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Son of the Hero King – Chapter 113: CH 100: ALL SIDES Bahasa Indonesia


“Young master, the Lord is calling for you.”

The butler of the house, standing behind the door called for the heir. From what he was hearing, it seemed like he was still going at it, with the blue wolf slave.

In the past, the young master had a vast number of slaves at his beck and call. Even though maltreating slaves was a crime, it wasn’t something that seemed to stop him. After all, a crime was only one if you got caught. But, lately, it was as if he was in trance. All his attention was only focused on this one slave.

Chuckling, he adjusted, the ring on his finger. He had been doubtful at first, but as the apostle had told him, that pitiful young man was slowly becoming even more of a waste than he was initially.

‘Well, the young master should be happy. He will become one of the cornerstones for the advent of the Crimson Lady.’

Hiding the deep fanatical light shining in his eyes, he bowed once the door opened, only sparing a glance at the half-naked blue wolf laying on the bed, her body stained with body fluid.

Leonard Gorfard, looking pissed off, asked, “What does the old bastard want?”

“Young master please, pay attention to your words.”

Inwardly though, he was gloating. Leonard had always been a man who paid attention to outward appearance. Even though he was trash, he was smart trash, in the past, he would have never openly uttered such stupid words.

Leonard frowned before continuing, “Then let me rephrase it, what does my, oh, so honored father wish?”

“His highness will soon arrive” He could see the expression Leonard crumble, but this didn’t stop him. “His lordship wishes for you to stop your…Let’s say unsavory activities and prepare yourself. He also wanted me to remind you to hide your slave, lest the prince see her and find out that she is an illegal slave. After all, the prince won’t be the sole noble present.”

The truth was that the master said no such thing. After all, while he did despise his son, he had enough faith in him to understand what to do on such occasions. But how could Leonard know this?

As he expected, Leonard gave a cold smile, “I see… I understand. Tell my father that I will be on time.”

The way he emphasized on the word father told how angry he was, which couldn’t make the butler happier.

‘Be it father or son, they are just people filled with useless pride and an inferiority complex.’

“Then, If I may.”

Bowing once again, he turned back and left, his hand still twirling his ring. He didn’t know what the apostle was plotting but it didn’t matter. Even if he was caught, it would be all worth it as long as it was profitable for the Crimson Lady.

‘Let the wings of freedom soar in the sky!’

Murmuring in his heart, he went to finish the preparation.


“Dear uncle, you called me?”

In an office, Ares Highland stood while looking at his uncle with curiosity and worry. He knew that his cousin had been afflicted with a seemingly incurable disease that put her in a deep sleep.

Lately, his uncle’s expression was becoming more and more haggard, showing that something must have happened.

Gerald meanwhile, forced himself to smile as he indicated Ares to take a seat,

“I called you today to discuss the future of our family.”

Ares’ expression became much more serious as he sat straight and waited. His uncle had always been an example for him and he respected him as much as he respected his grandfather, if not more. After all, even though his grandfather tried to hide it, he knew deep down that Athena had always been the most favorite one.

Of course, he wasn’t resentful. He loved his sister and even though he was a little jealous about the attention she always seemed to obtain, he knew more than anyone else how much she worked to obtain. Still, being appreciated would make anyone happy and this was something his uncle always gave him.

“What do you mean, Uncle Gerald?”

Gerald looked at his cute little nephew. A bright and talented if somewhat rash boy. Even though he lacked raw charisma and the talent Athena had, he was still a talented kid with a bright future. What’s more, he was also a lovable kid who wore his heart in the palm of his hand.

Thinking about how he was going to make such an innocent kid suffer because of him, a deep feeling of guilt gushed in his heart.

‘I am sorry.’

Stelling his resolve, he let out a heavy sigh,

“As you know, the situation of the family has been declining, currently, even though we are Duke in name, our real power is one or two ranks lower.”

He was somewhat exaggerating. Their situation may be bad but, as long as he and Tyr were alive, it was impossible to fall so low.

“The last time Sol visited, you should have felt the tremor of energy. That was because my brother and Sol didn’t reach a compromise. Sol confided to me and said that he might officially demote the family once he becomes King”


Ares shouted as he rose up in shock, his upbringing all but forgotten. He did indeed remember a clash of energy back then and he knew that his uncle was also extremely close to the prince.

“But grandfather told me nothing!”

Gerald showed a regretful expression as he said, “I suppose he wanted to protect you. Though, he called Athena and discussed the situation with her.”

Gerald played carefully with his words, and watched as Ares sat down with a helpless chuckle, “I guess that, once again, grandfather does not find me trustworthy.”

Gerald inwardly sighed. His lie could not be seen through since his brother had the habit of always consulting Athena first. Since this was the truth, and the clash was indeed also a truth, the lie about Sol’s words was easily covered.

Lying wasn’t about only showing falsehood. A good lie was one mixed with so many truths it became impossible to distinguish truth from lie.

What’s more, thanks to his good relationship with him, Ares was even less inclined to scrutinize the veracity of his words.

Betrayal and trust were two sides of the same coin. After all, how could you betray someone who never trusted you in the first place?

“Then, uncle, why did you call me? What should I do?”

“As you know, the prince severely lacks male friends. In fact, it can be said that I am the sole man he really became close to. But I am old, and my days are counted. I need you to become close to him. This relationship could save our family.”

Ares nodded, “But how could I do it? I didn’t really have the occasion to discuss with him.”

Giving a warm smile, Gerald opened his drawer and took out a bottle of alcohol, “Relationships must slowly be formed, but nothing better than some good liquor to forge relationships between men.”

“What’s this mark? I never saw such a bottle.”

The Duke Highland was an alcohol collector and Ares had seen many of the rarest ones.

Giving it to Ares, Gerald answered, “This is a special brew made by the dwarves under my commission. Only three of this kind exist. I have drunk the first one with your King Mars, the second one with your deceased parents, and my son-in-law when you and my granddaughter were born. This one…Is the last.”

At the mention of the kings and his parents, Ares had a solemn expression as he took the bottle firmly in his hand.

“Tonight, the Gorfard invited many nobles to welcome his highness. His preparations are truly extravagant. Your sister will not go. Use this occasion to become closer to his highness and share a drink with him. The rest will be left to you.”


“Then, this is all, you may go.”

Nodding, Ares turned and began to leave.



Turning he squinted his eyes as the expression of his uncle was covered by a ray of waning sunlight coming through the window.

“….Nothing, just know that no matter what happens, I am proud of you.”

Feeling his heart warming, Ares dipped his head in a bow and left the room.

Now, alone, Gerald stood up and looked at a portrait in the corner of the room. On it, a family of three happily smiled at him.

Sighing, he painfully closed his eyes as he murmured, “Soon, soon, everything will end. I just have to hold on for a short while.”

Calming his shivering hand, he slowly left the room; his steps, filled with determination.


“Is everything ready?”

Somewhere in one of the room, someone was seemingly murmuring to himself,

“I see. Then, once all the pieces are placed, it will be time to begin the requiem.”

Mirth could be heard in his voice despite his chilling words.

The clock was slowly advancing, and all sides were making preparations. The events that were about to begin were nothing more than the first steps toward an event that would stay in the annals of history. Which side will come out on top? How many sacrifices will be necessary for victory?

This was something no one knew as of now.

(AN: Not even the author knows.)


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