the same and one had to be careful in order to truly find the weak points and bring even more pleasure to the other. It was necessary for one to slowly explore the body of their partner and understand them more on an instinctive level. They should be able to understand each and every rhythm of their bodies.

The result of his careful actions was clear to witness for anyone. Skuld stopped licking his rod and raised her voice in a mixture of shouts that consisted of screams and sultry moans. Beads of sweat quickly covered the area of her pink skin and those droplets flew off her as she twisted her limbs and writhed madly. Her reactions would make one feel as though electricity were surging throughout her body.

But once again, Skuld was more of a giver than a receiver. Rather than feeling more and more pleasure, she wished to make Sol reach the peak as quickly and as pleasurably as she could.

Skuld’s slender fingers mercilessly wrapped around the sensitive bulbous head of Sol’s thick meaty shaft. With pre-cum coating all of her fingers, she moved them back to the head and began stroking with gyrating motions along the head – the fluid thus acting as the perfect lubricant for this endeavor.

To Sol, it felt not unlike how one would feel when jolts of electricity ran along one’s body, the only difference being, it brought him pleasure instead of pain. The delightful sensations surged from the surface of contact and his body perked up from the immense pleasure. Veins bulged out on the thicc shaft as it grew until it seemed that it would explode at any given second.

“Hehe, it’s twitching so much. Am I making you feel good, Sol?”

She teased his penis while mischievously inquiring him with a rhetorical question. Clearly, she was feeling extremely happy about the response she was receiving from him due to her care.

“Ah ha! It’s so damn cute. I want to tease it even more. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to stop myself.”

Skuld felt as though a whole new world had opened up for her, and she was honestly liking what she had found out.

Of course, she knew for a fact that Sol was just letting her have her fun. He was going easy on her. But she didn’t mind even the slightest bit. This was just part of the game they were playing with each other.

Knowing that she was reaching the limit of pleasure she could bring him with her fingers, she let go of his penis.

The pleasure faded slightly, but she made sure to make her new attack known before the sensation completely went away.

She kissed the very tip of the bulging head like it was some kind of sacred ceremony. When she pulled her lips back, a string of precum attached her lips to his penis.

She licked that up before running her tongue along the head.

Her saliva made all sorts of naughty, sloppy sounds as her tongue stroked, poked, pushed, and licked the head. Soon, she swallowed the tip inside her heated mouth.

A warm, shuddering breath left the saliva-filled space and her red tongue wriggled within like it had a mind of its own.



It took all of Sol’s willpower to avoid moaning as he watched her do her best to bring him pleasure.

He was supposed to be getting back at her, so he was a little annoyed that she had suddenly taken over like this. At the same time, it felt highly arousing for him, it was a refreshing feeling as it had been quite some time since Sol didn’t have to take the lead in sex. All in all, he was relishing the moment.

Without warning, she took the head inside her mouth. Her upper lip stickily stimulated the ridge of the head and her lower lips rubbed at the circumference with its soft touch.


Sol took a deep breath as he felt his large penis throbbing delightfully inside her small mouth. Skuld showed a level of seduction that did not befit her small body in the slightest.

‘Incredible. I can feel the blood pumping through the penis this way.’

She grabbed the grotesque rod without a hint of displeasure on her face, neither could displeasure color her mind, and lovingly rubbed her cheek against the head.

Her little nose twitched as she sniffed and showed an intoxicated expression on her lovely face. Clearly, she had just discovered her new favorite scent.

She slowly moved her nose up to the head and then placed her lips along its round surface. Her lightly pursed crimson lips pecked at the tip and sucked along the surface of the sensitive skin.

She pressed her lips against his penis as lovingly as someone might place it on the lips of their sweetheart’s. She was clearly worshiping his cock with no shame or hesitation.

Sol’s blood reacted by pumping even more of itself straight into his penis, making it swell even larger but despite this, Skuld had no problems whatsoever. In fact, she even considered swallowing it down to the very root.

She had been learning different tricks and it seemed that it was one of the actions that really pleased men.

She parted her lips, stuck out her tongue, and sent it crawling down his shaft.

The saliva dripping from it wet his penis, making it glisten visibly. At the same time, he was filled with a pleasure that felt like a pleasant warmth was surrounding his penis.

Her lips and tongue crawled everywhere along the entirety of his rod, coating every last bit of it with saliva, from the base of the shaft to the tip of the head.

She squeezed her lips tight and pulled her head back up along the length of his penis. Then she swallowed it all again. From there, she repeated the process.

Sol’s hips trembled from pleasure so powerful he thought she was going to suck his dick right off him.

The rhythmic motion of her head picked up speed.

She could tell his trembling penis had grown to the bursting point inside her mouth.

To fully enjoy its scorching heat on her tongue, cheeks, palate, and deep in her throat, she moved her head so much she felt like she was rattling the brain inside her skull.

For Sol, the intense but soft sensation raced from his penis straight to his brain.

Holding it in any longer was simply not possible. He felt the pleasure in his lower body taking control of his mind.

Pre-cum oozed from the tip and a bitter flavor spread through her mouth. She upped the intensity of her oral technique to taste even more of it.

She released his penis from her mouth. It briefly felt chilly in the open air, but that feeling soon vanished. She grabbed the shaft with her silk-like hands and began roughly stroking up and down with gyrating movements.

The unrestrained speed was just right with the mix of saliva and pre cum coating it.

She also wrapped her lips around the head and used her mouth and tongue on it.

“Kh…that simply feels incredible…”

The attack was several times faster and rougher than before, so he almost pulled his hips back but Skuld was going to have none of it.

“Please, cum in my mouth.”

She pressed her head against him to swallow about half his penis, an impressive feat with such a small mouth as hers.

She begged him to do it with her mouth still packed full of cock. The words provided enough stimulation to push him over the edge.

Semen passed through his dick while it jerked around inside her mouth– a gushing stream of white erupting from the very tip.

He had been brought to the edge repeatedly before and she finally gave him the release he craved, so it squirted mercilessly throughout the little Titan’s mouth, flowed down her throat, and even entered her nose.

For anyone else, this would have been very uncomfortable, but Skuld did not need to breathe so she simply savored the taste of the thick cum on her tongue and it flowing down her throat.

The more she drank, the brighter her eyes shone. The amount of energy she was devouring was simply insane.

It even surpassed the best ingredient she ever devoured and made her feel like she was completely satiated.

‘I need to bring my sisters to him.’

She could not keep this pleasure alone and she did not wish for anyone else but Sol to have the power over the Norns sisters.

For that, the first step was to bring them physically closer.

How did they call it again?

A foursome, was it?

The mischievous Titaness thought…


(AN: I have so many ideas for smut and possible combinations. I obviously won’t use all of them here since it would be boring later but I will use one or two at least. Like I said this one won’t be long. So next chap the end of NNN training with Skuld.)


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