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Son of the Hero King – Chapter 302: CH 272:ORIGIN Bahasa Indonesia

(AN: Begin with this song while reading: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V9_ZpqfqHFI&ab_channel=Ado )

Gaze into the Abyss and the abyss would gaze back at you.

This sentence was one full of meaning but for a goddess at Ymir’s level, this was something that she could ignore.

But now, for the second time in her life, Ymir understood the meaning of the fear.


Endless and primal fear.

As if sinking helplessly in a swamp with no hope of ever coming out.


Gazing into the humongous eye that appeared from behind the door, tears of blood streamed from her face as a horrible memory that she had intentionally sealed flowed into her mind.

“I asorry…IamsorryIamsorryIamsorryIamsorryIamsorryIamsorryIamsorryIamsorryIamsorryIamsorryIamsorryIamsorryIamsorryIamsorryIamsorry.”

Like a broken record, she crouched down and hugged herself with a hollow expression and tears of blood streaming down her face. The endless apologies that streamed from her showed how shocked and traumatized she was.

At this moment, her mind was so overwhelmed that she could barely think. But even as she continued to apologize, a small part of her mind was able to think and the more she did so the more she became scared.

In the end, she could only come to one conclusion and this conclusion made her feel like she would have a heart attack.

‘Luxuria…what have you done!?’

She screamed in her mind but could not bring herself to look back at the door. She had already decided to dissipate this avatar of her.

Endless regret filled her heart and mind.

Why didn’t she stick to her decision to simply kill this boy?

Why did she have to gaze at this door despite discovering the symbol on it?

Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?

Ymir entered a daze, as she felt even her most basic thinking capabilities collapsing.

As a goddess, her thinking speed was something that even the greatest super calculator created by the angels could never compare to.

Even if it was only an avatar, her mind processed information at an insane speed.

But now, she could feel all of this slowly leaving her. Her mind crawled until it nearly came to a halt even as the pressure and primordial fear in her vanished.

Only silence was left.

A heavy silence.

As if a weight was pressing on her soul.

From her crawling position, with her face filled with tears of blood, Ymir slowly raised her head and looked up.

What greeted her was the sight of a blurry entirely white figure sitting close to the door while ‘looking at her.’


The moment Ymir gazed at this figure, all her deepest fears were confirmed, making her mind reach the limit.

She felt her mind breaking. Like a broken mirror, her avatar began to show fissures.

As divinity left her body and was sucked into the eye of the door.

‘I need to run! I need to escape from this place!’

Run! Run! Run!

She had to flee as fast as possible and inform absolutely all the goddesses that he was back.

That Luxuria was a crazy bitch who would bring doom to them all.

That they had to break all rules and kill the boy named Sol.

No. The goddesses weren’t enough.

Perhaps she could even try and wake up the two Mothers.

She had tried to directly send the information to her main body but she found that the link between the two of them had been completely cut.

She then tried to destroy this avatar of her in the hope of perhaps killing the boy but she was startled to see her body slowly dissipate.


She immediately understood what was happening and fear once again occupied her mind when black poured out of the door and encircled her body before slowly dragging it back toward the door.


She wriggled, fought back, screamed, cursed, and even tried to claw at the ground as she was inevitably dragged closer and closer to the gate but to no avail.

All her struggles were simply pointless.

Even as she felt the power she accumulated after so long, Ymir felt no anger, only fear,

When she felt her body finally enter it, she could only turn toward the white figure that had stayed silent all this while and with a voice full of begging,


The white figure answered her with a large smile.

The disturbing picture of a large mouth opening on a faceless white figure was disturbing enough for anyone else to have a nightmare.



Her plea was cut short as she completely vanished behind the gate while said gate closed behind her.

Now, the only people present in this place were Sol and the white figure.

Then, the figure that had stayed sitting all this while slowly stood up and advanced toward Sol.

Was Sol scared?

He was scared shitless.

‘What the fuck is wrong with my soul?’

Firstly, the goddess of Destruction entered his mind like it was her own backyard.

Now there was some super entity worthy of a horror movie that devoured said goddess like it was a light meal.

Even though it was only an avatar. It was still a fucking goddess.

Sol held back the desire to curse.

The situation was not bright at all.

Still, even now in this situation that seemingly had no hope, Sol refused to give up.

He did not try to escape because it was useless. This was his own body. Where could he escape to?

If he had to die then so be it. But he refused to go down without at least struggling for his life.

It was with this mentality that he continued to observe the pitiful and disturbing scene of the Goddess getting devoured like a light meal.

Sol had no disilusions. He would surely die if that thing decided to eat him.



The thing suddenly spoke.

This was like a gong sounded in his skull.

Sol opened his eyes wide with incredulity.


Silence filled the place as the white figure sized Sol up and down before finally sighing and muttering under its breath.

“How interesting…”

Sol was confused about the meaning of those words, but he was also relieved that the figure wasn’t some kind of mindless monster.

Since it could think and talk then it could be reasoned with.

Of course, Sol knew that his situation was still very precarious.

With some trepidation, He looked at the figure and asked.

“Who are you?”

“Who am I?”

The figure seemed to be a little surprised by this question and once again gave an unsettling grin.

“I am many things.”

He moved his finger playfully,

“I am the Origin of all that exists.”

“I am the abolute Truth of this world.”

“I was once called Adam.”

“Now — I am you.”


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