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Son of the Hero King – Chapter 150: BOOK 2/ VOL 6/ CH 132: REINCARNATED (1) Bahasa Indonesia

It has been two days since the discussion with Ambrosia.

The opening of the Astral realm wasn’t only for the prince, but for all nobles or people with special circumstances who were eligible.

Of course, most of the time they wouldn’t be able to get a good spirit.

After all, a contract was a two way street.

Why would a spirit affiliate itself with someone who had low prospects?

Spirits may be kind-hearted but they weren’t docile sheep.

Thankfully, in about six days, the portal would be opened.

The others would have one day in real-world time to find a spirit.

Meanwhile, the time allowed to Sol was unlimited.

But of course, with Lilith’s situation and the upcoming war, he only had about two months in real-world time.

The reason it was important to precise it was that the difference in time between the Astral World and the Mortal world was quite tacky.

Time didn’t just move faster or slower.

Space and time were completely wrapped. So much that ten years in the Astral world could be one day in the Mortal world or one day in the Astral world could be ten years in the Mortal one.

During those two days, Sol hadn’t been idle.

He had come to understand that even though he was talented, he simply didn’t have enough time to transform his talent into actual strength.

That’s why he had been using Medea’s world as a place of training whenever he wasn’t busy with his kingly work.

Medea by herself had a hard time maintaining the maximum output of time acceleration, but with Ambrosia’s help, it became child’s play.

During those times, he would train with Freya and develop his relationship with her at the same time.

One of the points of his training was in better handling his dimension.

From what he has seen from that angel called Nihil, the potential of dimensional mages were unprecedented.

This was further confirmed by Ambrosia as she looked at him with envy.

From what she told him, the requirement to become a Demi-god was the creation of a territory.

The Zone was the projection of the inner world. Even when used outside, it was nothing more than an illusion.

The Avatar was the second self or in a way, the real self.

Finally, the Territory was the ability to bring the inner world into the real world and affect reality at the same time, fusing with the Avatar and becoming one.

But there were many problems. After all, not only was creating a Territory incredibly difficult, it would be great if the result could cover a few kilometers.

At the end of the day, the larger a Territory was, the stronger it would be. At the same time the larger it tried to be the stronger the laws of the world would restrict it.

That’s where Dimensional Mages could be said to be cheaters. After all, they could use their dimension to serve as a Territory, and depending on the quality of the dimension, the result would be incredible.

This meant that for a Dimensional mage, as long as they could reach the King level, then it was enough.

When he heard this, Sol’s breath couldn’t help but stagnate.

After all, if he wasn’t wrong…His mirror dimension covered the whole mortal world.

His current training with Freya consisted of entering and exiting his dimension as fast as possible.

From what Ambrosia said, rather than fumbling around uselessly, it was better to master the base.

As for better and more specific training, his grandmother, Tiamat was also a dimensional mage, and as such could guide him.

Even though Sol had more than enough Mana to spare, the calculations necessary to transition from one dimension to another were weighing heavily on his brain.

Normally, this kind of calculation happened instantly, but after a while, his brain became so sluggish it felt like it was frying.

Medea could not use her time power to reset him since it would essentially reduce his training to nothing.

Thankfully, his endurance as a hybrid was off the chart, so he just needed a few moments of rest to be in top shape again and continue.

One of Sol’s favorite moment was after the training.

Currently, he was breathing heavily, his topless body glistening with sweat.

On the side, Ambrosia, Persephone, and Medea sat in reclining chairs and observed the spectacle.

Like how men liked to observe beautiful and sexy women, women also liked to watch and admire handsome men.

For once, they weren’t wearing their usual dress, but rather different kinds of swimsuits.

Though, each swimsuit respected its wearer’s original color scheme.

Medea was wearing a one-piece black swimsuit. Even though it didn’t show much, it went perfectly with her cute appearance.

Meanwhile, Persephone and Ambrosia were wearing far bolder swimsuits.

At least, the white one worn by Ambrosia was just really sexy and showed much of her deep cleavage. But it was still in the realm of acceptable.

The green one of Persephone though was so indecent it basically left nothing to the imagination.

Since Persephone and Ambrosia had more mature bodies, the swimsuits suited them extremely well.

Finally, Freya who was standing next to him and supervising his training was wearing a pink two-piece swimsuit as well as a cloak on her shoulder.

The swimsuit wasn’t particularly revealing and looked more like worn by a swimming coach or guard.

For Sol, training while admiring a bunch of sexy or cute girls was pretty good, but what pleased him more than anything.


Stretching his hand, he waited patiently, then a hot towel was placed in his hand.


“Here, who?”

He could hear the sound caused by the rough breathing of repressed anger behind him.

“Here, M-Master.”

The word was said in a stuttering and barely audible way, but this didn’t stop Sol’s lips from curving into a mean smile.

Turning around, he glanced at the red-haired girl wearing a maid dress, or rather, what looked like it.

After all, the hem of the skirt was so short it barely covered her butt. Meanwhile, the top was nearly transparent and showed her chest devoid of a bra.

Even Ketia, who loved wearing skimpy clothes would be too embarrassed to be seen out with something like this.

In the first place, for a witch, their color was basically like their greatest pride. A witch could only be bestowed a color when her skills were recognized by Ambrosia.

That’s why, for a witch, being forced to wear colors other than her own was one of the greatest humiliations possible.

But did Sol care about her feeling of shame and humiliation?

“See? You can do it if you try, Kali.”

The answer was obviously, no.

In fact, he couldn’t be happier.

Kali, the witch of destruction, a woman who could single-handedly wipe out the capital of a Kingdom in a few moments was nowhere to be seen.

What replaced her was a girl so embarrassed and humiliated that her face became as red as her hair.

The look of shame, the feeling of powerlessness she showed, her gritted teeth and clenched fist.

Knowing that the woman in front of him, who should have been strong enough to wipe him out from existence, had no choice but to swallow all her grievances and obey his order, Sol had to admit that he had never felt so excited in his life.

This sensation of rush fed his ego and pride so much that he felt satiated.

The only blemish was that he knew that she didn’t bow to his authority. But it still didn’t stop him from feeling happy.

Technically, it has already been many days since she became his maid.

Of course, she was still his sister-in-law, as such, he wouldn’t force her to wear such degrading clothes when outside.

Sol also had to admit that there was some feeling of possession at play.

After all, no matter how he got her, she was his maid. Why would he let anyone else gaze at her body?

‘Though there isn’t really much to gaze at.’

He looked critically at her body as he thought that.




Feeling anger at where his gaze was, Kali asked, but Sol simply shook his head,

“Nothing. I just thought that an airport runway had its charm.”

“What!? What’s wrong with being flat!?”

Sol gazed intently at her as he made his joke and when he saw her reaction, a feeling of joy sprung in his heart.

‘She understood my joke!’

At the same time, Kali’s anger immediately cooled down when she thought once again about the joke and slowly lifted her head, her expression showing how surprised and shaken she was.

After all,

‘Planes did not exist in this world.’


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