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Son of the Hero King – Chapter 213: CH 192: END OF AN ADVENTURE Bahasa Indonesia

“Nn~! Ah~!”

In a luxurious bedroom, an erotic scene could be witnessed while the moans of a woman echoed in the enclosed walls.

Lying down on the bed and watching the sexy mature woman jumping up and down on him, Sol leaned forward and suckled on her breasts, prompting her to moan louder.

The woman, Nent, feeling his shaft enlarge in her, knew that it was about time and began to accelerate until she felt him explode in her. The feeling of heat spreading through her was out of this world and she was really thankful to have taught him that spell that would eliminate all chances of her getting pregnant. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be able to feel such bliss.

‘Perhaps I should slightly adjust the teaching. Sex shouldn’t be done for reproduction purpose only.’

Out of breath, her body covered in sweat, she leaned down and kissed Sol deeply after he took away his lips from her breasts, their tongues wagging a little war.

On the side, she could hear her granddaughter moaning while sitting on a chair not far away as she watched them having sex. Half naked, not only was she tracing the lips of her vagina with a light touch, but she was also pinching her own breasts.

‘I wonder, is it the effect of her charm spirit blood, her true name, or the two combined?’

Nent really couldn’t understand. While she loved the feeling of having sex and lightly getting dominated from time to time, she was far from drowning in it. For Nefertiti though, on the other hand, it was completely different..

In the first place, charm spirits were being initially born from the excess mana of Asmodeus. In a way, they were his indirect daughters, alhough he never admitted them.

Since Sol was Blessed by Luxuria, it wasn’t impossible for a synergy effect to have happened between them. Either way, she hoped that Nefertiti wouldn’t drown too much in those feelings.

Once they stopped kissing, Nent slightly backed off and looked down at Sol. Gazing directly in his beautiful blue eyes curved into a crescent because of the mischievous smile he was showing.

She could already feel him slowly harden in her again, sending tingling down to her nether region.

Turning around with a brusque movement, it was now her turn to be looked down on by him.

Gripping her tightly by the hips, she moaned out loud as another onslaught began. She initially wanted to ask him how his meeting with Hathor went on but…

‘I guess I can wait for a little while.’


After a vigorous session of sex, the three of them found themselves in the large bathroom to wash off the sweat and other such suspicious liquids covering their bodies.

Hugging Nent and Nefertiti on his left and right, Sol really thought that he was in heaven.

Meanwhile, Nent, who felt like her hips were about to break, really wondered if she shouldn’t find more partners for Sol. This young boy really had stamina out of this world.

“Now, are you willing to explain what happened with Hathor? Did she accept?”

Nent didn’t have high hopes. Even though Hathor seemed to be the most easy going out of them all, she was, in reality, more stubborn than a rock.

Nent would have been willing to volunteer herself since it would help her meet her future sisters and become friends with them, but even though her Nirvana was one of the most powerful, she wasn’t that skilled when it came to using it on others.

In fact, she never used it on anyone other than herself and she was also sure that aside from Gabriel and Hathor, basically no other phoenix was experienced in such endeavor.

She had only known Sol for about a month, but she knew how much he cared about his loved ones and how sad he would be if he were to lose one of them. This was why she had decided to give him a hand and solicit Hathor even though the chance of success was quite low.

“I succeeded.”

“Don’t worry, I will ask her to do me a favor later if…Hm…What did you say?”

“I succeeded.”

Nent appeared a little dazed. She knew very well how her little sister was. It was really surprising for Sol to succeed so easily.

“Could you explain what happened?”


Closing her eyes deep in thought, Nent thought about the explanations Sol just gave and it didn’t take long for her to understand the possible implications and the reason why Hathor, who was previously hesitant, accepted such a bet.

At the same time, happiness bloomed in her. She knew that her bet was already partially successful, though she had never thought that it would go that far.

A Singularity and a Blessed could be said to be complete opposites — former rejected or used Fate, while the lattet were the favorites of Fate.

In all the history of this world, the only Blessed who became a singularity was Echidna.

Sol was already talented beyond belief and it seemed like he was about to become even more so.

If she had slightly been hesitant about giving her body to him, now no such hesitation existed anymore. She was ready to stack everything on him if necessary.


After this, Sol began to prepare himself for his trip, not that there was anything much to do.

Everything he needed was already sealed in his dimension since the day he left Lustrbug. It was a shame that he hadn’t been able to use it but, from what he knew, Tiamat’s control over her dimension was at another level and she should be able to let him active his dimension without disturbing the defense system of her territory.

Right now, he was walking alongside Isis and Nephthys.

Now that he thought about it, it was pretty weird that he didn’t have more contact with Isis. After all, she would become his companion if everything went well.

It should be a given to talk to her and at least straighten things out.

“So, tell me. Now that you are about to leave. How was your short stay in our territory?”

Breaking the ice, Nephphys asked while Isis perked her ears on the side.

‘How was my stay?’

Sol looked up and thought back to everything that had happened since he came here. He was surprised to find that this short month had been pretty fulfilling.

This trip had been his first one out of his kingdom. From the start, it hadn’t been easy, but he had learned many things and managed to mature a little bit. The short events that had happened were things that would follow him all his life and that he would never forget.

“It was pretty interesting. I regret not being able to stay longer.”

Though, if he succeeded in the 3rd trials of Luxuria, he would learn the coordinate of the Astral realm. With them, once he learned how to travel through different dimensions, it would be easy to come back here if he wished.

Nephthys showed a gentle smile, “By the way, what about Nefertiti? Will she also go with you?”

Sol shook his head, “Initially it was the plan, but she suddenly decided against it. She said that she wanted to find her way and become more useful.”

Last time, after his night with Nefertiti and Nent, Nefertiti had shown concern about how useless she was to him currently. Though Sol did not think she was, Nefertiti still felt a little inferior and decided that she wished to travel and grow stronger.

He could understand why, after all, while she didn’t show anything, the fact that in the end he still chose Isis over her might have wounded her. Nefertiti might not mind lowering herself to please him, but this didn’t mean she had no pride.

At the end of the day, she was still a talented woman who had awakened a powerful name.

Ishtar — The queen of heaven.

Sol had been surprised when she told him the name of her avatar. It was a top-tier one. He didn’t know if the legend behind the name on earth affected the power of the Avatar here, but if it did, then she really hit the jackpot.

This was why Sol didn’t stop her. Though he was a little sad that she wouldn’t follow him.

Isis picked up Sol’s gloom but didn’t know what to say. She just hoped that everything would be alright for her. After all, while She and Nefertiti didn’t really have a friendly relationship in the past, it changed a little nowadays.

Nephthys gave a calm smile on the side, “You shouldn’t worry about her. Nefertiti is a strong girl. Furthermore, there is no way Nent would let her go without any protection.”

Silence settled as the three of them walked calmly until a large circular golden portal could be seen. Next to it, Nent and Nefertiti were waiting.

Once the portal was in sight, Nepthphys stopped and turned to face Sol.

“Sol, I won’t bore you too much with useless words. I am putting my and my husband’s greatest treasure in your hands. Isis is everything for us and I hope that you will not let us down.”


“Quiet! I am not talking to you.”

Isis clamped her mouth shut. It was the first time her mother raised her voice at her. She understood that all she needed to do now was wait and listen. She was also curious about what kind of answer Sol would give.

Sol, on the other hand, was not surprised at this. No parents worthy of the title would be happy to leave their daughter in the hand of a perfect stranger.

“I will protect her no matter what the cost.”

Sol was greedy and possessive. He knew that in this world, it was impossible to live without losing something or someone. But for him, once something landed in his hands, he would never let it go — no matter what.

His feelings for Isis might be weaker than those for his other women, but it didn’t matter. Since sooner or later she would be his, then he would give her all.

“Humph! Mother. I am not some princess in distress. I don’t need anyone to protect me. I can do it myself.”

Even though she was saying so, it was easy to see that her face was completely flushed up until the tip of her ears.

Covering her mouth with the back of her hand, Nepthphys let out a light laugh while the heavy feeling in her chest finally settled down.

It was on those words, and after giving a hug to a crying Nefertiti that Sol, Nent, Isis, Sheherazade, and the white cat, Sekhmet finally left the phoenix’s territory.

For Sol, it was the end of an adventure and the start of another.


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