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Son of the Hero King – Chapter 294: CH 264:TITAN Bahasa Indonesia

The moment Nent stepped on the battlefield, the balance that was already in favor of the Dragon fell completely on their side.

Nent being powerful was an understatement.

While she did not possess a large-scale destruction zone like the other Dragon King, she had something even more dangerous.

Pure elemental transformation.

At the core of their existence, Phoenixes were closer to the spirit than most divine beasts and their true form allowed them to become nearly invulnerable to physical attacks by transforming into their specific element.

As a lightning Phoenix, even without her zone, her most basic ability was to become Lightning.

As for her zone?


In essence, this was a rather basic zone that most lightning users could bring forth. But no one, not even a storm wolf-like Setsuna could truly transform into lightning.

This was further increased by her King name.

When all of this accumulated, this brought a sublimation effect to her zone.

Her zone [Godspeed] stopped being a simple element-type zone and changed into a conceptual one.

…The concept of pure speed…

The moment Nent used her power, she let out a sigh of profound joy.

This was a view of the world she had nearly forgotten since she had not fought in a long time.

But now this was it.

This was the feeling she had missed.

Looking at the world that seemed to slow down infinitely, Nent let out a bloodthirsty grin that clashed deeply with her usual elegant and ladylike expression.

There was no lady here.

Only a warrior.

A cloak of lightning covered her body and she moved.

Nent was fast…Too fast.

“Begone! With the roar of a thunderclap!”

She moved…

…Thunder roared.

…And people died

It was that simple.

No fancy tricks. No mysterious power nor exquisite technique.

It was the result of pure and unadulterated power and speed.

If Sol could observe the current scene, he would certainly be tongue-tied. After all, in his perception, Nent was weaker than Lilith.

And technically he wouldn’t be wrong in a way.

Lilith had reached the summit in the concept of <<cutting>> through her understanding of swordsmanship and her King’s name. She could cut through space, time, and even souls. No one could match her when it came to this concept which means that she was one of the King with the most potent attack power. Perhaps only matched by a few singularities like Siegfried and Sun Wukong.

But in the same way…Nent had reached the summit in the concept of <<Speed>>.

Had she not been born a phoenix, with her current understanding, Nent would have surely become a demigod long ago.

But at the same time, without her racial talent, it was hard to say if she could have reached the same height.

Thus was the eternal sorrow of Divine Beasts.



Standing in his true body, Drei clenched his skeletal hand around his staff when he saw Nent wreak havoc on the battlefield.

His current state was already extremely unstable and it was only after begging Nihil that she accepted that he came with his true body.

‘I am sure that she is simply pulling a scheme.’

Drei belief in Nent wasn’t just because of what he knew of her 700 years ago. He was not that naive.

He had used the full power of all their sleeping agents and managed to understand just what kind of person Nent had become.

If before she was absolutely Lawful Good, after his and his sister’s death, she was more Lawful Evil and even perhaps Neutral evil.

Her dogma and belief were slowly becoming more extreme to the point where she seemed to be the reincarnation of the Late Chimera Queen.

He had observed and studied all the reports and he knew that he had more than 80% chance to convince her.

A king’s name and a zone were dependent of the nature of the person using them. A king’s name could not be changed without falling from the King’s rank but if someone changed too much, they would become unable to bring the full power of their name. Meanwhile, their zone would change with the new truth they understood.

In this case though, not only her zone did not change, but he could feel no incompatibility between her and her name.

“I need to verify.”

The soul fire in Drei socket’s eyes flickered as he muttered.

Drei was a master manipulator with a great patience.

Had he been in his normal state, he would have immediately given up on all hope of convincing Nent and would have begun making appropriate preparation.

But right now, because of his wounded soul, his capacity to make judgments was seriously negatively affected and his thoughts became chaotic.

In a way, this went to show how devastating fighting Lilith was. Her immortal slaying sword style was not for show.

After all, even an immortal lich could be killed or tortured to such an extent.

Still, Drei was Drei,

“Since Nent entered the flow, let’s bring out the king class Titan.”

Even weak and with his mind muddled, he would never make basic mistakes as long as it didn’t concern someone close to him.

The war was about to enter the next level.


While everyone was busy fighting, Sol was facing a situation he could not understand.

The moment he opened the gate slightly should have been the start of the test of the world. The zone was the absolute truth of one person and this belief had to be firm.

After opening the door, Sol was ready to face many things. Perhaps fighting against a sort of evil twin, perhaps facing his dead parents, or even the cliche waking up in the real world.

All of this had been accounted to and Sol did not fear what would follow for he was sure that he would prevail.

But…When he opened the door, what he was behind was not some test about the truth.

But a black void that seemed to lead to the abyss itself.

He was wondering just what kind of thing he had stepped into when painful images of unknown sources begin to fill his head.

It was so painful that he couldn’t help but grunt and groan in agony.

“Adam! Adam! Look! We succeeded. We ****”

A woman whose face he could not see was standing next to him as they looked down and discussed. But from her voice alone, he could feel infinite joy and love.

“Adam! The number of *** had surpassed the weight of ***.”

This time the woman seemed a little calmer. In distress, she might be, but she still held hope.

“Adam! We still have a chance. We can still ***”

The same woman was crying and trying to stop him from doing something he could not understand.

“Adam, is it really time for the twilight of ***?”

In the same end, the same woman looked at him with sorrow while seemingly giving up.

Different images flashed and in each of them, the joy and innocence of the woman seemed to slowly fade until all that was left was grief and grim resolution.

“Adam….I am sorry.”

The last image was a fight his mind could not process. But despite all the laws moving crazily around him, the only thing of importance was the tears of the woman who was facing him.

[Sigh…Is this Fate? Or should I say, as expected of Him…]

When all the images vanished, a calm but emotionless voice sounded in his ears. But this voice alone filled him with the desire to succumb to madness, hatred, and chaos.

It was a voice he did not recognize but he recognized this effect.

Only one kind of being could affect the psyche of people below them so easily.

It was…A goddess.


On the outside, Sol’s body was convulsing like it was being wrung by someone.

His bones were broken, his flesh torn and his skin was burning.

One did not need years of experience to know that something was going seriously wrong and once Tiamat probed him with her divine sense, her expression immediately grew unsightly as she screamed.

“Ymir! You dare!?”

The world trembled under the wrath of the demi-goddess. She would have never thought that after all their preparation, rather than attacking her, Ymir would fall so low as to directly strike someone who was not even a Duke.


Tiamat could not understand but she did not bother to try to understand either. She had to do something!

Sadly, just as she was about to act…


Cracks immediately filled the space of the starry sky and though those cracks were immediately repaired, Tiamat’s eyes grew grave.

[Oh, hear ye, my former enemy.]

A voice sounded in the void as a hand that could only be called gigantic seemed to cover the sky. In that hand was a flaming sword.

His voice seemed to come from everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Be it in the territory or those fighting outside, all of them stopped at the sight that surpassed their understanding.

The light of the stars seemed to be pushed away by a destructive crimson light and the heat in the surrounding rose so much that even dragons were affected.

[Upon my name as Surtr, the King of fire Giants.]

The sword rose high before pointing down, at the territory of Tiamat. Then…

[I shall bring you Fire and Destruction]

…The sword fell.


Meanwhile, somewhere at the end of the world, a man was walking leisurely while observing the stars.

Even though he was but a minuscule speck of dust in the immensity of the universe, all those who saw him would marvel at his devilish beauty while scorning the stars for trying to shine brighter than him.

Seemingly feeling something, the red eyes of the black haired narrowed before a smile lit up his entire face and the light of the stars seemed to dim.

“Well. It seems like I won’t be too late.”


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