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Son of the Hero King – Chapter 264: CH 237: CRIMSON GATHERING Bahasa Indonesia


What is the Abyss?

In a way, it was hard to say. But if it had to be said, the abyss was the part of the world where the light of the goddesses did not shine.

All kinds of criminals, dangerous entities, and a small minority of people who sought extreme sensations.

No matter who they were, no one living in this part of the universe was someone to mess around with.

This was the place where all the dangerous trash united and lived.

But that wasn’t all. It was also the place where Titans and Giants considered their homes.


In the Infinite darkness of space, a large floating asteroid floated, wandering aimlessly.

At first glance, one would think that it was something completely normal. Of course, they would change their opinion once they managed to observe the civilization tha was built atop it.


“So this is the Farwest Gateway…As dirty as I imagined.”

At the edge of the Asteroid, a red portal opened before two women walked out of it.

The first one to complain was a grey-skinned woman taller than most human men. She had a heavy sword strapped on her back.

“It doesn’t matter whether it’s a dump or not. We only have one goal. Focus.”

The second woman was inferior in terms of height, but the aura she passively emanated was far superior. Her golden hair and red eyes held a striking contrast, enhancing her beauty even further.

Her beauty was as stunning as her aura.

The moment the two of them appeared, all the pedestrians in the surroundings immediately made way for them.

The first thing anyone learned when living in the abyss was that there were no rules. Murder on the streets was the most common occurrence. It was necessary to know who you could or could not provoke.

Anyone with even the smallest IQ would understand that those women were not at a level small shrimps like them could afford to disturb.

The duo advanced calmly and steadily until they reached the large bar in the center of the city.

Compared to the hustle and bustle of the people outside, the moment they entered, all noise seemed to vanish and the only thing that could be heard was a gentle music

Despite the vastness of the bar, there were only two people in it. The first one, a pink-skinned woman standing behind the counter and wiping a crystalline glass looked up at them. The sclera of her eyes was entirely black and her pupils were a deep golden.

The second was a red-skinned man with his back to them. He did not even turn around and simply continued to drink.


“So even Titans can fall this low? This is truly an eye-opener.”

“Zwei. Don’t act like this. We are not here to fight.”

A smile formed on the pink-skinned woman’s face when she heard this,

“Two traitors, acting all high and mighty.”

“Hehehe. It’s better than two losers hiding in the Abyss with their tails tucked between their legs.”

The tension between the two sides was growing when suddenly…


The man who had been drinking until now placed his glass on the counter forcefully and slowly stood up.

Seeing this, Zwei’s eyes seemed to blaze with a thirst for battle and her hand itched as she wished for nothing more than to take a hold of her sword and fight.

Sadly, she could feel Nihil looking at her from the corner of her eyes and knew that she wouldn’t be allowed to mess around.

“Treacherous daughter of Michael, what brings you into this forsaken abyss? Hmm, Since when have you managed to escape from the hands of the Necromancer King?”

The man had the air of a gentleman around him. Despite his entirely blood-red skin, his face had a kind expression on it.

However, his words were as insulting as they could get.

Hearing him, Nihil tilted her head for an instant before nodding,

“Zwei. Can you deal with her?”

“Hahaha~! This is why I love you, boss!”

A few minutes later, floating in the darkness of space, Nihil looked down at the monstrous being under her feet.

All she could see was the eyes of the man. After all, she was smaller than it.

Titans were called Titans not only because of their monstrous strength but also because of their immense size. The taller they were, the more power they had.

A ten or so meters tall Titan was generally at the Duke rank.

Once they reached a hundred meters, they were equal to the King rank.

Finally, those who were one thousand meters tall were Demigods.

The man Nihil was stepping on was exactly 1200 meters. He was a powerful being even among those in the demigod class. However, this was all useless in front of Nihil. Even though she was so small she looked like a fly in his eyes, he was rendered completely helpless.

Why was Nihil imprisoned in Anubis’ territory?

The reason was simple—She was strong.

[Heh, as scary as I remembered. Did you manage to heal completely?]

Walking in the void toward her, Zwei grinned while her body was entirely bathed in blood.

Since they were in a place devoid of air, the only way they could speak to each other was through the use of Whisper.

[No. I struggled a little. Thankfully I am not far from my peak. Did you kill her?]

[Oh? Not at all. I still know what is important.]

Zwei shrugged but one didn’t need to be a genius to know that she didn’t leave the second titan in a good state.

Of course, Nihil knew that she couldn’t keep the high ground in this discussion. The mission should have been a simple contact to get information on the few true powerhouses of the Titans.

Sadly, the name of Michael always triggered her.

[Sigh. Nothing ever goes as planned in this accursed world.]

Acting as if she wasn’t the one who snapped and began the fight, Nihil looked down again at the unblinking Titans.

It had to be said that he was currently very miserable. All his limbs had been severed and one of his hearts was crushed.

[Let’s be direct. Bring me to your brethren. I have something to discuss.]

Even though the Titan had been completely beaten, there was no fear in his eyes. For titans, fight and death were all too common. From the first day they were born, struggling to survive was the most common occurrence.

He wasn’t scared of death, nor did he fear pain.

Of course, Nihil knew that. In the first place, the only reason she beat them down was to teach them a lesson and make them clearly understand what was the difference in power between them.

Now that this was done, the following discussion would be much smoother.

[Why did you seek me out, treacherous maiden?]

Even though the Titans did not cower in front of greater power, they respected the strong.

As such his tone was more respectful.

Nihil of course did not miss this shift in the mood.

[The world has been peaceful for too long.]

When she spoke, her crimson eyes shone and her pupils slowly changed shape until they took the form of a star with eight branches.

The Titan fell silent at this sight before his body slowly began to shrink until he was back to his human size.

His limbs had already grown back since for a being at this level, such physical wounds were only mildly disturbing.

“I salute the new Queen of Chaos, Blessed of the Crimson Lady.”

While showing his respects, the Titan could feel excitement coursing through its veins.

He knew what the advent of a new Blessed meant.

The seal on the Chaos was weakening.

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