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Son of the Hero King – Chapter 312: BOOK 3/VOL 10/CH 281: WAKING UP Bahasa Indonesia

Today, the territory was filled with activities as everyone worked together to count the spoils of war as well as working on repairing the damages that have befallen some of the floating islands.

After all, some of those islands had been completely destroyed, while others were simply made inhabitable, thereby leaving many people homeless so to speak.

Belying the activity in the lower heavens, the 9th Heaven was as calm and serene as always. Of course, the silence was soon broken by a shout filled with anger.

Sitting in the throne room in the 9th heaven, Tiamat could be seen speaking with two people through translucent floating screens.

“You are fucking insane!”

A roar resounded from one of the screens— something rare as the people who would dare to scream at the Dragon Empress were so minuscule they could be counted on one hand. Even then, most of those who dared would be enemies rather than friends.

Thankfully, this time it was a friend.

The one to do so of course was none other than Yggdrasil, the divine beast representing Modesty. His muscular frame could be seen clearly on the floating screen and his face was red with vehement anger.

“While I would use tamer words, I must admit that Yggdrasil is right.”

On the screen next to Yggdrasil’s was Gabriel, the divine beast of Chastity; worry evident in her beautiful eyes.

“Why did you not call us?”

Tiamat simply shrugged at their reactions, not minding them in the least, “Divine beasts can’t leave their territories as they wish. What if you were ambushed on the way? Or if their plan was to lure you guys away from the start and strike your territories in your absence?”

Of course, there was also the fact that Ymir herself acted and the knowledge of the future that they received from Skuld. However Tiamat wasn’t stupid enough to mention those pieces of information, of course.

It has now been a week since the attack and subsequent failure of the Wings of Freedom.

During those few days, many things changed in the Dragon realm.

For one, this week has been one of mourning for the lives lost in the war. After all, while the war had been going on, many dragons and other soldiers fell on the battlefield.

This was without adding to it the body count caused by the traitors of the realm and the corpses of the traitors themselves.

War was never kind. It knew no mercy, and demanded blood as a sacrifice from those brave enough to blow its horns. There could never be a bloodless war, that was merely an idealistic fantasy—maybe even lunacy.

Outside of the somber happenings, there was the growing fame of Sol, resonating throughout the dragon realm.

Dragon Emperor, they called him.

While the fight with the demigods had been far removed from the actual battlefield. It was still visible to everyone, they could feel it with their senses.

All of them had been able to witness the power displayed by Sol. Seeing him toy around with two powerful demigods was a sight to behold for everyone.

Even Tiamat herself had her heart beating slightly faster at that ludicrous sight, so she could understand what the other dragons must have felt very clearly.

Thinking of this, a small smile formed on her face as she released a chuckle.

“And you are even laughing!! Have you lost it already?”

She laughed even more at Yggdrasil’s shout full of wrath, “Sorry, sorry!”

She waved her hand in order to placate her old friend then finally went back to her characteristic serious expression, “I am really sorry for not warning you two.”

Tiamat was many things. She had eyes that stood higher than the sky, looking down on everyone with a contemptuous gaze. She was haughty and proud and could also come out as an unfeeling bitch to many.

Still, she knew how to recognize friends and appreciate their worth.

She knew that Yggdrasil and Gabriel were truly worried about her and what happened to her territory. She also knew that the anger they felt stemmed from the fact that she did not ask for their help, even though they were ready to step in anytime she needed their assistance.

Once Tiamat made her apologies, Yggdrasil’s breath hitched slightly, fumes leaking from his nostrils even then, before he finally released a tired sigh. He knew that for someone as proud as Tiamat, bowing her head and giving apologies was already something monumental and unprecedented for most.

“Forget it. Forget it. Either way, you are alright and my daughter is also alright. So there is that.”

While she didn’t participate in the war itself, his daughter did help in healing the wounded, and many more dryads and creatures of his genealogy came from his territory to help out in the war.

“I would have sent my daughter too. But she vanished and I don’t know where to find her.”

Gabriel sighed, feeling a headache, she knew that Hathor had left the territory not long ago but she didn’t know where that drunkard went.

The atmosphere had lightened up a little bit from its previous tense state…

“Now then…. Let’s discuss what we shall do from now on?”

“Indeed. I believe it’s time to convene a meeting between us divine beasts to decide how to act on this troublesome situation.”

Tiamat nodded, “This promises to be interesting.”

“By the way…” Once Yggdrasil cut the communication and left, leaving Tiamat with Gabriel, the latter couldn’t help but ask, curiosity brimming in her deep eyes, “You downplayed the achievement of Sol. But I am sure you are hiding something. Care to share?”

“I didn’t downplay his achievements in the slightest.”

While Sol had shown overwhelming might in the war. It was what he hadn’t shown, or rather one couldn’t perceive from his display, that was clearly terrifying.

She would never tell anyone how much control he had over Fate.

Gabriel gave a skeptical glance but didn’t insist on the matter.

“Very well. Once he wakes up, tell him to come and visit our territory before leaving. After all, he is now officially my grandson-in-law. Also, tell Anubis to stay away, I don’t want him hitching a ride with Sol dearest.”

“Hahaha! I will make sure of that, don’t worry.”

Once the line went silent, and the windows all vanished, Tiamat, now alone, could finally afford to rest. Fatigue washed over her mind, body, and soul; she was truly tired in all senses of the word.

This week had not been the easiest of days. There had been so much work to do. So many little things to take care of. So many things to fix and make functional.

It was a wonder that she didn’t scream out in frustration. Of course, she knew that the one who truly wanted to scream and might have done so already would be none other than Kiyohime.

‘Truly, I have been blessed with a capable daughter.’

She would never tell them this, but she was happy to know that all her children survived the tumultuous ordeal.

She might not show them how much she cared and she was without a doubt very biased toward those truly talented few.

But…She still loved her children. All of her children.

“You can show up now.”

“My, my, I can truly hide nothing from you.”

A man with a tall stature and an extremely handsome face opened the door and entered the throne room.

His slick black hair seemed to reflect the light and a mischievous light danced in his golden eyes.

“Your divinity has increased.”

“Heh, even though those demigods were trash, devouring their souls was truly helpful. Furthermore, with their memories. I know the coordinates of their territories. What do you think? How should we share?”

“Territory…Well, we would have to wake Sol up before even talking about sharing. I believe he should get the highest share?”

“As you wish.” Anubis shrugged and began to walk around the room, looking everywhere as if he was a child filled with curiosity.

“Stop dawdling around and fess up. What do you really want?”

Anubis stopped, “From you? Absolutely nothing to be honest. I am just staying here because it has been some time since I spoke with my little baby daughter. Furthermore, I am waiting for that boy to wake up.”

Tiamat frowned, “I hope you will not try anything funny.”

“Well…We shall see. Everything will depend on his performance, in the end.”

The ruler of the underworld chortled with a cryptic smile hanging on his lips. He had nothing against the young boy and his baby daughter was smart enough to know who she wanted to end up with.

Still, it was his duty as a father to verify that the boy was alright.

He hadn’t raised his little princess just to give her to some no-good man.

Of course, while thinking like this, Anubis completely ignored how he had literally kidnapped his own wife from the Phoenix’s territory.

Shameless people could never be beaten.


At the same time, waking up from his week-long slumber, Sol finally opened his eyes—

“An unfamiliar ceiling.”

—And uttered the most cliche quotes in the history of cliche quotes.

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BOOK 3: DIVINE REALM (Tentative title) [Start]


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